Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sk:n Clinic Laser Tattoo Removal

I am a massive lover of tattoos, always have been however not sure i can say i always will be. Im 25 years old now and think tattoos on men and women can look incredible but at mid twenties most tattoos can be pulled off, however im not sure what they seem to look like as you get older. I have only one small tattoo, i would love more but to be honest i am a massive wimp and hate needles. I have a star tattoo (Extremely original) on my hip so granted isnt noticeable and of course is covered up 99% of the time. However, i was 16 at the time of getting it, and kind of got it on a whim because me and my boyfriend wanted matching tattoos (cringe!) and i wanted something relatively small and pain free, no thought or meaning behind it whatsoever. Since then, me and my then boyfriend have broke up, I have no idea if he still has this tattoo or got it covered up/removed but for me it does remind me of him on a pretty daily basis, and this isn't great nearly 2 years after the event. 

Sk:n clinic have been around for over 20 years and work with experienced doctors and staff in over 40 clinics across the country to help people feel better in their own skin and the way they look. They specialise in botox, laser hair removal, skin peels an laser tattoo removal which relates to the above.

I am not pretending to know a lot about Laser Tattoo removal as i have never had it or experienced it myself however for those looking into it Sk:n is reputable company with many years experience.There are many frequently asked questions and answers on the website and also customer reviews to read through so you can read the thoughts from people who have had the treatment themselves. You can book in a free consultation with a nurse to discuss price etc with prices starting from £55 for a very minor tattoo. 

For more information you can read up on the website here.

They have clinics across the country in most cities including London, Birmingham and Leeds.

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