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The City Girls Leeds Blogger Event #TheCityGirls

Hello ladies,

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Leeds City Girls event by two beaut bloggers Lorna and Holly-Lucy who together are The City Girls. Following their ever so successful first blogging event in Sheffield, the girls headed west and came to Leeds and boy we were treated to a day of cocktails, cupcakes and goodies! 

I met up with my lovely friend Jo, who I hadn't seen for quite a few years so we had lots of catching up to do, in Trinity and headed over to the event together. The City Girls event was held in The Liquorist on Greek Street that was once The Living Room. I passed it the other week and was in awe at how amazing it looked and believe me it didn't disappoint.
As we arrived there was lots of bloggers already outside and me and Jo headed in. Of course we went straight to the bar and ummed and ahhed whether or not it was okay to purchase alcohol when it hadn't even hit lunchtime yet. As they say its always 5 oclock somewhere (or something along those lines?). The Liquorist offers an extensive cocktail list and after perusing the menu I opted for a large glass of white. All the girls mingled downstairs together for a while, chatted and popped on a name badge. 

Lorna then came down and we all headed upstairs for a brief introduction from the girls, what the day entailed, their vision and what brands were present. Their passion for blogging and bringing brands and bloggers together really shone through and really did reignite my love and passion for blogging and the community. 
Afterwards, Suzie from Leeds Womens Aid the supporting charity of the day, told us a little about the charity and that it aims to protect and support women in Leeds who have been domestically abused, an extremely worthwhile cause that had us all digging into our purses and pockets to purchase raffle tickets. We managed to raise £240 that was then matched by Aviva so in total £480 for Leeds Womens Aid on the day which is incredible! 
We were then let loose and free to roam the room by ourselves. Lots of stalls were set out and goodies that we could take as we went around, as well as brands to chat to. Brands on the day included Voss water, Manuka Doctor, Kendelle, Angelica Nails, The Body Shop, Bubbleology, Nails by Ivy, BenefitVirtue Drinks and many many more. 
As a huge Benefit fan, this was my first port of call and they were showcasing the new They're real colour mascaras and push up liners. Even though I already had a full face of make up, Melissa tried the brown mascara and the blue push up liner on me which I loved. Subtle but natural and complimented my face. Nearing to the end of the event and after one too many glasses of wine (hiccup!) we were treated to the most delicious tray of brownie goodness from Brown and Blond. I opted for a peanut butter one and boy it was incredible! 
I just want to end this post by saying such a huge thank you to Lorna and Holly-Lucy who organised the most perfect event. Everything from the venue, the goodies, to the bloggers that were invited just made for such a wonderful event. One that I feel ever so lucky to have been invited to! Well done ladies! 
Picture kindly taken from Lornas blog
To the girls that I met on the day, thank you for your chats and smiley faces. It was lovely meeting you all! You can find a full list of all the lovelies in attendance here. Ensure you check out #TheCityGirls hashtag out on both instagram and twitter as we managed to get trending in Leeds! The power of bloggers hey! 

So if you ever get the opportunity to attend a City Girls event, jump at the chance!

Benefit They're Real Mascara & Push Up Liner Killer Colours

Hello lovelies, 

Benefit They're Real mascara is my ultimate holy grail (do bloggers still use this term?) when it comes to mascaras. I have gone through countless tubes of this stuff and even though I try to find alternatives nothing ever matches up to this. I am also a fan of the push up liner and my mum even swears by it! 

As some of you may already be aware of, Benefit have launched They're Real mascara and Push Up Liner in a range of shades. Alongside beyond black, Benefit have launched brown and blue they're real mascaras and the push up liner in blue, purple, green and brown. This was definitely a range that I was excited for and boy it didn't disappoint! 

I recently attended The City Girls event in Leeds (there is a post to come on this!) and was introduced to the new They're Real range of colour liners and mascaras and tried the push up liner in blue, alongside the brown mascara. The result was subtle but definitely made my eyes pop. My other half even noticed and loved it also!  
Fear not, this range isn't half as scary as the 90s craze of colour hair and eye mascaras and is much more wearable and a way to switch up your usual beauty routine as they aren't too vibrant and much more natural than I was expecting. 

Packaging wise the tubes of mascara and push up liner are exactly the same as the black if you are familiar with the usual packaging, however the lids of the colour push up liners are the shade colour and the whole tube of the mascara has changed to either blue or brown. The outer packaging has also stayed the same. 

Both products are available to buy now from Benefit counters or from the Benefit Cosmetics website.

The mascara is £19.50 and the push up liner £18.50.

Grab yours now!

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Are you someone who always wanted to have big and attractive eye lashes, just like the models on the ramp and the stars on your TV screen? Are you someone who thinks that bigger lashes make eyes look much more attractive? Well, then eye lash extensions will be an opt solution for all your problems and desires. Lash Extensions are those amazing products or beauty items that can help you make your lashes grow and look absolutely amazing. Such products are often used by actresses, models and other celebs to draw attention to their eyes and needless to say, they all look superb. 
There are various brands that are known for producing good quality lash extensions which can be used as and when required. Some of the benefits of using these extensions over other products are listed below: 

  • For those women who always have to look their best like models, actors, women in the media industry and others, these are superb products since they can immediately add a highlighting feature to the face. It uplifts the entire look of a person and puts focus on one area of the face which is most important-the eyes. 
  • Another benefit of using lash extensions is that they do not look artificial or fake and especially if you buy from a trusted and reputed brand. They add to your existing length and with a little mascara application, they look natural. Moreover these extensions are light weight and thus do not cause any problem. 
  • Using regular mascara can definitely add definition to your lashes but it cannot produce the effect that lash extensions offer. Normal mascara smudges off after a few hours whereas lash extensions stay on fora longer period of time 
  • Lash extensions are also so useful because they are easy to apply and it takes a couple of minutes to fasten them to your existing brows. All you need to do is to apply one coat from the base to the tip and reapply if needed.  You can wear these extensions under your favourite mascara as well. 
  • Most lash extensions have no side effects and this is another benefit they offer. You won’t feel any itching, redness or other negative effects during and after the application. 
As compared to other forms, Lash Extensions do not need regular maintenance. Thus they are a perfect solution for busy ladies.  

One such product is WUNDER2 lash extension stain mascara which works like semi-permanent eyelashes that can help you to make your lashes appear longer and more attractive.  This product is effective for about 72 hours and is smudge proof, water proof and flake proof. This means that for about 3 days you will not have to worry about it being removed or shaken off. This revolutionary product utilizes the technology of Permafix gel and helps to create a flexible matrix which locks in the colour and the extensions to your natural eyelashes, creating a better yet natural looking effect.
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