Thursday, 28 January 2016

Female Hair Loss

As a woman and especially as a blogger, we talk about ways in which we look after our hair or our daily haircare routines on a daily basis. Our cupboards are full of hair products, we have monthly trips to the hairdressers, more serums and hairspray than you can shake a stick at and probably spend hours and hours over the course of the month combing, drying, straightening and curling.

Even though it is less common in women than men, Female Hair Loss can knock a woman's confidence and self esteem however there are treatments available and options available to help regain confidence.

Generally there are three types of female hair loss, with androgenetic alopecia being the most common form. It is similar to the hair thinning men would get without the receding hair line. It happens usually around the menopause with 75% of women over 65 suffering from some sort of hair loss which is a huge percentage of women. 

As a women in her mid twenties, I haven't suffered any sort of hair loss, not that I have noticed anyway. However, I do have friends who have noticed clumps of hair falling out in their hands after washing or coming out in their brush after combing through so it doesn't just effect those of an older age. 

Harley Street Hair Clinic offer treatment for female and male hair loss in their London clinic. You can send pictures via the website for a online consultation or request a call back consultation and go from there. The website is full of case studies in particular the story of Wayne Rooney who had his hair transplant via the Harley Street Hair Clinic. 

If hair loss is something that you are worried or concerned about or if you want more advice, case studies, frequently asked questions and information you can visit the Harley Street Hair Clinic website.


Saturday, 16 January 2016

ProSkin Clinics

ProSkins mission is to make advanced skincare affordable to the consumer. They ensure to research and maintain the most technologically advanced equipment and products with the best possible prices, without compromising on quality of care or services. They have 11 clinics nationwide mainly around London but also as North as Newcastle.
I'm going to list some of their most popular treatments.

ProSkin offers laser hair removal starting from only £49 going up to £349 for the full body which I think is incredible value. The smallest amount of uncomfortableness is enough for me so I'm not entirely sure if laser hair removal is for me, however I have friends at beauty college who highly recommend laser hair removal and have had good results. ProSkin use award winning Cynosure Elite lasers that can treat darker and Asian skin types. They also offer a free skin analysis and consultation on your initial appointment. 

3D Lipo is a non surgical alternative to traditional liposuction. Treatment takes between 30 and 60 minutes and clients can begin to see results after 2-6 months. You can have a free taster session and from there treatments start at £49 up to £349 for a 4 week course. Treatments are non-invasive and combined with a healthy lifestyle you will see results. 

Growing up I luckily had quite good skin and the odd few spots and oiliness but never really experienced acne, however I know quite a few friends that did, even in adulthood and know how much it effected them and knocked their confidence. ProSkin offer a treatment called Theaclear that addresses multiple cases of acne and gives fast results with minimal side effects. It combines light and vacuum for fast and visible reduction in acne and redness. Prices for the treatment start at £129 and 98% of customers have reviewed this treatment with 4 or 5 stars.

Diamond microdermabrasion works by deeply exfoliating the skin to remove dead skin cells improving the overall look and appearance of the skin and helping to restore its natural glow. It can also improve the appearance of small lines and wrinkles. Treatment causes no pain or discomfort and can be used to treat dull, tired skin, sun damage and enlarged and congested pores to name a few. Treatments are £49.


Saturday, 2 January 2016

A Year In My Life 2015

Happy 2016 everyone! 

I remember at the start of 2012 I did a year in my life post that I thoroughly enjoyed doing as I can reflect and look back on the year we have just left behind. The other night I had those typical new year thoughts of 'What have I achieved this year?' and felt like I hadn't quite lived the year to the fullest, so putting this post together really helped with that. I am now going into the 6th year of my blog which is actually insane to me! I know that I have really let it slide the past few years but sometimes life really does get in the way.

I'm going to break it up month by month in only 3 pictures which was a task in itself! It was lovely to look back through Instagram to really see all that I had actually packed in to one year. 
We spent the New Year in Dublin which was incredible. Dublin really is one of my favourite cities in the world. I really do appreciate its beauty so much and try to get there once a year at least. This time I went with Josh and we ended up going back to the Cliffs of Moher which is absolutely breathtaking and we actually scattered some of my dads ashes here. A trip to the guiness factory was also in order, it tastes so much nicer in Ireland!
Food obviously had to feature and after years of lusting, Meat Liquor finally opened its doors in Leeds. The hot dog is honestly the best one I have ever tried and those cheese and onion fries are insane! So so good! 
 As me and Josh got together in May, February was the first Valentines day that we had spent together. We had a joint Valentines day with my mum and her partner and spent it at a beautiful Italian restaurant in Wetherby along with a few glasses of prosecco. It was perfect food and company and a lovely low key day, Im looking forward to seeing what this year brings! I also went to see the Script in Leeds for like the third time with my mum, we were insanely close which was amazing! 
I went on a fabulous night out into Leeds with my favourite work girls too! 
March is my birthday month and this year I turned the grand age of 26! I spent the day surrounded by cocktails, afternoon tea and thai food. One of mine and Josh's favourite restaurants is Chaophraya, their pad thai is one of the best I have ever had so it was only right I spent my birthday there. We tried the afternoon tea at Harvey Nichols, I am a huge afternoon tea fan, you will see it pop up a few times, however I was overly impressed, especially for the price. 
I also saw Usher in concert, again after him cancelling a year or two before. He was amazing as always and boy is he beautiful.
I was treated with this absolutely stunning Easter hamper by my wonderful best friend Carla (thank you girl!) She is so thoughtful and kind, her heart is literally made of gold! I have never met anyone like her! Another afternoon tea, a definite theme of the year! This time in Manchester! I stayed over with two girls from work and enjoyed shopping, afternoon tea, cocktails and good food. Was a lovely stay! I also went to Majorca for a few days, much shorter than first anticipated but I had to get home as I started my new job! The few days I did spend there were exactly what I needed,  the weather wasn't great, it was April after all. But to spend time with my best friends, have a laugh and a good time away was incredible. 
 May was mine and Joshs first year anniversary. He booked for us to both go on a spa weekend which was so lovely to just get away for the night with nice food and drink and spa access and treatments. The hotel and surroundings were stunning and I thoroughly enjoyed my time. I also spent time with my best friend Carla and we went on a night out in Leeds. 
 Me and Josh spent the night with our friends Loren and Chris in the seaside town of Hornsea for the night. It was so lovely to get away, spend the night away with friends by the sea and have a bbq and a few drinks. The next day we went into Bridlington and did the typical seaside thing of amusements, crazy golf, fish and chips and ice cream. I also got my hair done! I opted for extensions and as I was completely clueless I went to see my lovely friend Amy down in London. She was an absolute babe and fitted me with Bellamore hair extensions. They lasted me months and I only had to take them out when I started college in September...more on that later! I also managed to go and see Taylor Swift even though tickets sold out in literally seconds. She was outstanding, like out of this world good! 
 I was lucky enough to be invited to The City Girls blogger event in Leeds which was so much fun! I posted a blog post about the day and had a wonderful time meeting fellow bloggers and brands. Me and Josh had a trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, one of my favourite places to visit and I spent yet more nights out with Carla! 
My favourite month of the year. Me and Josh went to Cuba at the beginning of the month. We stayed in a beautiful hotel on the seafront and had an incredible two weeks of sipping cocktails, eating lobster, boat trips and swimming with dolphins. Not to mention Josh asking me to marry him! We had talked about marriage a lot so was overjoyed when he got down in one knee in this stunning hut on the beach. I can honestly say I have never been happier, such a dream proposal and of course I said yes! He truly is the most incredible person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I am tremendously lucky that I'm the one that gets to marry him and spend forever with him.
 I had literally decided on and enrolled at college within 2 weeks of first contemplating and talking about it. I enrolled on to the Level 2 Beauty Specialist course and I am due to finish in July and be a fully qualified Beauty Therapist. I am excited for this chapter of my life and looking forward to a potential career change. Lifes too short, you've got to do what you want to do. Even if it does mean retraining at 26! We also spent the day in one of my favourite seaside towns, Whitby!
Oh and another amazing part of the month? We booked our wedding! Me and Josh are getting married on the 15th August 2017 (yes I can officially say next year!) in Las Vegas!
 Another month and another weekend away. This time me and Josh went for a spa weekend at the Marriott Hollins Hall hotel and it was honestly beautiful. I had been so busy working two jobs and college that to just get away for the night to recharge my batteries was most definitely needed. I also went to see One Direction for the second time! I actually bought tickets off a girl at work as they totally sold out before I could get my hands on them! I'm so sad that theyre taking a break, Im kind of sceptical that they will ever get back together? Who knows! I also tried for the first time a Pornstar Martini, oh my goodness! The most incredible cocktail ever with a shot of prosecco? Perfection!
 The day we had got back from Cuba was literally the day we booked our engagement party. I spent the remainder of the week planning details in my head alongside a venue etc and knew exactly where I wanted it. They could only pencil us in on Friday 13th (I know right?) but not being overly superstitious we went for it, as it was also our 18 month anniversary so thought it was pretty special. The whole night was absolutely incredible. The room was filled with over a hundred of our family and friends. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better night! With it being a tradition of mine and Carlas we also went to see Lawson for the third time, this time at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds which is like the smallest venue but incredible at the same time. The boys definitely didn't disappoint and the night was amazing as always. 
Regardless of December being the Christmas month, for me it is the hardest month of the year. This year saw the one year anniversary of my Dads death. They say it gets easier over time but honestly for me it only seems to get more difficult. I miss his face, I miss talking to him, I miss everything about him. I play over and over those final weeks and days in my head all the time and what I would have done or said differently. My heart still aches just as much as it did when he left. So this Christmas I raised a toast to my dad, visited the German Market in Leeds with Carla, another yearly tradition filled with all the food and spent a weekend in Dublin with the love of my life as his belated birthday present. 

So there you have it. I hope you all had a truly tremendous year and I wish you the best for 2016. Heres to making memories that will last a lifetime.
As always, thank you for reading
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