Monday, 26 August 2013

Guest Post: Top Buys for Ultimate Body Confidence

It’s impossible to look good unless you feel good too – and there’s nothing quite like stepping out in a brand new outfit that flatters your shape to make you feel like a million dollars. Whether you’ve got an important event coming up or just want a wardrobe overhaul, check out this selection of the ultimate body confidence boosting buys. 
Dresses with Sleeves
Unless you're Michelle Obama, chances are you spend a lot of time wishing your arms were just a little more toned. Dresses with sleeves effortlessly provide cover  and best of all, we live in exactly the right climate to justify them.
As Lynda Bellingham says: “Arm cover that doesn’t compromise my sense of style is key. I feel more self-assured when my arms have a certain amount of cover.” Sleeved dresses often look more ladylike than strapless and shoulder-baring styles, so keep things sophisticated with floating fabrics that soften your arms and intricate embellishments that draw the eye to your neckline and wrists. 
Ballet Flats and Wedge Heels
Sensible shoes can make you feel outdated, so ballet flats are ideal for women who want to be comfortable and practical but still stylish. As much as we may love our heels, there's no denying the elegance of a simple and versatile flat, whether you wear them with skinny jeans or with a black cocktail dress à la Holly Golightly. 
If you feel the need for a bit of height without sacrificing comfort, wedge heels are a great alternative to both ballet flats and high heels. You'll get the same sway in your step that stilettos provide, but without the pain - or the risk of snapping a heel!
Statement Accessories
Statement accessories help brighten up and balance an outfit, drawing attention away from problem areas. They’re also great for dabbling with more daring fabrics in a controlled way, especially if you're a bit wary of all-over neon or leopard print. Carol Vorderman suggests wearing an animal-print accessory to add a pop of colour and liven up your usual look.
Ultimately, it's about finding those clothes that not only suit your shape, but that you really love. When you feel like doing a celebratory dance in front of the fitting room mirror, you'll know you're on to a confidence boosting winner. 
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