Wednesday, 18 February 2015

MAC Faux Lipstick & Swatches: The Kylie Jenner Lip

MAC Faux lipstick is a lipstick I would usually have never even looked twice at I must admit. It wasn't until the Kyle Jenner craze and everyone went mental for MAC Brave lipstick and Soar lip liner however I haven't been able to get my hands on either. After scouring the internet for swatches and reviews tonnes of girls said Faux was similar if not prettier. I was pretty astounded to find out it was on stock on the MAC website so I went ahead and ordered.
It came this morning, along with a small sample of mascara and free delivery, so I was pretty impressed. I gave it a whirl this afternoon and boy am I in love already. Like seriously, where has this lipstick been all my life?
It is a satin formula so just glides on without feeling dry. Perfect! I find it looks quite dark and daunting in the tube but once applied to the lips its a more muted pinkish brown shade that is highly pigmented. There is no sheerness about this lipstick. Don't get me wrong Im not fully satisfied and wont stop until I get my hands on Brave to see how similar they really are. 
If you use the code MACTREAT on the MAC Cosmetics website it will give you free next day delivery and a mini mascara sample.

What do you think of faux?


  1. Lovely.

    I love pink and this color is just so cute ^_^

    |❀✿Makeup, Skin Care, and Hair Care✿ ❀

  2. Looks beautiful! I have Brave and it's quite similar to this, also have Twig which is like a darker version of Faux - both lovely! :) xx

  3. I'm currently debating between Brave and Faux and I think this post has swayed me :) Looks gorgeous on you!


  4. Lovely colour! I have Brave though so I think this would be quite similar x

  5. Ooooh I love this colour, so nice! I think it looks brilliant and thanks for the code tip, perfect excuse to buy some Mac lipstick!

    Love Lucy x

  6. OOh this is another fab shade I really want to try x


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