Tuesday, 28 March 2017

April Wishlist

Hello lovelies,

Another month is nearly over, it really is crazy how fast this year is going. I used to absolutely love Wishlist posts, both writing them and reading them. I am always lusting after one thing or another. Payday is looming so there's no better time to post a monthly wishlist!
Its been a while since I've used a facial cleansing brush as I've been using my trusty Liz Earle and Muslin Cloth for quite some time, however its nice to mix things up a little bit. My skin is in much need of some TLC and this little beauty is a 3 in 1. It has a warming plate (directly at the end of the handle of the brush - compete with two settings) to loosen and remove make up from the skin, a soft brush with rotating bristles for a deep, gentle clean (two cleansing modes: soft and normal) and a smaller pore focus brush (my favourite!) to target pores around the T Zone. 
Step 2 has micro-foam technology to generate a finer foam and has ultra fine bristles to thoroughly cleanse even the hardest of areas to reach. Comes complete with a easy-storage stand. Available to purchase now for £149.99. P.S. How pretty is it?! Love the gold and white combo! 

I have been oggling this set ever since this super deal appeared in my inbox. I believe its on special offer for $199 with a value of nearly 400 dollars! Free shipping on International orders, just be careful of being stung by customs charges (This has definitely happened to me in the past!) It contains 19 brushes all with a beautoful black and copper handle. It has been the longest time since I treated myself to new brushes and at 10 dollars a brush I think it may be time to! 

I have a very similar NARS Palette on the go at the moment however it has a contour, highlight and bronzer as well as four blush shades. It looks a little worse for wear and has definitely seen better days but I use it daily without feel. I just think these are such good value for money. £45 gets you 6 shades that honestly last what seems like a lifetime.

Tangle Teezers are my favourite. My hair is so long, thick and unmanageable (needs a good cut if i'm honest!) and a nightmare once washed before blow drying, Tangle Teezers are my savior. I have been using them for years (I have recently starting using the Aqua Splash and wow this is next level but I digress!) So my you can imagine the happiness that burst out of me when I spotted this beaut pale pink Disney edition from Asos. Yeah, it doesn't really scream Disney, it isn't imprinted with the princesses however they are on the packaging and that's good enough for me! 

Estee Lauder Double Wear
I was extremely late on the Double Wear band wagon as I was riding the NARS Sheer Glow train for an awful long time...however! This is just incredible, I can't quite believe that it has taken me so super long to try this. I tried a bottle of this, then went back to sheer glow and then back to this and I honestly think I do prefer it! Super great coverage, lasts all day, just looks absolutely flawless.

Whats on your wishlist this month? 


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  2. Double wear is my go to! I have about 4 foundations I go between, but I always always go back to my double wear!

    Letitia xxx | http://www.aspeckofiridescence.co.uk/

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