Sunday, 21 June 2015

New Beauty Buys

Hello lovelies and Happy Sunday! 

This month especially I have had quite a splurge on a few beauty products that I've been wanting to purchase for a while now so I went ahead and did so. 

I lusted after this ever since I saw it on Beauty and the Blogs instagram page of most used products and since then I knew I needed it in my life as she is just stunning and always looks glowing and flawless. I've used this once or twice and I can honestly say its already love. It gives an instant glow to the face without being too gritty or glittery which I can find with some highlight powders. I purchased mine from Feel Unique for £17.50 which I thought was pretty reasonable. 

I was after a new bronzer and honestly didn't have a brand or product in mind so when scoping the Feel Unique website I spotted this. I thought for a high end bronzer the price point wasn't too big for the amount of product you get, this is seriously huge! I bought the shade medium and when I first saw it I thought, woah! It seemed seriously dark however with a light hand its perfect. It has very little shimmer and gives a good bronzed glow. This was £32.

I booked into Benefit in May for my usual brow wax to find this month they were giving away a free Benefit Gimme brow and all proceeds to Refuge and the Look Good Feel Better campaign. As my appointment was so late in the month they had completely run out of free Gimme Brows so I contacted them on twitter and the customer service was amazing as I received one within a couple of days. I have the deep/dark shade and honestly it has made filling in brows the quickest most easiest thing. Literally brush through your brows with this and it gives colour in an instant and sets beautifully. Will definitely be repurchasing this!  This retails for £18.50.
My all time favourite mascara was definitely due a repurchase. I was toying with the idea of getting the roller lash mascara after reading such rave reviews however I was always taught if its not broke don't fix it and that's exactly what it came down to when buying a mascara. This was £19.50 and I bought from Feel Unique. 

Again another oldie but a goodie. I haven't strayed away from this foundation for a good couple of years now. ASOS had a 20% off everything code and at £31 a bottle I knew that I had to repurchase a bottle of this even though I didn't necessarily need it just yet! I use the shade Fiji which is possibly a little too dark for me however I thought it would be okay for the Summer months. The coverage and finish of this is just outstanding! If you haven't tried it already then you really need to, I have been through countless bottles! 

I must admit I havent even taken this out of the box yet. I watched one of Gracie Francesca recent get ready with me youtube videos where she used this and honestly it looked amazing. I am such a newb to the whole contouring and I thought a cream product would be a good way to ease me in. I bought mine from Feel Unique for £19.00. 

Again, another purchase that I need to blame Gracie for! She used this with the contour stick and it looked like a good brush to buff out and blend the cream product in and would be useful for contouring. I've not used it yet but I'm excited to pair both of them together! Another Feel Unique purchase and it was £9.99. 
So that's it for now! I still have my eye on a few make up products including the NARS creamy concealer

What have you been buying recently?

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Nailbox May 2015

Hi lovelies,

Nailbox is a brand new, monthly subscription box dedicated to all things nails. It is full of the hottest new nail trends as well as handy nail tools. Previous months Nailbox has seen nail brands such as OPI, Essie and China Glaze to name a few and all full size! 

You can choose to pay either month by month so you are not tied down to a monthly subscription for £15 per month with free delivery or you can prepay for either 3, 6 or 9 months meaning you can get a box for as little as £13.50. Despatch day falls around the 21st of the month so if you subscribe after this date you will receive your box the following month. 

This months box contained 4 full size nail polishes from brands OPI, Essie, Orly and Rimmel and also a Elegant touch nail tool. 
As soon as I opened the box I was pleasantly pleased with what I saw. 
Inside was:
Elegant Touch Cuticle Pusher & Nail Cleaner 
ORLY Fiery Orange Color Blast nail polish 
Rimmel Lucky Lilac nail polish
Nicole by OPI Modern Family Alex by the Books nail polish
Essie Status Symbol nail polish 

I was fancying a cuticle pusher for quite some time and very nearly purchased one the other day so I was ecstatic when I saw this one. It retails for around the £10 mark. The polishes that stood out for me were definitely the bright pink Essie polish in status symbol, which looks stunning as well as a creamy, mint shade by Nicole by OPI. I have a few of these nail polishes and have always been impressed with the colour and quality of them. 

The nail polishes are housed in a brown cardboard box and the nail polishes were packed safely inside to ensure no breakages.

Overall the value of the box is around £35, so definitely worth the £15 price tag. If you are a avid nail polish lover or fan I wouold definitelhy recommend the Nailbox. You arent tied down to a monthly subscription so you are in total control of which box you purchase or dont. All I will say is that these boxes sell out very quickly, so if you are wanting to purchase I would do so quickly! They are getting ready to ship the June boxes as we speak and they have already promised that they will contain three full size nail polishes, a top coat and a nail tool. Im definitely intrigued! 

Sold? You can sign up here.


The Truth Behind Cosmetic Laser Rumours

 Rumours can spread like a wildfire, even in the world of cosmetic treatments. In particular, there are a lot of rumours about cosmetic laser procedures. But you shouldn't let the rumours stop you. So, let's get to the truth behind those cosmetic laser rumours. That way you can truly decide if a laser treatment would be best for you. 

Laser Treatments Aren't Really Proven Skincare Methods 
If you look at how long laser treatments have been around and how many people swear by their positive results, it should be obvious that this is a rumour  The truth is that they are actually tried and true methods for treating many different skin issue. The reason why some people might circulate a myth that they aren't proven or properly tested is simply that not all laser devices are designed to treat all skin types. So, it is possible that some individuals will have better or worse results than others. 

Lotions and Creams Work Just as Well 
You might also have heard that lotions and creams work just as well as lasers for treating skin issues. Well, whether or not that is true depends on point of view. Here are the actual facts: 

  • Certain lotions and creams can work fairly well for treating specific skin issues, but only if applied regularly over a long period of time. 
  • Lasers are capable of treating a wider range of skin conditions. 
  • Laser treatments produce fast initial results, but may need to be repeated. 

Basically, if you want immediate help with a skin condition, laser treatments are better than creams and lotions. However, some creams and lotions can help to keep certain skin conditions in check, if you remember to use them on a regular basis. 

Laser Treatments Will Make Your Skin Problems Worse 
It is true that some laser treatments may have side effects, but those side effects are usually mild and temporary, such as having red skin for a day or two afterward. The way that most laser treatments work is that they damage the skin cells or hair follicles on purpose. The point of that is to remove unwanted hair in the case of the follicles. In the case of the skin cells, the point is to cause collagen, protein, and other helpful substances to be produced in higher quantities in each cell. Together, those substances can make the cells stronger, giving your skin a healthier appearance. 

That being said, certain laser devices, which are known as ablative lasers, can be a bit harsh on the skin. After an ablative laser treatment, you may have to be extra careful for a few days in order to avoid skin infections. 

One Laser Machine is the Same as the Next 
Finally, there's the rumour that all lasers are basically identical. This rumour also seems to be pretty persistent in skincare circles, but it isn't true at all. Different manufacturers produce totally different laser devices. In fact, even different models from the same manufacturer can vary quite a bit in size, style, and the types of treatments they are designed to perform. It's exactly that sort of diversity that may help you, if you are looking for a way to treat a persistent skin problem. 

As with almost any other products on the market today, no two makes and models are exactly the same. Each laser device is unique. They are all made up of different parts, and some are even made to perform very specific procedures. For example, hair removal lasers
 aren't usually used to reduce wrinkles. Additionally, certain lasers are designed to treat people with lighter or darker skin, or with specific skin types. So, if you want to have a laser treatment done, it's important to locate a professional clinic that has a laser device which can accommodate your skin type. 

So, even if you have heard some things about laser skin treatments that might make you worry, it's important not to dismiss the idea right away. Not all of the information you have might be proven or accurate. If you want to make sure that you are working with accurate information, you should talk to your doctor and a couple of skincare professionals before you make your final decision about whether to have a cosmetic laser treatment done on your skin.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

London Retro Sunglasses from Glasses Direct

Hello lovelies,

I was recently sent a pair of London Retro Glasses from Glasses Direct. Glasses Direct are a online prescription glasses retailer that offers an extensive selection for both men and women. They offer a 7 day Free Home Trial of four pairs of glasses, for you to try and decide on at your leisure and currently have a new boutique collection full of designer glasses. 

On to the glasses I chose; I went for the London Retro Elwood Glasses in dark tortoise with a dark tint making them sunglasses which retail for £125, I chose these as I loved the tortoise frame and the shape reminded me of Ray Ban Wayfarers, which I own and know that they suit my face. Shipping was extremely quick and came with a cleaning cloth and in a brown leather pouch. These have quickly made there way into my handbag and I use them as driving sunglasses. They feel extremely lightweight, but not flimsy and they even come with a free second pair! 
When you add your selected pair to your basket it then asks you what you use your glasses for, i.e short distance etc. From there you can choose a lens package, or continue with a basic lens for no additional cost. You then chose if you want sunglasses or not and then add your prescription (or not, like me if you don't need a prescription lens). The website really is straight forward and I had no problems at all. 

They currently have 50% off frames costing more than £55 with the code SPRING50 until Tuesday 28th April plus a free second pair. So two pairs of these glasses would cost you £62.50 with free delivery, saving £187.50 on the RRP. 

So ladies (and gents!) whether you need prescription glasses or sunglasses or not, the Glasses Direct website really does cater to all. The 50% off code plus the free second pair really is an offer that shouldn't be missed! Grab yours now! 

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Ted Baker Luggage Tag & Passport Holder by Flamingo Gifts

Happy Saturday everyone! 

I was recently sent this beautiful Ted Baker luggage tag and passport holder from Flamingo Gifts that I thought with two holidays this year would be absolutely perfect for my passport and suitcase.
Flamingo Gifts is a gift website stocking many brands including Flamingo candles, Ted Baker, Sass and Belle and many more. They are currently offering 10% off everything and also 1p delivery which is incredible! 

I chose the stunning Ted Baker Luggage tag and passport holder from the opulent bloom range that comes in a matching Ted Baker gift box. For £21.99 (and with currently 10% off making it less than £20!) I think this is an absolute steal for a travel set. 
I have just returned from a few days away in Majorca and of course both of these beauties were present on my trip. The holder made my passport much more noticeable in my hand luggage and of course looked super quite. On one side it even says 'fly me to the moon' - adorable! 
The print is just stunning, so girly without being over the top and I love the coral trim and rose gold detailing on the luggage tag too. 
How perfect do they all look together? 
You can purchase this luggage set here from Flamingo Gifts.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Weekend Post No1

I love reading what people get up to at the weekend and thought I would incorporate a little weekend post of my own.

Yesterday, me and my better half Josh ventured to York for a day of shopping, lunch and afternoon tea. Afternoon tea is one of my favourite things to do and as a couple, we have quite got into going together. I booked in at The Hilton hotel in the centre of York, a more detailed review of this is to come, which was lovely. 
We lunched at Piccolinos en route to York and as Italian is my favourite type of food, we have wanted to try here for a while. They have a lunch time menu where 2 courses are £15 so of course we had to have a starter as well  It would have been rude not to! I opted for prawns all round! I chose a chilli prawn and ciabatta starter, whilst Josh had calamari. For main, I went for the chilli, courgette and King Prawn linguine (which was incredible!) and Josh went for Steak (which was no surprise there!)  
After a wander around York and a foundation purchase later (more about that in another post!) we headed to the Hilton for Afternoon tea. For £13.50 a head we really weren't expecting much, but after a 2 course lunch it was sufficient and a lovely end to a wonderful day. Of course I had to have a glass of champagne too! I don't think I have ever had afternoon tea where a glass of bubbly isn't involved!

Overall, a lovely weekend! I am now laid on my bed, in my minnie mouse onesie wondering where on earth the weekend has gone! I hope you've had a good one!

What did you get up to this weekend?

Friday, 27 February 2015

My New Arm Candy: Vivienne Westwood

Happy Friday you lovely lot!

If you have read this jewellery post then you will be quite aware that I am a sucker for all things Vivienne Westwood, I have been for a good few years now. It started off with jewellery but then I ventured into bags.

Whilst having a little online browse last week, I came across this beaut of a bag from Flannels, on offer at £165 instead of £225. It was one of those bags that you just can't stop thinking about and always go back to. That's when you know they are the bags worth having  They pretty much have this identical bag on sale now at full price and all I can think is that this is last seasons stock, with a slightly different lining. 
I have fancied a smaller bag, with a chain handle that's not a clutch, for quite some time now. Especially as I have a much bigger Vivienne Westwood handbag. Of course I would absolutely love a Chanel bag, but there is just no way that my budget would ever stretch that far, so for now I am more than happy with my new Vivienne Westwood bag.

The style of this bag is the Vivienne Westwood Frilly Snake Shoulder Bag. There is quite a few different bags and purses in this range. 

Since it arrived only a few days ago, I have literally used it everyday since. I just cant get enough of it.

My most favourite purchase in such a long time.

This bag is pretty much identical here.
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