Friday, 26 August 2016

My Great Knicker Roundup

As you know, I love reading about fashion. Most days I spend time enjoying the websites of other fashion and beauty bloggers. It is a great way to relax, and pick up new ideas. Barely a day goes by without me picking up something new, but recently it struck me that for some reason, hardly anyone talks about buying underwear.
Something I find strange, given the fact that wearing the wrong bra and pants can ruin the look of even the most expensive, and stylish outfit. Not to mention the fact that wearing the wrong underwear can be extremely uncomfortable.
So, today I am going to break the mould a bit, and write a post about knickers, specifically a guide to buying the right type.
Picture courtesy of Simply Be 

Size matters
The first tip is to buy the right size. I know this sounds obvious, but we have all gone up a dress size, and carried on wearing our old underwear. This is definitely not a good idea. If your knickers are too small, it is impossible to achieve a smooth silhouette. The waistband will just cut in and create unnecessary bulges. When you put on weight, it is best to accept the change in your figure, and buy new underwear, as well as clothes.
Buy for your body type
It is also important to buy the right cut for your body type. If you have an ample belly, it is usually better to opt for a high waist cut, like briefs. This style of knickers helps to smooth out the stomach area, and hold it in place a little, especially if you opt for a pair with built in support panels.
Another important consideration is comfort. The last thing you want is to be squirming around trying to stop your underpants from bunching up. By all means, try out the latest fashions, but if you find a style uncomfortable to wear, it is usually best to just leave them on the shelf.
Of course, you want to look good in your underwear too. The best way to work out what type flatters your figure the most is to try on different styles.
The right colour
It is also important to buy the right colour underwear. You need to choose a colour that suits your skin tone.
Every time you try on a new outfit, it is important to check to make sure that your underwear is not visible. If it is, usually changing into lighter coloured underwear will solve the problem.
Enough coverage
If you are going to be wearing short shorts, a mini skirt, or dancing in a full skirt you also need to make sure that your underwear is modest enough. The last thing you need is to sit down, cross your legs, and end up showing off more flesh than you meant to.
Buy quality

There is a tendency for people not to spend much money on their underwear. This usually turns out to be a false economy. If you invest in good quality knickers and bras they should last, and stay comfortable for longer.


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