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Innovation, Mission,leading

Xiamen Juci Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R&D, production and sales of high-quality aluminum nitride powder and ceramic products. The core team is composed of well-known experts in the domestic aluminum nitride industry, former executives of listed companies and industry sales elites, with more than 10% of them having doctoral degrees.
Relying on the research achievements of Beijing University of Science and Technology in the field of aluminum nitride, the company has won many honors, such as the "Second Prize of National Science and Technology Invention", the "First Prize of Scientific and Technological Invention in China's Nonferrous Metal Industry", the "First Prize of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition New Material Industry Finals", and the "National High-tech Enterprise".
The company's main products include high-purity aluminum nitride powder, aluminum nitride granule, aluminum nitride filler and injection molding complex precision aluminum nitride ceramic products, which have been recognized and praised by customers in China and abroad.
The company adheres to the enterprise policy of "innovation, mission and leadership", persists in continuous innovation, continues to promote technological progress, and promotes the healthy development of aluminum nitride industry with science and technology.

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Message from the company: be upright and do not order; If he is not upright, he will not be able to do so; Respectively, the weather is fine and the earth is peaceful, and each phase is responsible for turning the earth upside down; Self improvement, self


No innovation, no great porcelain; No innovation, no development; Integrate innovation into the blood of Juci people;

No one has his own advantages, no one has his own advantages, and no one has his own advantages


Mission of Ju Porcelain: to achieve international leadership in the industry, break international monopoly, and support the healthy development of the industry

People with great missions will be happier


With the strong technical background of Ju Porcelain, we continue to make scientific and technological innovation and strive to become a leader in the domestic and even international aluminum nitride industry.


The country wins, the society wins, the industry wins, the employees win, the customers win, and Ju Porcelain wins;

Work together for win-win cooperation


Great porcelain people should learn to do a good job in every small matter. One percent of negligence may lead to 100 percent failure;

Do not do evil because it is small, and do not do good because it is small


Ju Porcelain people should be strict with themselves and form a good habit from their own political ideology, cultural connotation, appearance, business ability and daily life;

Ultivate one's moral character, rule the country and the world

Company history


April - Juci New Technology Industrial Park has been put into use, with an annual capacity of 700t ALN powder and 200t ceramic products


March - the third Factory of Xiamen Juci went into operation

August - Xiamen new material enterprise, ISO14001 environmental management system certification

December - National high-tech enterprise recognition


July - ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification

July -Professor Qin Mingli, the company's technical director, was selected as the fourth batch of national "Ten Thousand Talents Plan" technological innovation leaders

December - Professor Qin Mingli, the company's technical director, won the second prize of the National Technological Invention Award


February - The second factory went into operation


May - The first continuous furnace enters the plant, starting a new journey

November - Won the first prize of the new material start-up group in the sixth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

December - Won the first prize of China Nonferrous Metal Industry Science and Technology Award


December - Company registrated


Relying on the research achievements of Beijing University of Science and Technology in the field of aluminum nitride, the company has won many honors, such as "the first prize of science and technology in China's nonferrous metal industry (invention)", "