Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Guest Post: 5 Gift Ideas For Fashion Lovers

We all know a friend who is just crazy about being stylish and fashionable. And we all have to gift something special to that person as well, so she will embrace her lifestyle even more and enjoy being who she is as well. So for your pleasure and a little bit of help – here are five perfect gift ideas for all girls who can’t imagine their day without fashion!
Fine beauty products
Of course, one of the best gifts for all girls who love looking good is beauty products. Expensive and luxurious perfume, lipsticks and other cosmetics are the perfect way to pamper your fashionista friend and you know it! But since these products cost pretty much, we need to find some ways how to make those prices get low too. For the start, I would recommend you to check these JCPenney online coupons. Along with these coupons, you are guaranteed to save tons on even the priciest gifts there are.
Designer phone case
If your friend is not only a real fan of fashion but also love to check her phone occasionally, get something that can marry both of her hobbies. The perfect gift, in this case, would be a designer made phone case. Maybe your friend loves Prada - then get a phone case for her smartphone that was created by this brand and it shows. Just be sure to know what exact model she has to make a perfectly suitable gift.

A biography of Coco Chanel
I bet that your fashionista friend wishes to work in fashion. Or even if she already does that for a living, a biography of the legendary Coco Chanel is worth reading for her without any doubt. So – make that as a gift! There are at least a few different published bios of this great designer. Thus, there won’t be a problem to find one in the local bookstore or even online. I can almost ensure you that all girls who love fashion to death will appreciate this gift a lot. Just again, make sure the girl don’t have that book yet or haven’t read it yet.
A subscription to fashion magazine
I also believe that all fashionistas spend a few hours per day reading the best fashion magazines. And since we all know how pricey they are – help your friend out, make a perfect gift and gift her year-long subscription to her favourite fashion magazine. There are some pretty fantastic deals then you buy a subscription to Vogue or Elle magazines, so use this chance and gift a super handy present for your fashion loving friend.

A gift card to her favourite store
And finally, what can be a better gift than a chance to shop once more? If you know what one clothing brand your girl just loves to spend her time at – then gift her another opportunity to visit it and present her a gift card. Many clothing brands offer this type of gift, and so you will never miss a shot with it for sure. Who knows – maybe as a thank you she will take you for a shopping trip as well?

Friday, 23 October 2015

Liz Earle October Skincare Essentials Offer

I love Liz Earle. I've been an avid fan now for quite a few years although I do tend to swap and change quite frequently and what with being a beauty blogger I'm sure it comes with the role, doesn't it? However, I started college last month (I know at the grand old age of 26!) where I am training to be a beauty therapist. We have the most wonderful tutor who has worked in the industry for years and also manages a salon herself so is definitely in the know when it comes to skincare. We treat her words as gospel and each week make mental notes of skincare do's and don't s  We have spent the past few weeks giving and receiving full dermalogica facials which has given me the opportunity to fully understand my skin type and what products I should, and also shouldn't be using on my skin. However, dermalogica doesn't really seem to be agreeing with my skin at all! 

Our tutor, Julie is a fan herself of the Liz Earle range, especially the cleanse & polish (Holy grail! Do people still use that term?!) and to cut a long story short, I decided to repurchase the full routine again for myself. Best. Decision. Ever.

I opted (as the title suggests) for the October skincare essentials set, so for £45 received a large size cleanse and polish, 2 muslin cloths, a 200ml skin tonic, a 50ml skin repair moisturiser and a complimentary sheer skin tint and perfume sample, as well as free delivery. What a mouth ful and absolute bargain for £45? Altogether its worth over £87 so its already giving you a saving of £42.
All the products compliment themselves so nicely and feel like such a treat for what seems like minimal effort. I will definitely be treating myself to more products soon, the gentle exfoliator and a face mask are on my wishlist. I have even got some of the girls on my course ordering too! 

This offer runs out on the 28th October so you have 5 days to take advantage!

You can get yours here.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Easton West?!

Working with children, I always contemplate what I would call my children if I were to ever have any (hopefully one or two one day) however with most names I always seem to associate with someone I know or a child I have taught! 

I am a huge fan of Kim Kardashian and all the Kardashian clan and as many await the arrival of the second Kardashian-West baby many speculate which name Kim Kardashian and her husband will choose for her second child, a leading UK bingo company has released a book of the UK’s top baby names.

Whilst celebrities such as Fearne Cotton have recently chosen names such as Honey, the nation’s parents have been opting for traditional options like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Which trend will Kim K and Kanye West follow?

During the first few months of their second pregnancy announcement, Kim denied the couple will be naming their little one after a direction (South). However, since then there has been multiple reports from a source close to the family that the little boy will be named in Kimye’s family theme and be called Easton West.

Should the family decide on a more traditional, literary name like Oliver, they’ll be in good company as the boy's name has been at the top of the Office for National Statistics list since 2013. Another choice could be Jack - often considered to be the name of eccentric, rebellious yet charming individuals, the little boys name could link to some of Kanye’s famous traits.

Who knows! What do you think they will choose? Theres not much longer until we find out and I for one can't wait to see which name-route they take!
Parents to be can see the full list of top 10 names including origins, meanings and facts at:**

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

8 Accessories To Transform Any Outfit

The secret weapon to stellar style is having an arsenal of statement accessories. Accessories have the power to drastically change any ensemble, and a woman who knows how to pair statement pieces with any kind of outfit is a fashion force to be reckoned with. The thought that you must go shopping all the time in order to obtain a fresh look is simply not true. All you need are some truly transforming necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and maybe even a nose ring. Then, to make an old outfit new again, simply slip on one piece of statement jewellery.

Some women make the mistake of wearing too much jewellery at one time. Quoted in Harper's Bazaar, Coco Chanel gives some of the best accessory advice to date: "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory." Her words have never been truer. To give some examples, I’ve rounded up the ultimate outfit-altering accessories that don’t require the support of other jewellery. With these pieces, only wearing one is plenty!

Add-On Ornate
Embellish a plain top with the addition of a statement choker necklace. Ornate and eye-catching, a piece like this will instantly add flair to any solid colour top or dress. Draw attention when hailing a black cab or holding your tea with a thick, bejewelled cuff on your wrist. It provides just enough chunkiness and a stylish pop of colour.
Go Glam
Looking to turn an old outfit into a head-turner? Something as simple as glamourous cuff could be all you need to “update your look,” a goal that Lyst advocates when browsing their jewellery collection. Big things sometimes come in small packages. Try a pair of pearl studs with mink post detail in the back to put a luxurious spin on your night out look. When your hair is up, you’re sure to turn heads.

Find Your Edge
Rocker chic chokers reminiscent of the ‘90s are back and bolder than ever. Get your grunge on with a cool choker, perfect for adding a little spice your sweet style. You don’t need your nose pierced to try a septum ring. With faux options hitting the scene, this unexpected trend is a great way to embellish a “sleek black slip or shift dress" for evenings, as explained in a how-to-wear guide on Glamour.
Theme Pieces
Try on a new vibe with a necklace inspired by nature’s finest. A themed piece is one of the easiest ways to change the look of an outfit without much planning, so why not channel the great outdoors? If sweet is what you aim for, a charm necklace with darling details is a fun way to get playful with your style. Charm necklaces are also ideal for letting your personality shine through.
There are plenty of statement jewellery pieces that can stand alone and still take your outfit to the next level. Look for unique, bold accessories just a tad outside of your comfort zone, and you just might find your favourite new way to dress up a tired look.

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Skincare Wishlist

Happy Saturday lovelies!
As much as I love beauty and make up, I should probably invest more time, effort and money into skincare products as much as that pains me to admit. I have never really had a fully fledged skincare routine. The salon I go to to have my lashes and shellac pedicure done specialises in Dermalogica products and having used them on my skin during facials I feel like it is time to fully invest.

I do love a good face exfoliator and this claims to instantly leave skin feeling smoother and brighter, perfect! I'm intrigued as it is essentially a powder that activates on contact with water and is gentle enough to use everyday. This retails for £36.75 for 75g.

Currently I do not have a staple, go to moisturiser. I am a bit of a floozy and pretty much reach for anything and everything. I am not fully committed to one. The Dermalogica active moist moistruser is described as a light weight, oil free moisturiser that absorbs into the skin to prevent moisture loss. It is suitable to normal to dry skin. This retails for £39.95 but the tube is a whopping 100ml. 
I do love using a toner, I think its pretty much the ease. This contains aloe, lavender and mint which sounds like such a soothing, refreshing blend to me and I can imagine it smelling beautiful. This 250ml bottle retails for £24.50.

Have you tried any of these products? What skincare products are in your current routine?
I would love to know!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Review: Urban Decay Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette & Swatches

Hello lovelies, 

Urban Decay launched their newest addition to the Naked collection in the form of the Smoky palette*. It was released on the 30th July in the UK so is available to buy now! 
The palette is packed with twelve smoky and sultry shades, which includes 9 brand new, never before seen shades and 3 exclusive shades, all perfect for the ultimate smoky eye. 

I am already a huge fan of Urban Decay, especially their naked and naked basic palettes, they are my day to day go to products so this is right up my street. It includes a good selection of shimmer, matte and satin shades. As with the other Naked palettes, it also includes a dual ended eyeshadow brush, with a fluffy end and also a pencil brush for more precision. 
As to be expected with a smoky palette, there are quite a few dark, grey-black shades that I personally wouldn't reach for that often, however perfect for a smoky eye, which this palette is intended for however it also includes pale shimmer and matte shades for a everyday make up look. 
The packaging is slightly different to the other 3 naked palettes. This time it is plastic and has like a grey and black smoked, marble effect which I personally love and think it compliments it perfectly.  It is also held together with a magnetic closure and includes a mirror. 
They are not arranged by colour in the palette but from most shimmery to least shimmery i.e matte and the darkest shades are situated in the middle. 
My favourite shades are High, which is a champagne shimmer shade and also Combust, which is a sandy, cream matte shade similar to my skin tone. There is a mixture of both warm and cool shades. They are velvety and soft to touch and blend beautifully  Urban Decay say that 'Each shade features our pigment infusion system, the proprietary blend of ingredients that gives every shade its velvety texture, rich colour, serious staying power and blendability. 
The Urban Decay Smoky palette is available to buy now for £38.

Is this something you will try and get your hands on?

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The City Girls Leeds Blogger Event #TheCityGirls

Hello ladies,

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Leeds City Girls event by two beaut bloggers Lorna and Holly-Lucy who together are The City Girls. Following their ever so successful first blogging event in Sheffield, the girls headed west and came to Leeds and boy we were treated to a day of cocktails, cupcakes and goodies! 

I met up with my lovely friend Jo, who I hadn't seen for quite a few years so we had lots of catching up to do, in Trinity and headed over to the event together. The City Girls event was held in The Liquorist on Greek Street that was once The Living Room. I passed it the other week and was in awe at how amazing it looked and believe me it didn't disappoint.
As we arrived there was lots of bloggers already outside and me and Jo headed in. Of course we went straight to the bar and ummed and ahhed whether or not it was okay to purchase alcohol when it hadn't even hit lunchtime yet. As they say its always 5 oclock somewhere (or something along those lines?). The Liquorist offers an extensive cocktail list and after perusing the menu I opted for a large glass of white. All the girls mingled downstairs together for a while, chatted and popped on a name badge. 

Lorna then came down and we all headed upstairs for a brief introduction from the girls, what the day entailed, their vision and what brands were present. Their passion for blogging and bringing brands and bloggers together really shone through and really did reignite my love and passion for blogging and the community. 
Afterwards, Suzie from Leeds Womens Aid the supporting charity of the day, told us a little about the charity and that it aims to protect and support women in Leeds who have been domestically abused, an extremely worthwhile cause that had us all digging into our purses and pockets to purchase raffle tickets. We managed to raise £240 that was then matched by Aviva so in total £480 for Leeds Womens Aid on the day which is incredible! 
We were then let loose and free to roam the room by ourselves. Lots of stalls were set out and goodies that we could take as we went around, as well as brands to chat to. Brands on the day included Voss water, Manuka Doctor, Kendelle, Angelica Nails, The Body Shop, Bubbleology, Nails by Ivy, BenefitVirtue Drinks and many many more. 
As a huge Benefit fan, this was my first port of call and they were showcasing the new They're real colour mascaras and push up liners. Even though I already had a full face of make up, Melissa tried the brown mascara and the blue push up liner on me which I loved. Subtle but natural and complimented my face. Nearing to the end of the event and after one too many glasses of wine (hiccup!) we were treated to the most delicious tray of brownie goodness from Brown and Blond. I opted for a peanut butter one and boy it was incredible! 
I just want to end this post by saying such a huge thank you to Lorna and Holly-Lucy who organised the most perfect event. Everything from the venue, the goodies, to the bloggers that were invited just made for such a wonderful event. One that I feel ever so lucky to have been invited to! Well done ladies! 
Picture kindly taken from Lornas blog
To the girls that I met on the day, thank you for your chats and smiley faces. It was lovely meeting you all! You can find a full list of all the lovelies in attendance here. Ensure you check out #TheCityGirls hashtag out on both instagram and twitter as we managed to get trending in Leeds! The power of bloggers hey! 

So if you ever get the opportunity to attend a City Girls event, jump at the chance!

Benefit They're Real Mascara & Push Up Liner Killer Colours

Hello lovelies, 

Benefit They're Real mascara is my ultimate holy grail (do bloggers still use this term?) when it comes to mascaras. I have gone through countless tubes of this stuff and even though I try to find alternatives nothing ever matches up to this. I am also a fan of the push up liner and my mum even swears by it! 

As some of you may already be aware of, Benefit have launched They're Real mascara and Push Up Liner in a range of shades. Alongside beyond black, Benefit have launched brown and blue they're real mascaras and the push up liner in blue, purple, green and brown. This was definitely a range that I was excited for and boy it didn't disappoint! 

I recently attended The City Girls event in Leeds (there is a post to come on this!) and was introduced to the new They're Real range of colour liners and mascaras and tried the push up liner in blue, alongside the brown mascara. The result was subtle but definitely made my eyes pop. My other half even noticed and loved it also!  
Fear not, this range isn't half as scary as the 90s craze of colour hair and eye mascaras and is much more wearable and a way to switch up your usual beauty routine as they aren't too vibrant and much more natural than I was expecting. 

Packaging wise the tubes of mascara and push up liner are exactly the same as the black if you are familiar with the usual packaging, however the lids of the colour push up liners are the shade colour and the whole tube of the mascara has changed to either blue or brown. The outer packaging has also stayed the same. 

Both products are available to buy now from Benefit counters or from the Benefit Cosmetics website.

The mascara is £19.50 and the push up liner £18.50.

Grab yours now!

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

Are you someone who always wanted to have big and attractive eye lashes, just like the models on the ramp and the stars on your TV screen? Are you someone who thinks that bigger lashes make eyes look much more attractive? Well, then eye lash extensions will be an opt solution for all your problems and desires. Lash Extensions are those amazing products or beauty items that can help you make your lashes grow and look absolutely amazing. Such products are often used by actresses, models and other celebs to draw attention to their eyes and needless to say, they all look superb. 
There are various brands that are known for producing good quality lash extensions which can be used as and when required. Some of the benefits of using these extensions over other products are listed below: 

  • For those women who always have to look their best like models, actors, women in the media industry and others, these are superb products since they can immediately add a highlighting feature to the face. It uplifts the entire look of a person and puts focus on one area of the face which is most important-the eyes. 
  • Another benefit of using lash extensions is that they do not look artificial or fake and especially if you buy from a trusted and reputed brand. They add to your existing length and with a little mascara application, they look natural. Moreover these extensions are light weight and thus do not cause any problem. 
  • Using regular mascara can definitely add definition to your lashes but it cannot produce the effect that lash extensions offer. Normal mascara smudges off after a few hours whereas lash extensions stay on fora longer period of time 
  • Lash extensions are also so useful because they are easy to apply and it takes a couple of minutes to fasten them to your existing brows. All you need to do is to apply one coat from the base to the tip and reapply if needed.  You can wear these extensions under your favourite mascara as well. 
  • Most lash extensions have no side effects and this is another benefit they offer. You won’t feel any itching, redness or other negative effects during and after the application. 
As compared to other forms, Lash Extensions do not need regular maintenance. Thus they are a perfect solution for busy ladies.  

One such product is WUNDER2 lash extension stain mascara which works like semi-permanent eyelashes that can help you to make your lashes appear longer and more attractive.  This product is effective for about 72 hours and is smudge proof, water proof and flake proof. This means that for about 3 days you will not have to worry about it being removed or shaken off. This revolutionary product utilizes the technology of Permafix gel and helps to create a flexible matrix which locks in the colour and the extensions to your natural eyelashes, creating a better yet natural looking effect.
guest post**

Sunday, 21 June 2015

New Beauty Buys

Hello lovelies and Happy Sunday! 

This month especially I have had quite a splurge on a few beauty products that I've been wanting to purchase for a while now so I went ahead and did so. 

I lusted after this ever since I saw it on Beauty and the Blogs instagram page of most used products and since then I knew I needed it in my life as she is just stunning and always looks glowing and flawless. I've used this once or twice and I can honestly say its already love. It gives an instant glow to the face without being too gritty or glittery which I can find with some highlight powders. I purchased mine from Feel Unique for £17.50 which I thought was pretty reasonable. 

I was after a new bronzer and honestly didn't have a brand or product in mind so when scoping the Feel Unique website I spotted this. I thought for a high end bronzer the price point wasn't too big for the amount of product you get, this is seriously huge! I bought the shade medium and when I first saw it I thought, woah! It seemed seriously dark however with a light hand its perfect. It has very little shimmer and gives a good bronzed glow. This was £32.

I booked into Benefit in May for my usual brow wax to find this month they were giving away a free Benefit Gimme brow and all proceeds to Refuge and the Look Good Feel Better campaign. As my appointment was so late in the month they had completely run out of free Gimme Brows so I contacted them on twitter and the customer service was amazing as I received one within a couple of days. I have the deep/dark shade and honestly it has made filling in brows the quickest most easiest thing. Literally brush through your brows with this and it gives colour in an instant and sets beautifully. Will definitely be repurchasing this!  This retails for £18.50.
My all time favourite mascara was definitely due a repurchase. I was toying with the idea of getting the roller lash mascara after reading such rave reviews however I was always taught if its not broke don't fix it and that's exactly what it came down to when buying a mascara. This was £19.50 and I bought from Feel Unique. 

Again another oldie but a goodie. I haven't strayed away from this foundation for a good couple of years now. ASOS had a 20% off everything code and at £31 a bottle I knew that I had to repurchase a bottle of this even though I didn't necessarily need it just yet! I use the shade Fiji which is possibly a little too dark for me however I thought it would be okay for the Summer months. The coverage and finish of this is just outstanding! If you haven't tried it already then you really need to, I have been through countless bottles! 

I must admit I havent even taken this out of the box yet. I watched one of Gracie Francesca recent get ready with me youtube videos where she used this and honestly it looked amazing. I am such a newb to the whole contouring and I thought a cream product would be a good way to ease me in. I bought mine from Feel Unique for £19.00. 

Again, another purchase that I need to blame Gracie for! She used this with the contour stick and it looked like a good brush to buff out and blend the cream product in and would be useful for contouring. I've not used it yet but I'm excited to pair both of them together! Another Feel Unique purchase and it was £9.99. 
So that's it for now! I still have my eye on a few make up products including the NARS creamy concealer

What have you been buying recently?

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Nailbox May 2015

Hi lovelies,

Nailbox is a brand new, monthly subscription box dedicated to all things nails. It is full of the hottest new nail trends as well as handy nail tools. Previous months Nailbox has seen nail brands such as OPI, Essie and China Glaze to name a few and all full size! 

You can choose to pay either month by month so you are not tied down to a monthly subscription for £15 per month with free delivery or you can prepay for either 3, 6 or 9 months meaning you can get a box for as little as £13.50. Despatch day falls around the 21st of the month so if you subscribe after this date you will receive your box the following month. 

This months box contained 4 full size nail polishes from brands OPI, Essie, Orly and Rimmel and also a Elegant touch nail tool. 
As soon as I opened the box I was pleasantly pleased with what I saw. 
Inside was:
Elegant Touch Cuticle Pusher & Nail Cleaner 
ORLY Fiery Orange Color Blast nail polish 
Rimmel Lucky Lilac nail polish
Nicole by OPI Modern Family Alex by the Books nail polish
Essie Status Symbol nail polish 

I was fancying a cuticle pusher for quite some time and very nearly purchased one the other day so I was ecstatic when I saw this one. It retails for around the £10 mark. The polishes that stood out for me were definitely the bright pink Essie polish in status symbol, which looks stunning as well as a creamy, mint shade by Nicole by OPI. I have a few of these nail polishes and have always been impressed with the colour and quality of them. 

The nail polishes are housed in a brown cardboard box and the nail polishes were packed safely inside to ensure no breakages.

Overall the value of the box is around £35, so definitely worth the £15 price tag. If you are a avid nail polish lover or fan I wouold definitelhy recommend the Nailbox. You arent tied down to a monthly subscription so you are in total control of which box you purchase or dont. All I will say is that these boxes sell out very quickly, so if you are wanting to purchase I would do so quickly! They are getting ready to ship the June boxes as we speak and they have already promised that they will contain three full size nail polishes, a top coat and a nail tool. Im definitely intrigued! 

Sold? You can sign up here.


The Truth Behind Cosmetic Laser Rumours

 Rumours can spread like a wildfire, even in the world of cosmetic treatments. In particular, there are a lot of rumours about cosmetic laser procedures. But you shouldn't let the rumours stop you. So, let's get to the truth behind those cosmetic laser rumours. That way you can truly decide if a laser treatment would be best for you. 

Laser Treatments Aren't Really Proven Skincare Methods 
If you look at how long laser treatments have been around and how many people swear by their positive results, it should be obvious that this is a rumour  The truth is that they are actually tried and true methods for treating many different skin issue. The reason why some people might circulate a myth that they aren't proven or properly tested is simply that not all laser devices are designed to treat all skin types. So, it is possible that some individuals will have better or worse results than others. 

Lotions and Creams Work Just as Well 
You might also have heard that lotions and creams work just as well as lasers for treating skin issues. Well, whether or not that is true depends on point of view. Here are the actual facts: 

  • Certain lotions and creams can work fairly well for treating specific skin issues, but only if applied regularly over a long period of time. 
  • Lasers are capable of treating a wider range of skin conditions. 
  • Laser treatments produce fast initial results, but may need to be repeated. 

Basically, if you want immediate help with a skin condition, laser treatments are better than creams and lotions. However, some creams and lotions can help to keep certain skin conditions in check, if you remember to use them on a regular basis. 

Laser Treatments Will Make Your Skin Problems Worse 
It is true that some laser treatments may have side effects, but those side effects are usually mild and temporary, such as having red skin for a day or two afterward. The way that most laser treatments work is that they damage the skin cells or hair follicles on purpose. The point of that is to remove unwanted hair in the case of the follicles. In the case of the skin cells, the point is to cause collagen, protein, and other helpful substances to be produced in higher quantities in each cell. Together, those substances can make the cells stronger, giving your skin a healthier appearance. 

That being said, certain laser devices, which are known as ablative lasers, can be a bit harsh on the skin. After an ablative laser treatment, you may have to be extra careful for a few days in order to avoid skin infections. 

One Laser Machine is the Same as the Next 
Finally, there's the rumour that all lasers are basically identical. This rumour also seems to be pretty persistent in skincare circles, but it isn't true at all. Different manufacturers produce totally different laser devices. In fact, even different models from the same manufacturer can vary quite a bit in size, style, and the types of treatments they are designed to perform. It's exactly that sort of diversity that may help you, if you are looking for a way to treat a persistent skin problem. 

As with almost any other products on the market today, no two makes and models are exactly the same. Each laser device is unique. They are all made up of different parts, and some are even made to perform very specific procedures. For example, hair removal lasers
 aren't usually used to reduce wrinkles. Additionally, certain lasers are designed to treat people with lighter or darker skin, or with specific skin types. So, if you want to have a laser treatment done, it's important to locate a professional clinic that has a laser device which can accommodate your skin type. 

So, even if you have heard some things about laser skin treatments that might make you worry, it's important not to dismiss the idea right away. Not all of the information you have might be proven or accurate. If you want to make sure that you are working with accurate information, you should talk to your doctor and a couple of skincare professionals before you make your final decision about whether to have a cosmetic laser treatment done on your skin.
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