Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Creme Egg Brownies

Hey ladies,

A couple of weekends ago me and my best friend Carla had a day of disney and baking. One of the things we made and so Easter appropriate were Creme Egg Brownies. We have discussed making these for as long as i can pretty much remember, so it was fun to finally have a go! 

185g Unsalted Butter 
185g Dark Chocolate
85g Plain flour 
40g Cocoa powder
6 Creme eggs 
3 Large eggs 
275g caster sugar 
It literally couldn't be any easier if it tried! First you melt the butter and chocolate together in a bowl on a hob over boiling water.In a separate bowl, break 3 eggs and whisk in the caster sugar until they look creamy. Pour in the cool melted chocolate and fold together. Sift in both the flour and the cocoa powder and again fold in. 

Place into a lined baking tray, we used butter but you can line with grease proof paper, then pour in the mixture. Place the mixture in the over minus the creme eggs for 20 minutes, take out and then place half a creme egg evenly in the baking tray. Bake for a further 5 minutes.

Leave to cool before cutting and removing from the tin but take care as they are quite fiddly.
We kept the creme eggs in the fridge so they were quite hard and probably didn't push them into the mixture as much as we should have, but we weren't expecting them to be perfect first time around. They tasted pretty amazing if i do say so myself, but you cant go far wrong when creme eggs are involved. 

I must admit they went down extremely well with my younger brother who demanded that we make them again.

Have you made creme egg brownies this year? or last? How did they turn out?

Saturday, 5 April 2014

March Madness

Hello ladies,

To say we are only 4 months (just!) into the year, March was one busy month for me! It usually is what with it being my birthday, my mums birthday and mothers day and i got up to quite a bit over the month so i wanted to share with you. 

On the 14th it was my birthday and i turned the big 2 5. If you know me you will probably know that i have a massive thing about age and getting old and 25 just seemed huge to me. I was spoilt rotten by friends and family, had a disney princess horse and carriage cake, went to see Drake on my birthday and spent the saturday with my favourite girls in Leeds drinking cocktails and having champagne afternoon tea. Sunday was then spent seeing Russel Howard in Leeds which was amazing. Overall, I had such a fun birthday weekend and i have just got over the fact i am now a quarter of a century old (or half way to 50 however you want to put it!) 
I visited Chester Zoo (which is one of my favourite places) on a school trip and met the absolute love of my life, Kian Egan from westlife. I have been pretty much obsessed with him and westlife for well over 15 years now. To meet him was just amazing! He was signing copies of his new album in HMV in Leeds and i am not over exaggerating when i say it was literally one of the best experiences of my life, i even asked him for a hug! 
I celebrated my mums birthday and took her out for pizza and prosecco. I also saw Jason Derulo for like the third time at the 02 academy in Leeds, supported my Conor Maynard. He literally just gets better every single time i see him. I also saw Tinie Tempah a couple of days later over in Manchester. Sunday was mothers day and the whole family went for a wonderful meal at an Italian restaurant in Wetherby. My Uncle has been travelling Australia and New Zealand for 14 months and came home just to surprise my Grandma for Mothers Day, so had no idea at all and the look on her face when he walked in was priceless!
Writing this post has made me realise how amazing March actually was and i'm quite sad that its over! I'm lucky to have so many amazing friends and family and creating so many wonderful memories. I dont think April is going to be as eventful, but we shall see!

Happy Saturday everyone and thanks for reading!
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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Shopping: In store or Online?

Hey lovelies,
Shopping is one of my favourite past times. These days, I do it less frequently than I used to do when I was slightly younger or when I was a student. Priorities over the years have changed and I spend less time spending my hard earned pennies on designer handbags and expensive jewellery like I once did.
These days, I opt for using the internet for online shopping rather than visiting stores. Usually 9 times out of 10 these days I purchase things online over buying in store. I think its the ease of browsing online 24 hours a day. Discount codes are another thing that sway me more about buying online. Long gone are the days that I was a student and could crack my student card out on the high-street for 10% discount, these days I need to scour voucher code websites for online discounts for my favourite stores with new look and asos frequently having money off codes.
Click and collect is another reason I shop online. Id much rather order from the comfort of my own home knowing full well that I can collect in store at a time that is convenient for me, and for free. I do know that some people love going into stores, trying clothes on and having a good feel of them before I buy but I would happily order in bulk, usually with discount and free delivery, try them on at home and return them or post them back if need be. 
The internet has definitely changed the way I shop, especially online. I have even just purchased a gorgeous stripey top from Topshop with 10% discount and free delivery, something I wouldn't have got in store so it paid to purchase online.
How do you prefer to shop? Online or in store?

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

George Wishlist

Hello lovelies,
For a supermarket clothing range, George is one of my favourites. I usually buy my work clothes from George, especially from the G21 range which is a little more younger and fashionable in my opinion. Work outfits for me usually consist of black skinny jeans, a blouse and jumper/ cardigan or a shift dress and tights so the clothes I chose reflect that.
Love this heart knit jumper so much that I think I might have to purchase it myself for work. I have a heart print dress which is my current favourite so feel like I need to add more prints like this into my wardrobe.
I love this classic black shift dress with gold zip detailing at the back. I think it would be perfect to dress up or down and to wear either to work or play. I would pair with tights and boots for work and team with a leather jacket.
Black skinny jeans are a staple item in my wardrobe, these look great and are only £14. I would cuff the hem and have them turned up and paired with either boots or flats.  
Floral blouses that are quite sheer are one of my faves and one of the things I wear most often, especially paired with black skinny jeans. This subtle floral on black is great for the cold end of winter months whilst moving into summer.
And because no wishlist would be complete without a pyjama/Disney addition, I just had to include these adorable Minnie mouse pyjama bottoms. Will have to purchase these especially for my Paris trip in October (and maybe even the matching top!).
Whats your thoughts on George clothing? Anything on your wishlist?

Friday, 7 February 2014

Glo & Ray Cosmetics Love For Lips Set

Happy Friday ladies!
My favourite make up product is definitely lipstick. After years of hoarding and buying copious amounts of make up I have become a slightly more sensible nearly 25 year old and know what suits me and stick to firm favourites. With this been said, lipstick is the one thing that changes the most and takes me from day to night as my base make up pretty much stays the same all the time. When I want to look slightly different to normal I up the lipstick states and have been veering towards bright oranges and pinks.
I received the Glo&Ray Cosmetics Love for Lips* gift set recently which contains three stunning lipsticks, Passion (fuchsia pink), Gerbera (Orange) and Forever (Deep red).
All three of the lipsticks feel exactly the same on the lips. They glide on with ease, the fuchsia and red are extremely pigmented with one swipe where as the orange needed a bit more building up to get an intense colour and is slightly lighter than it shows in the bullet. They feel glossy and are extremely long lasting, leaving a stain on the lips with longer wear.
I very rarely wear red lipstick, I think it is absolutely stunning however I'm just not sure of how much it suits me and my colouring and I never know what other make up to pair with it, especially blush. I know for sure that I am going to get a extremely lot of wear from both the pink and orange lipstick in this set. I cant explain how amazing they feel on the lips. I'm in love!
This set retails for £42 which works out at £14 each. I think it would make a wonderful gift, I know for one that I would be extremely happy if I received this set. Lipsticks are also available individually for £12 however the red is only available in this set.
You can buy the set on the Glo&Ray Website Here.
Is this a brand you have heard of or used before?
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Sunday, 2 February 2014


Happy Sunday sweetpeas!
I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend!
This is the third year in a row that me and Carla have had a little weekend away in Whitby. This weekend was a bit of a impromptu visit (as was the first one thinking about it) as we were invited by my Mum and partner. Sometimes I love a last minute, spontaneous trip especially to one of my favourite places to visit in the UK.
I have well and truly fallen in love with Whitby. I must admit the breath-taking views and quant shops along with the amazing company have got me through some extremely hard times in life and the memories will stay with me forever.
Today we went back to one of my favourite eating places in Whitby, Jumpin Jacks diner which is your typical American diner. I opted for a banana milkshake and all day breakfast which was pretty amazing.
Me and Carla in the arcades/Banana milkshake/Writing on the beach
Me obviously loving life/Me and Carla in bed/Whitby Pier
View on the beach/Jumpin' Jacks Diner/Me and Carla at the Jaw Bones
My best friend/Whitby Abbey/In the car
Gorgeous day/Me and Carla on the beach/Whitby souvenir
View of the Pier from the beach/Gorgeous Carla/Me and my mummy at the Jaw Bones 

I've had a wonderful couple of days of sightseeing, shopping, taking lots of photos, arcades, drinks and even playing on the beach. Lots of memories have again been made.
Even though the weather has been truly awful recently we were pretty lucky and it only really rained on Saturday night. The days were cold and quite windy but the sun was shining. Perfect!

Overall, such a wonderful weekend spent with my best friend and mummy. How have you spent your weekend?
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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Moments That Matter

Hello lovelies,
Since becoming a single lady (nearly a year and a half ago now, gosh where has the time gone!) I have been much more about focussing on myself and my ever so wonderful friends and family and living for the moment. Which includes, living life to the fullest, planning things to look forward to and making amazing memories.
This post is a little round up of a few of my favourite things 2013 had to offer in conjunction with Lloyds Bank Moment That Matters campaign, so I had a little look through my instagram and chose a few of my faves. I have already started making lots of plans for this year and have a few trips planned and in the pipeline!
My favourite memories from last year include:
Getting my little brum brum
Spending a few days in Whitby with Carla
Winter Wonderland with my best friends Sarah and Claire
Gorgeous lagoon in Turkey
Paulas wonderful wedding
Dublin with my family
Going to see Pink! at the 02
Making snow angels drunk at 4am
The River Liffey on a sunny day
Honestly, there was so so much to chose from, on my instagram alone never mind the sheer amount of pictures I took last year and could have probably picked around 100 highlights however these are just a select few moments that mattered with my favourite people in the world.
What are our highlights of 2013?
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