Monday, 26 August 2013

Guest Post: Top Buys for Ultimate Body Confidence

It’s impossible to look good unless you feel good too – and there’s nothing quite like stepping out in a brand new outfit that flatters your shape to make you feel like a million dollars. Whether you’ve got an important event coming up or just want a wardrobe overhaul, check out this selection of the ultimate body confidence boosting buys. 
Dresses with Sleeves
Unless you're Michelle Obama, chances are you spend a lot of time wishing your arms were just a little more toned. Dresses with sleeves effortlessly provide cover  and best of all, we live in exactly the right climate to justify them.
As Lynda Bellingham says: “Arm cover that doesn’t compromise my sense of style is key. I feel more self-assured when my arms have a certain amount of cover.” Sleeved dresses often look more ladylike than strapless and shoulder-baring styles, so keep things sophisticated with floating fabrics that soften your arms and intricate embellishments that draw the eye to your neckline and wrists. 
Ballet Flats and Wedge Heels
Sensible shoes can make you feel outdated, so ballet flats are ideal for women who want to be comfortable and practical but still stylish. As much as we may love our heels, there's no denying the elegance of a simple and versatile flat, whether you wear them with skinny jeans or with a black cocktail dress à la Holly Golightly. 
If you feel the need for a bit of height without sacrificing comfort, wedge heels are a great alternative to both ballet flats and high heels. You'll get the same sway in your step that stilettos provide, but without the pain - or the risk of snapping a heel!
Statement Accessories
Statement accessories help brighten up and balance an outfit, drawing attention away from problem areas. They’re also great for dabbling with more daring fabrics in a controlled way, especially if you're a bit wary of all-over neon or leopard print. Carol Vorderman suggests wearing an animal-print accessory to add a pop of colour and liven up your usual look.
Ultimately, it's about finding those clothes that not only suit your shape, but that you really love. When you feel like doing a celebratory dance in front of the fitting room mirror, you'll know you're on to a confidence boosting winner. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Jaeger Posey Tote Bag

Jager is not a brand that I am overly familiar with but having my daily online shopping browse this morning on the John Lewis website I came across this handbag that I thought would be extremely work appropriate.
Its the Jaeger Posey Tote Bag, in navy although its quite a dark navy bordering black which I love and it also has gold hardware and accents which I think compliment's the shade perfectly. I love the lock and key detail that it has on one strap and I think it is simple, yet chic and wouldn't date.
At £199.99 its not the cheapest of handbags I must admit, but you know my love affair of handbags and expensive ones at that so quite 'cheap' in comparison to the Louis Vuitton's and Vivienne Westwood that I already own! Plus its leather, has a long handle so would be perfect to throw over my shoulder and to justify, I don't actually own a tote/shoulder bag. I honestly think I'm sold!
I think it looks so elegant and the leather looks to die for! I need to go see it for myself in person!
What are your thoughts? Is Jaeger a brand you by from?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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Bargain Boots!

Hello lovelies,

Although mid-August I'm really starting to get excited for winter and the colder months, especially now my holiday is over and done with! I always tend to leave boot shopping way too late in the year and there's never anything I like left in stores when I finally do get round to it! This time around I've decided to start early, and I'm already on the hunt for the perfect pair of winter boots! Usual criteria is a dark colour, usually black and quite a small heel.
I was scoping on the New Look website and found these beauties that are a bargain of £35 down from £69.99, this is why sometimes I also think it pays off to shop early! In the summer months you can get some amazing deals and discounts on clothes and shoes when bought out of season. I love the black real leather and chunky heel. Only problem for me is at 3 inches and 5''9 they are just a little too high! Still might try scope them out and find them in store for a little try on sesh, for that price it would be rude not to! You would expect to pay so much more for a pair of real leather boots!
What would you pair them with? I'm still on the hunt for perfect winter boots!
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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Dress Down...Thursday?

Hello lovelies!
Forget the usual dress down Friday, its the school summer holidays for me which means everyday is a casual day.
I love converse, always have and I think I always will. They are comfortable and most people pull them off so effortlessly and look amazing in them. Being a bigger girl, I find it just a little bit harder to make them look as good! I did try though! Mine are the white (and believe me I keep them white, white!) All Star Ox Shoes.
As I only got back from holiday last week (Turkey if you're wondering - would anyone be interested in a instagram/picture blog post of this? Please let me know if you would!) My legs are still pretty tanned, which is quite an achievement for me I must say, which meant I took advantage of this! So I threw on my trusty cream floral dress from primark and my white Converse from Surfdome which you can see here.
I actually got the inspiration for this outfit from the ITV2 programme Girlfriends which second season started last night and one of the girls was rocking this. I like it, I think its cute and perfect for casual, comfy days when you don't have many plans.
I must say, its felt so, so good writing this blog post and I really should get back into the swing of regular posting. Admittedly life has gotten in the way, so much more than I should let it. But things are going to change!
As always thanks for reading lovelies and sticking by me, it means a lot!
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