Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Replica Watches: Quality Vs Looks

When it comes to replica watches, the two most important factors that we consider are quality and looks. On one hand, quality is something essential if we have the slightest expectation to be able to actually use the watch and on the other hand looks is what convinced us in the first place to buy this king of fake products instead of an affordable original brand watch. Still, the countless unsatisfied replica customers have proven that knockoffs are far from achieving an ideal proportion between quality and looks. 
Besides looks, a watch implies good time accuracy, high quality materials and a good durability. In order to be exact and function correctly, a watch must have a decent inside mechanism. The original companies use a very complex automatic movement that until now, even the best fake manufacturers weren’t able to replicate it. Instead, fake  companies offer knockoffs with a poor quality movement, a movement that rarely tells time correctly, that does not support the chronograph function or breaks after a couple of months of use. Most replica shoppers report problems regarding time accuracy. The fake product either loses large amounts of time or stops while wearing it. 
An original designer watch is made from solid stainless steel, platinum or real gold; also, it uses real diamonds and sapphire crystal. Of course, replica manufacturers cannot make a watch out of real platinum or gold. They make all the watches from stainless steel, some are better than others, and for the gold ones they use gold plating which isn’t very resistant. Usually, the gold color starts to wear off after one or two months of daily wear. This is a serious problem as once this happens; you can’t wear the watch anymore. Only a few replicas have an actual sapphire crystal, the majority use a mineral crystal that tends to scratch and break very easily. Instead of real diamonds, fake watches have cubic zirconium. These stones look very nice, but they scratch, crack or fall off very easily. 
Let’s be honest! No one wants to pay $200-$600 for a replica watch that he can’t use after a couple of months. Regardless, if you are buying the lower grade Japanese fake watch or the so called higher quality Swiss knockoff, you want to be able to wear it for a very long time. For some people, even two years isn’t enough to make this investment worth it. There are some affordable original brand timepieces that cost less and will work for 10 years or more. Now, after reading all the above information about the quality of the movement and materials used to make these replica watches, I think you can understand that you can’t actually count on a high durability. The life span is uncertain, from a couple of days to a maximum of two years. It all depends on your luck, because in the end buying a replica watch is a matter of luck. This being said, I must ask this question: why not choose something certain instead? Why not buy an original watch that you can afford instead of gambling your money unnecessarily?  

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