Wednesday, 20 August 2014

ASOS Sale Haul

Hey ladies,

ASOS currently have a 'up to 70% off' sale going on and as it fell around the same time as payday. I thought it would be rude to not place a little order. Im not the biggest fan of the original ASOS line (am i missing out?) however i do love the fact that they stock River Island and New Look and use it pretty much for that.
Both items i purchased have been on my wishlist for quite some time, and are both New Look (surprise, surprise!) and both fit extremely well, which never ever happens for me so i was pretty impressed.
I have wanted this pale pink coat since the beginning of the year but at £55 i wasnt sure if it was very me and how much wear i would actually get out of it. However at £24 i just couldnt resist and even though the colour is quite spring like i think i will get a lot of wear out of it. Its quite thick and luxe and think it would love lovely over an all black outfit. I got this in the tall range (pretty much because it was cheaper and i am 5''9), so the arms are a little long and i find that they are slightly baggier than the rest of the body but for the price i cant complain.

My second purchase are these slim fit giraffe trousers which are now out of stock. I actually ordered these last month, to get an email a few days later saying that they were actually out of stock. They kept coming back in and out of stock on asos and i didnt want to repurchase just to be disapointed again so i get in touch with asos on twitter and they clarified that they wouldn't be back in stock. I left it a few weeks, they were still showing in stock so at £11 i went ahead and ordered them. I love giraffes, probably my most favourite animal and these are just love and fit perfectly. 

So for both £35 including free delivery when they retail for over £70 at full price, I cannot complain and i am one very happy lady.
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  1. I love those trousers! I've seen those in New look but they were a little too expensive for me, gutted I missed them but it looks like everyone is snapping them up. At least you got a pair in the end and you are happy with them! :))) xx

    1. Thank you lovely! I have wanted them forever! and at £11 i definitely couldn't resist :) xxx

  2. Absolutely love the pink color of that coat!

    1. Aw so do i, so much! Cant wait to wear it :) xx

  3. Love that coat! I keep eyeing coats and jackets up at the moment, it's the awkward time where I want summer, but the weather at the moment is making me lust over Autumn clothes xx

  4. I am such a big fan of ASOS and their sales! To be fair I haven't actually bought much of the ASOS brand but their accessories and shoes are awesome so maybe check those out.


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