Sunday, 2 February 2014


Happy Sunday sweetpeas!
I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend!
This is the third year in a row that me and Carla have had a little weekend away in Whitby. This weekend was a bit of a impromptu visit (as was the first one thinking about it) as we were invited by my Mum and partner. Sometimes I love a last minute, spontaneous trip especially to one of my favourite places to visit in the UK.
I have well and truly fallen in love with Whitby. I must admit the breath-taking views and quant shops along with the amazing company have got me through some extremely hard times in life and the memories will stay with me forever.
Today we went back to one of my favourite eating places in Whitby, Jumpin Jacks diner which is your typical American diner. I opted for a banana milkshake and all day breakfast which was pretty amazing.
Me and Carla in the arcades/Banana milkshake/Writing on the beach
Me obviously loving life/Me and Carla in bed/Whitby Pier
View on the beach/Jumpin' Jacks Diner/Me and Carla at the Jaw Bones
My best friend/Whitby Abbey/In the car
Gorgeous day/Me and Carla on the beach/Whitby souvenir
View of the Pier from the beach/Gorgeous Carla/Me and my mummy at the Jaw Bones 

I've had a wonderful couple of days of sightseeing, shopping, taking lots of photos, arcades, drinks and even playing on the beach. Lots of memories have again been made.
Even though the weather has been truly awful recently we were pretty lucky and it only really rained on Saturday night. The days were cold and quite windy but the sun was shining. Perfect!

Overall, such a wonderful weekend spent with my best friend and mummy. How have you spent your weekend?
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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend!!
    Whitby is a gorgeous place....I haven't been for years x

  2. Love your look! Amazing!
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  3. I loved seeing these pictures on instagram over the weekend. Looks like you and Carlito had a fab time! :) xx

  4. Looks like a fab weekend. My parents often visit Whitby but I have never fancied it, think I may tag along next time xxx


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