Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Primark Chunky Caged Sandals

Good afternoon!
Its only me again! I'm on a bit of a roll again lately with blog posts and i'm thoroughly enjoying getting back into the swing of things! Although i should be packing i thought id write a post on these beauts!

I picked up these beautiful chunky sandals a few days ago from Primark for £14. I have a similar, real leather pair from tophop that are flat and i absolutely love them so knew that i needed to purchase these too. I have always loved this style chunky, caged sandal but at 5''9, probably closer to 5''10 i find it hard to pull off any kind of heeled shoe and tend to stick to flats. However, these Primark versions are possibly the smallest heel i've seen, at just over an inch high.
I've worn them twice already, both times with black skinny jeans that i have turned up at the bottom, as the sandals have two ankle straps so go a little higher up the leg. They are super comfy, I've had no problems with them whatsoever. They have a zip at the back so you don't have to undo the buckles each time, you can just slip them on. One of my favourite purchases of the minute (even if i am pretty late on this bandwagon!) 
I have seen a lot of people rocking the white pair too, i'm not sure if i'm that brave? I think i will probably stick with the more subtle of the two!

What are your thoughts on shoes like this?

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Updated Review: Benefit Brow Bar

Hello lovelies, 

Just over two years ago i did this post about my first ever experience at a Benefit brow bar. It was one of (and still is) my most popular posts to date so i thought after 25 months i'd give you a little update. I am also going to do an eyebrow story at some point so keep an eye out for that! 

This is me before my brow journey, and then after my first appointment where Adele showed how she wanted the end brow goal was. 
Look at those god awful brows to begin with! I dont know what i was ever thinking but honestly this may sound over the top but booking in at Benefit is one of the best things i have ever done! 

I am still going to Benefit for my eyerbows waxing, however i now visit the lovely Joelle in the Leeds City Centre Debenhams store and have been doing so for the past few months now. She is amazing and an absolute god send when it comes to brows and i have no need whatsoever to go elsewhere! I still go once a month and make it a little pay day treat although i don't get them tinted anymore, i just have a wax which is £11.50, an absolute bargain if you ask me.

If you can remember from my first post my eyebrows were absolutely shocking, over plucked, thin and in dire need of much attention. There was no arch, more of just a curve. Benefit worked wonders on them, tinted the fine hairs, waxed what they could, told me what to grow and filled them in to an amazing shape. After the first appointment i pretty much just grew and grew my eyebrows (pretty much one of the worst months of my life, even concealer (and lots of it!) wasn't covering those bad boys) but in the end it gave them lots to work with and helped perfect the perfect Benefit brow arch. 

So i kind of wanted to show you where i was at now brow wise. I had my brows waxed on Thursday and these pictures are from yesterday so 4 days later. As you can see with and without product in, i have started with a lot more hair than i had before and there is a definite arch. Even now, they still map your brows each visit, showing where they should start, arch and end even after all these months and just take so much care before, during and after your brows have been waxed, including applying creams and concealer afterwards to help with redness. 
As you can probably tell, above is my brow with no product just combed through and below is my brow filled in with the Benefit Brow zings powder in dark mixed with a little bit of the wax. What a difference two years makes hey? 
And a full snap of my face...
The ladies at Benefit do such a marvelous job and i honestly wouldn't go anywhere else. I recommend them to absolutely everybody i come across and have even converted lots of my friends to give them a whirl! 

As always, thank you for reading! And if you haven't already, get your brows booked in at a Benefit counter! You can thank me later!
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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Review: Primark £1 False Nails

Happy Weekend poppets!

Possibly the most boring title i have written in a while? Apologies for that one! I wanted to be straight to the point! 

I usually have acrylic nails done monthly but this time around i lliterally have my best friends hen do, my holiday and my best friends wedding practically one after the other over a two week period. I wanted something pretty bright for my holiday and obviously something much more muted like a french manicure for the wedding to go nicely with my dress.
Whilst in Manchester doing some pre hen do prep i popped into Manchester to do some last minute holiday shopping (always multi tasking me!) and spotted these £1 false nails near the till in a gorgeous bright pink coral colour, which kind of reminds me of Barry Ms Pink Flamingo which is one of my all time favourite shades. I have used Primark nails before in a classic french with white tip so i knew they were reasonable.
With most false nails, they last around 24 hours before one pings off, however having said that i have now had them on for 2 days and they are all still in tact! When i have them on i carry around the nail glue with me so i usually quickly pop it back on no fuss. The nails themselves are pretty short. I don't have long nails by any stretch of imagination but the thumb nail pretty much just reaches the top of my natural nail, however i find that this looks much more natural. 

I find that the one colour, glossy finish looks like a gel manicure and i don't find that they look too 'fake' whatsoever. For £1 they are absolutely perfect for the job and look quite realistic as they arent too long. 

The pack includes 24 nails a a nail glue, everything you need to apply them. Im pretty impressed myself, so much so i had to throw this review out!

Have you tried primarks false nails? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Summer Fashion Essentials: The Kimono

Hey girls,

As a larger lady (size 16-18) the Summer can be a bitttt of a nightmare (slight understatement maybe?) the problem is i absolutely love the sun and warm weather but hate baring my bingo wings for all to see. The perfect summer solution? The kimono! Luckily for me, kimonos are absolutely everywhere right now and well and truly bang on trend! Perfect hey! They are lightweight and easy to throw over pretty much anything and anything whilst still keeping me reasonably cool!

I have three, however i am always on the look out for more. Totally unplanned, but all of mine are actually from New Look. I think new look is pretty much right on point at the minute, and usually find that it pretty much is through Spring/Summer with gorgeous pastels and pretty florals. 
The first one i own is a black lightweight one that is a sort of semi sheer chiffon material with red and pink flowers covering it. It is from the Parsian range and can be bought here for £19.99.
The second one is black cotton with a crotchet cuff and hem however it is out of stock on the website. 
The third one i own is the same brand as the first one and i feel screams summer ever so slightly more than the other two and is a pale peach with a floral print. It can be bought here for £19.99

For reference, as the sheer ones have quite wide sleeves i was able to get a size 14 so they are slightly a bigger fit than normal.

Whats your thoughts on the kimono? Perfect Summer cover up?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Review: oNecklace Name Necklace

Hey lovelies,

I was recently sent a name necklace from 

They specialise in name and initial jewellery in particular necklaces but also stock rings, bracelets and earrings. I chose the 24k gold plated (as i already have a silver name necklace) name necklace in the Alegro font style, on a 18 inch box chain which you can find here. Although i feel for me personally, the 18inch is slightly too long as it sits below my collar bone and i should have probably opted for the 16inch chain (which is totally my fault as there is a size guide on the website!) nevertheless i still love it and have worn it on a fair few occasions. 

They are currently on sale for $48.95 which is roughly £29 an absolute steal i think for a personalised gold plated name necklace. Delivery was super speedy, espcially as they are a international company and best of all it is free shipping worldwide. So for less than £30 delivered i was pretty impressed! 
I now have my eye in this gold infinity necklace. Beautiful!

What do you think of personalised jewellery?

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sk:n Clinic Laser Tattoo Removal

I am a massive lover of tattoos, always have been however not sure i can say i always will be. Im 25 years old now and think tattoos on men and women can look incredible but at mid twenties most tattoos can be pulled off, however im not sure what they seem to look like as you get older. I have only one small tattoo, i would love more but to be honest i am a massive wimp and hate needles. I have a star tattoo (Extremely original) on my hip so granted isnt noticeable and of course is covered up 99% of the time. However, i was 16 at the time of getting it, and kind of got it on a whim because me and my boyfriend wanted matching tattoos (cringe!) and i wanted something relatively small and pain free, no thought or meaning behind it whatsoever. Since then, me and my then boyfriend have broke up, I have no idea if he still has this tattoo or got it covered up/removed but for me it does remind me of him on a pretty daily basis, and this isn't great nearly 2 years after the event. 

Sk:n clinic have been around for over 20 years and work with experienced doctors and staff in over 40 clinics across the country to help people feel better in their own skin and the way they look. They specialise in botox, laser hair removal, skin peels an laser tattoo removal which relates to the above.

I am not pretending to know a lot about Laser Tattoo removal as i have never had it or experienced it myself however for those looking into it Sk:n is reputable company with many years experience.There are many frequently asked questions and answers on the website and also customer reviews to read through so you can read the thoughts from people who have had the treatment themselves. You can book in a free consultation with a nurse to discuss price etc with prices starting from £55 for a very minor tattoo. 

For more information you can read up on the website here.

They have clinics across the country in most cities including London, Birmingham and Leeds.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

New Make Up Purchases

Hey girls, 

Its been a while since i've had a splurge on make up. Because i own so much make up and beauty products and typically have 2 or 3 of each product i very rarely run out, however when my high end base products run out (which usually happens at the same time!) i can tell the difference when i reach for different/cheaper products. I have repurchased these three products many many times, i have gone through countless bottles of NARS Sheer Glow and the MAC Mineralize skinfinish natural and i always, always come back to them. They are my absolute favourites and have been now for a good few years, pricey, but i recommend that to absolutely anyone that comes my way. I think this is the third time i have repurchased the Benefit Boi-ing. Theres a fair few concealers that i like, the Bobbi Brown creamy concealer is one of my faves as is the Benefit Fake Up (which i had last) so as i was making a ASOS order i went for the Boi-ing, but all three i rate highly! 

As im going on holiday at the end of the month (I bet you're sick of me banging on about this now!) I opted for slightly darker shades that i would usually tend to go for, not massively though as i can always darken with bronzer. Its also worth the new packaging of the MAC MSF, it now comes in a black compact with a mirror, so definitely an added bonus with the same amount of product as before, im impressed!
NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Medium 2 Santa Fe (£30.50)
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus (£23)
Benefit Boi-ing Concealer Medium 2 (£17.50) 
It pains me when all three base products run out at the same time as its over £70 each time, wowsers! And to be quite honest with you, they dont even last me that long to be honest, but the amount of times i have repurchased each just shows how in love with them i am, believe me i have tried cheaper alternatives but they just dont cut it with me. 

Have you tried any of these products? Any foundation/concealer/powder recommendations?
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Monday, 7 July 2014

Review: Ray Ban Sunglasses & GIVEAWAY!

Hello lovelies,

As the sun is shining i thought i would write up my post...and giveaway of these stunning Ray Ban Cats 1000*. 

When browsing the Sunglasses Shop website these Ray Bans caught my eye instantly! I love the cat eye, from experience i know that they suit my rather rounded face shape wonderfully, and i chose the light havana colour as i feel that they are a little softer on my face to black. They retail for £113 on the Sunglasses shop website which for me i think is a pretty reasonable price for a pair of designer sunglasses and is definitely on the cheaper side of money I've spent on glasses. Every year i treat myself to a new pair of shades, last year was the year of the Ray Ban wayfarers and as much as i still love and cherish them, i fancied something slightly different. 
Im not sure how much these actually suit me, i think my face may be slightly too big for them but nevertheless i know i will get a lot of wear out of them when i go to Morocco at the end of the month.
I am also giving away a pair of these sunglasses courtesy of the Sunglasses shop. Sunglasses shop are a UK website that specialise in authentic designer sunglasses from many brands for both men and women. They also offer free UK delivery.

You can enter up to 4 times. Liking Sunglasses shop on Facebook is mandatory as they are supplying the prize. An additional three entries can be had my following me on twitter or liking my page on facebook or subscribing to the Sunglasses Shop Youtube Channel. The giveaway is open now and lasts 2 weeks so will end on the 21st July, perfect time for your summer holiday! Good luck!
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