Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Guest Post: 5 Gift Ideas For Fashion Lovers

We all know a friend who is just crazy about being stylish and fashionable. And we all have to gift something special to that person as well, so she will embrace her lifestyle even more and enjoy being who she is as well. So for your pleasure and a little bit of help – here are five perfect gift ideas for all girls who can’t imagine their day without fashion!
Fine beauty products
Of course, one of the best gifts for all girls who love looking good is beauty products. Expensive and luxurious perfume, lipsticks and other cosmetics are the perfect way to pamper your fashionista friend and you know it! But since these products cost pretty much, we need to find some ways how to make those prices get low too. For the start, I would recommend you to check these JCPenney online coupons. Along with these coupons, you are guaranteed to save tons on even the priciest gifts there are.
Designer phone case
If your friend is not only a real fan of fashion but also love to check her phone occasionally, get something that can marry both of her hobbies. The perfect gift, in this case, would be a designer made phone case. Maybe your friend loves Prada - then get a phone case for her smartphone that was created by this brand and it shows. Just be sure to know what exact model she has to make a perfectly suitable gift.

A biography of Coco Chanel
I bet that your fashionista friend wishes to work in fashion. Or even if she already does that for a living, a biography of the legendary Coco Chanel is worth reading for her without any doubt. So – make that as a gift! There are at least a few different published bios of this great designer. Thus, there won’t be a problem to find one in the local bookstore or even online. I can almost ensure you that all girls who love fashion to death will appreciate this gift a lot. Just again, make sure the girl don’t have that book yet or haven’t read it yet.
A subscription to fashion magazine
I also believe that all fashionistas spend a few hours per day reading the best fashion magazines. And since we all know how pricey they are – help your friend out, make a perfect gift and gift her year-long subscription to her favourite fashion magazine. There are some pretty fantastic deals then you buy a subscription to Vogue or Elle magazines, so use this chance and gift a super handy present for your fashion loving friend.

A gift card to her favourite store
And finally, what can be a better gift than a chance to shop once more? If you know what one clothing brand your girl just loves to spend her time at – then gift her another opportunity to visit it and present her a gift card. Many clothing brands offer this type of gift, and so you will never miss a shot with it for sure. Who knows – maybe as a thank you she will take you for a shopping trip as well?

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