Thursday, 15 August 2013

Dress Down...Thursday?

Hello lovelies!
Forget the usual dress down Friday, its the school summer holidays for me which means everyday is a casual day.
I love converse, always have and I think I always will. They are comfortable and most people pull them off so effortlessly and look amazing in them. Being a bigger girl, I find it just a little bit harder to make them look as good! I did try though! Mine are the white (and believe me I keep them white, white!) All Star Ox Shoes.
As I only got back from holiday last week (Turkey if you're wondering - would anyone be interested in a instagram/picture blog post of this? Please let me know if you would!) My legs are still pretty tanned, which is quite an achievement for me I must say, which meant I took advantage of this! So I threw on my trusty cream floral dress from primark and my white Converse from Surfdome which you can see here.
I actually got the inspiration for this outfit from the ITV2 programme Girlfriends which second season started last night and one of the girls was rocking this. I like it, I think its cute and perfect for casual, comfy days when you don't have many plans.
I must say, its felt so, so good writing this blog post and I really should get back into the swing of regular posting. Admittedly life has gotten in the way, so much more than I should let it. But things are going to change!
As always thanks for reading lovelies and sticking by me, it means a lot!
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  1. love the dress!

    My Beauty & Lifestyle Blog :

  2. I love the white converse look :) I think I am going to buy some.
    Id love to see a holiday pic post

  3. I watched Girlfriends too and wanted to copy this look! I have pink converse but need to get my hand on a white pair!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. It made me so god damn happy to see your post come up! xx

  5. Love this outfit, can never go wrong with converse!

    Chloe xxxx

  6. Love the idea of a denim shirt over the floral dress :) x


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