Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Jaeger Posey Tote Bag

Jager is not a brand that I am overly familiar with but having my daily online shopping browse this morning on the John Lewis website I came across this handbag that I thought would be extremely work appropriate.
Its the Jaeger Posey Tote Bag, in navy although its quite a dark navy bordering black which I love and it also has gold hardware and accents which I think compliment's the shade perfectly. I love the lock and key detail that it has on one strap and I think it is simple, yet chic and wouldn't date.
At £199.99 its not the cheapest of handbags I must admit, but you know my love affair of handbags and expensive ones at that so quite 'cheap' in comparison to the Louis Vuitton's and Vivienne Westwood that I already own! Plus its leather, has a long handle so would be perfect to throw over my shoulder and to justify, I don't actually own a tote/shoulder bag. I honestly think I'm sold!
I think it looks so elegant and the leather looks to die for! I need to go see it for myself in person!
What are your thoughts? Is Jaeger a brand you by from?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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  1. Such a nice bag, it would go with any outfit!x

  2. I've never shopped there, it's definitely out of my price range but what a gorgeous bag! xx

  3. Well out of my price range as well, but if I ever have enough gift money then I'd definitely buy this! Gorgeous :)



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