Thursday, 28 January 2016

Female Hair Loss

As a woman and especially as a blogger, we talk about ways in which we look after our hair or our daily haircare routines on a daily basis. Our cupboards are full of hair products, we have monthly trips to the hairdressers, more serums and hairspray than you can shake a stick at and probably spend hours and hours over the course of the month combing, drying, straightening and curling.

Even though it is less common in women than men, Female Hair Loss can knock a woman's confidence and self esteem however there are treatments available and options available to help regain confidence.

Generally there are three types of female hair loss, with androgenetic alopecia being the most common form. It is similar to the hair thinning men would get without the receding hair line. It happens usually around the menopause with 75% of women over 65 suffering from some sort of hair loss which is a huge percentage of women. 

As a women in her mid twenties, I haven't suffered any sort of hair loss, not that I have noticed anyway. However, I do have friends who have noticed clumps of hair falling out in their hands after washing or coming out in their brush after combing through so it doesn't just effect those of an older age. 

Harley Street Hair Clinic offer treatment for female and male hair loss in their London clinic. You can send pictures via the website for a online consultation or request a call back consultation and go from there. The website is full of case studies in particular the story of Wayne Rooney who had his hair transplant via the Harley Street Hair Clinic. 

If hair loss is something that you are worried or concerned about or if you want more advice, case studies, frequently asked questions and information you can visit the Harley Street Hair Clinic website.



  1. This was really interesting as I am currently losing my hair, it is so thin :( I'm not sure if it's stress related or due to my medical condition but it's really getting me down. Great post lovely xxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

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