Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Primark Chunky Caged Sandals

Good afternoon!
Its only me again! I'm on a bit of a roll again lately with blog posts and i'm thoroughly enjoying getting back into the swing of things! Although i should be packing i thought id write a post on these beauts!

I picked up these beautiful chunky sandals a few days ago from Primark for £14. I have a similar, real leather pair from tophop that are flat and i absolutely love them so knew that i needed to purchase these too. I have always loved this style chunky, caged sandal but at 5''9, probably closer to 5''10 i find it hard to pull off any kind of heeled shoe and tend to stick to flats. However, these Primark versions are possibly the smallest heel i've seen, at just over an inch high.
I've worn them twice already, both times with black skinny jeans that i have turned up at the bottom, as the sandals have two ankle straps so go a little higher up the leg. They are super comfy, I've had no problems with them whatsoever. They have a zip at the back so you don't have to undo the buckles each time, you can just slip them on. One of my favourite purchases of the minute (even if i am pretty late on this bandwagon!) 
I have seen a lot of people rocking the white pair too, i'm not sure if i'm that brave? I think i will probably stick with the more subtle of the two!

What are your thoughts on shoes like this?


  1. I've had my eye on a pair of these for so long! Heading to Primark asap!!! x

  2. I'm loving these bad boys! <3
    I’ve nominated you for The Beauty Blogger Of The Month! Here’s my post:

    Also check out Cecilias post to check out the rules and to be in with a chance to win Benefits They’re Real Push Up Liner!

    :) xx

  3. I love these but they never had my size in my local store :( I'm really surprised you still managed to pick a pair up as Primark stock changes so often and my store had these much earlier on in the year. They look great on you xx

  4. I really love caged sandals and awesome such a useful informational stuff.


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