Friday, 22 August 2014

Trueskin Medispa

Hello lovelies, 

I know that most women (and men!) are huge fans of taking some relaxing time out and there's nothing i love more than a trip to the spa. 
Trueskin Medispa are a clinic and spa with three locations across the UK in Harley Street, Esher and Bluewater that pride themselves in offering five star service and treatments to their clients. They offer a full range of advanced skincare and spa treatments that you may require including cellulite removal, laser treatments, tattoo removal in their Harley Street clinic as well as spa treatments such as manicures, pedicures and massages in their Medispas.   
Their aim is to introduce their clientele to the right skincare regime so that they can achieve amazing results as most people use skincare that is not suitable for their skin type or condition. They have tailored treatments to suit all whether it be some 'me' time that you are after or effective solutions for skin problems such as Acne, lines and wrinkles and cellulite.  
They have a huge range of treatments available and the extensive list is available to view here. 

The one thing that caught my eye in particular were the Spa Packages. I love a good Spa day trip or overnight trip. I liked the look of the Trueskin Holiday Essentials package in particular, perfect if you are due to be jetting off. Its £100 for 2 hours and 15 minutes and includes a Elemis Exotic lime and ginger scrub, a Jessica Manicure, A Jessica Pedicure, a Eyelash tint and a Eyebrow tint and shape. The perfect package to get your body holiday ready. 

They also do amazing wedding packages for brides to be and also the hen party starting from a reasonable £50, what a wonderful idea!

I am going to London next week so i might find myself at Trueskin booking myself in, I could definitely do with a post holiday pedicure. Prices are extremely reasonable with an hours massage starting from £55 and all prices can be found on the website. 


Thursday, 21 August 2014

Glossybox August 2014: 3rd Anniversary Box

Hello lovelies,

I haven't posted a Glossybox post up in such a long time, over a year now and was sent the 3 year anniversary box so thought i would do a little update. First things first, I cannot believe that Glossybox has been around for 3 years already! Where on earth has the time gone? I remember posting about the first ever box here which honestly doesn't seem like two minutes ago!
The packaging is pretty much exactly the same, comes in a hard pale pink box full of black tissue paper and ribbon. However instead of getting the one card that explained the contents and gave a description on each you now get a fold up booklet with in depth information about each product.

I literally ripped open the packaging like a kid at Christmas (so apologies for the lack of pretty packaging pictures!) and was pleasantly surprised with what was housed underneath the tissue and ribbon.

Included in this months box:
Lalique by L'Amour Perfume sample

This is a teeny tiny 2ml sample of this perfume that personally i had never heard of before (just me or have i been living under a rock?). I was pleasantly surprise when i took the lid off and rubbed it on my wrist. It is an extremely floral scent, that i dont find too overpowering with notes of bergamont, rose and sandalwood. Just wonderful! The only downfall? This badboy will set you back £67 for 50ml, wowsers! I shall savour my small sample then!

Kryolan for Glossybox highlighter in Cashmere

Kryolan is a brand i have heard of but never had the chance of using, i also love a good highlighter so this is win win. At 4.5g this is a full size product that retails for £12.95 and is actually available to purchase on the Kryolan website however i imagine in slightly different packaging. It is a stunning shimmery champagne colour that i will get a lot of wear out of. 

Figs & Rouge Hand cream 

This 20ml sample of Figs & Rouge Mango Mandarin hand cream is the perfect size to throw in your handbag or for travel. As sad as it sounds i absolutely love the tube and the scent is just stunning, it smells exactly as it suggests. The full size tube is 4 times the size of this sample (80ml) and retails for £6.95. 

Yves Rocher Pink nail polish

This nail polish seems so small however it is a full size bottle that retails for £3.60. I actually dont mind a small bottle as i have so many bottles of nail polish as it is and rarely paint my nails as i go and get them done so many bottles go to waste and go gloopy! I have used Yves Rocher before (their mascara is amazing FYI!) The shade is called 'Rose', simple and straight to the point, it covers well and isnt as sheer as i was expecting.  

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer 

For me, this is the winning product of the box. Out of all the beauty boxes i have tried and tested over the years i have never ever received this after lusting after it for so long and it coming up a few times. This is a 40ml sample size with the full size 250ml retail for £38 making this worth around £6. I am yet to try it, but i will be sure to have a review for you when i have. This is a pre shampoo treatment that claims to moisturise and nourish the hair.

Comfort Zone Cleansing Milk

I have never heard of Comfort Zone and im not the biggest cleansing milk fan, great start Sinead! However, I am willing to give most products a bash and you never know i might surprise myself! This is a full size product also that is 200ml and retails for £19.50 so a great beauty box find! 

Overall, I was pretty impressed with this months Glossybox. It includes 3 full size products so for a monthly, sample box this is pretty incredible. The products are worth just short of £50 so not bad for £10 a month. 

You can Sign up here.

Did you receive this months box? What are your thoughts?

Choosing The Right Engagement Ring

Hey lovelies,  

Maybe a little something for the men today? Or for you to be able to choose your dream ring or narrow down your choices? As I am yet to get a ring on my finger, believe me I am waiting, I came across a post from celebrity jeweller and founder of on the evolution of an engagement ring and what to look out for when choosing the right ring for you ( I thought this would fit right on in for

 * Style 
* Shape 
* Size 
* Comfort 
* Bespoke Design 
Choosing an engagement ring goes far beyond buying a symbolic piece of jewellery. Not only does it signify a trilogy of commitment, love and passion, its also a clear representation of individual style, personality and flair. With more and more celebrities getting married and flashing their impressive size rocks, it’s only natural to be confused when picking the right engagement ring for you. Although this decision can be nerve-racking, when selecting your engagement ring, it is essential that it represents a true reflection of you.  
Rest assure, this doesn’t need to be a stressful experience, as the right amount of knowledge will make this an enjoyable exercise.  
Vashi’s top SIX tips to choosing the right engagement ring for you. 
1. Style 
Your style is down to personal taste and there is no wrong or right way to empathise this in your engagement ring. Consider designs that you think will stand the test of time, especially if you think your taste is likely to change and evolve. Themed and/or coloured stones are definitely ones to consider especially when deciding between a more traditional or trend lead ring ( your research, and once you’ve narrowed it down, you can shop for the best quality ring and style that will have you glowing for years to come. 
2. Shape 
This is probably the hardest stage to decipher, since there are over 10 different diamond shapes to choose from. Solitaire and emerald cut diamonds are popular choices for engagement rings. Try on a few different styles to decide which shape suits you best and have fun deciding whether you’re an emerald-cut, solitaire or Princess-cut kind of girl.  
 3. Sizing 
When buying a diamond, it’s important that you’re knowledgeable on the magic carat weights. They are 1/2ct, 3/4ct, 1ct, 1.5ct, 2ct etc. 'Under-sizes' are diamonds that weigh just below a magic weight. If you’re looking for a bargain and are interested in choosing a 1ct diamond why not go for a 0.95cts, as there’s very little visual difference between the two, that even most jewellers wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Not to mention the additional bonus of saving up to 30%. Another factor to consider is re-sizing, as you may find over the years that your ring may become loose or tight. For this reason alone, it’s best to find a reputable retailer that offers re-sizing for free. we offer a lifetime warranty and free ring resizing.  
4. Comfort 
If you enjoy an active lifestyle or have a manual element in your work, you may want to opt for an engagement band that is robust, secure and doesn’t scratch easily. A diamond engagement ring with a huge stone looks fantastic, but you may find it uncomfortable in the long run especially if your day to day requires tremendous use of your hands. Stones that are not diamonds i.e. gemstones can be easily scratched or get caught in clothing. If you find that you have to remove your rings on a regular basis, you may wish to opt for a plain band, which can be easily replaced if you lose it. Ring bands range from white gold, platinum, and silver to yellow gold. Gold, whether in white or yellow, is the most popular and enduring choice. I recommend that you purchase a ring cast in gold purer than 18 carats, as 24 carat (minimum of 99%) gold is very soft - this can lead to quicker and more extensive damage and warping.   
5. Bespoke design 
Why not go the extra mile with a personalised and bespoke engagement ring. You will find many jewellers offer a bespoke service which is ideal for those who can’t decide. Don’t be shy to buy loose diamonds and work with your jeweller to create the perfect ring. The four Cs method (cut, clarity, colour and carat weight) is the perfect way to figure out your diamond preference. The brilliance of a diamond depends on its cut, the clarity refers to the amount of small imperfections within the diamond that affect its brilliance (in the world of diamonds, the clearer the better), the absence of colour allows a diamond to really sparkle, making it more desirable and the carat weight is the unit of weight by which the diamond is measured. The higher the carat weight, the bigger, and therefore more valuable the diamond. Another way to personalise your engagement ring, is to engrave it with a special message. 
 6. Budget 
Despite all the tales of how much an engagement ring should cost, the truth of the matter is every couple is different. I would recommend that you spend whatever feels right for you; however there is no need to start your marital life in debt. Prices tend to be cheaper for online purchases compared to retail stores. My advice would be to buy from a recognised and reputable brand as they will be able to support you in the future or offer additional services from years to come. 
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

ASOS Sale Haul

Hey ladies,

ASOS currently have a 'up to 70% off' sale going on and as it fell around the same time as payday. I thought it would be rude to not place a little order. Im not the biggest fan of the original ASOS line (am i missing out?) however i do love the fact that they stock River Island and New Look and use it pretty much for that.
Both items i purchased have been on my wishlist for quite some time, and are both New Look (surprise, surprise!) and both fit extremely well, which never ever happens for me so i was pretty impressed.
I have wanted this pale pink coat since the beginning of the year but at £55 i wasnt sure if it was very me and how much wear i would actually get out of it. However at £24 i just couldnt resist and even though the colour is quite spring like i think i will get a lot of wear out of it. Its quite thick and luxe and think it would love lovely over an all black outfit. I got this in the tall range (pretty much because it was cheaper and i am 5''9), so the arms are a little long and i find that they are slightly baggier than the rest of the body but for the price i cant complain.

My second purchase are these slim fit giraffe trousers which are now out of stock. I actually ordered these last month, to get an email a few days later saying that they were actually out of stock. They kept coming back in and out of stock on asos and i didnt want to repurchase just to be disapointed again so i get in touch with asos on twitter and they clarified that they wouldn't be back in stock. I left it a few weeks, they were still showing in stock so at £11 i went ahead and ordered them. I love giraffes, probably my most favourite animal and these are just love and fit perfectly. 

So for both £35 including free delivery when they retail for over £70 at full price, I cannot complain and i am one very happy lady.
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