Thursday, 28 November 2013

Winter Wishlist

Hi lovelies!
I think you all know I love a good wishlist post, theres always something that i'm lusting after! I thought that it was about time I put together a winter wishlist post of the things i'm wanting this season!
I think that this season its about time I invested in a nice pair of wellies (you don't even want to know what autocorrect tried changing that to!) Ive always thought I wouldn't get a lot of wear out of them but I could bring them out year on year! Plus I have huge calves which isn't ideal when finding wellies! However I have found these gorgeous wellies that are shorter than a usual pair of wellies and have a buckle so they can be adjusted around the calf/ankle, perfect!
Im such a fan of floral dresses, all year round and not just in the summer. I love this one from River Island which comes in at a bargain of £25. I think with the black background you can definitely get away with it in winter and the floral pattern is quite subtle.
New Look is a store that is bursting with items I want to get my hands on at this minute, I am in love with this black and gold shift dress that has a gorgeous necklace attached. I think it would be perfect for a Christmas party! And what an affordable price of £22.99!
Again from new look, in theme with the previous item is this dark red shift dress with necklace detail. It currently has money off too and is a little less than £20 which I think is incredible. Bare legs and heels would make this the ideal party outfit!

I love a good leather sleeve combo on a jacket and this light brown trench coat from River Island has really taken my fancy! I think it is reasonably priced at £85, however is similar to one I purchased from Primark for a even more reasonable £25, so I doubt I would go ahead and splurge on this one!

What are you lusting after at this time of year?
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