Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Bargain Boots!

Hello lovelies,

Although mid-August I'm really starting to get excited for winter and the colder months, especially now my holiday is over and done with! I always tend to leave boot shopping way too late in the year and there's never anything I like left in stores when I finally do get round to it! This time around I've decided to start early, and I'm already on the hunt for the perfect pair of winter boots! Usual criteria is a dark colour, usually black and quite a small heel.
I was scoping on the New Look website and found these beauties that are a bargain of £35 down from £69.99, this is why sometimes I also think it pays off to shop early! In the summer months you can get some amazing deals and discounts on clothes and shoes when bought out of season. I love the black real leather and chunky heel. Only problem for me is at 3 inches and 5''9 they are just a little too high! Still might try scope them out and find them in store for a little try on sesh, for that price it would be rude not to! You would expect to pay so much more for a pair of real leather boots!
What would you pair them with? I'm still on the hunt for perfect winter boots!
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  1. That's a great deal! I found a site called Next2Nowt.com and it sells high street clothes on behalf of others - kind of like ebay but without bidding if that makes any sense! Literally just bought a pair of Topshop flat Chelsea boots for £18 instead of £62 with barely any signs of wear :) might be good to check out! xx


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