Thursday, 30 May 2013

Music Magpie

Hello lovelies,
I have been a fan of selling websites such as Ebay for a long time and usually sell items that were an expensive impulse buy that I have never used, clothes I have bought and never go on to wear or items I just simply no longer use! However, the fees I find are sometimes extortionate especially for more expensive items (which is usually what I list on ebay!)
Whilst searching for alternatives, I recently came across the Music Magpie website. Although the name suggests its a website where you sell CDs you can now sell clothes, electronics, DVDs and games.
For CDs, DVDs and games all you need to do is enter the barcode of the product and simply click get value. For clothes enter the brand and type of garment, such as 'River Island Cardigan' then fill in the size, colour and material form and then Music Magpie offer you a price on each item you list.
I think its a fantastic website if you have got a lot of items that you want to get rid of as the total will quickly add up! It is simple, quick and easy to use. For clothes and CDs there is a minimum of 10 items per order and a maximum of 500 so you can make quite a bit of money!
Another massive plus point of Music Magpie for me is that you can send all your items to them for free either using their free courier service or free send service. How amazing is that? Especially with the price it costs to post things these days!
So that's it, I think I have banged on about how much I love the Music Magpie website way too much! I am off to list some of the old clothes that are still hanging up in my wardrobe that no longer fit!
Have you ever used the Music Magpie website before? What are your thoughts? I would love to know!


  1. I've used this website a few times for dvds and while they don't give you a lot of money per item it's definitively a good way of reducing the amount of stuff you have. I didn't know they do clothes though, definitely going to have a sort out :-)

  2. LOL i did my entire collect & only got £8! sad times! x

  3. 'While searching for alternatives'? More like when they said they would pay you to talk about them. I followed you because I liked your beauty posts not because I want my feed to be filled with sponsored crap. Please stick to the beauty stuff!

  4. I was going to do this for clothes but found it worked out better for me to use clothes for cash where you can add accessories, bags and shoes and get paid by the kilo. I might try it for some DVDs and things though. I love using too. :)

  5. This sounds like a great idea, its true that Ebay can be so expensive and postage these days is ridiculous! xx

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  6. Hey! Ive used music magpie alot and I love it! I find it much easier and cheaper then Ebay actually. Id just like to say I love your blog its amazing and you are an amazing blogger! You seem so passionate, ive looked through all of your posts and I really enjoy reading them!

    Just thought I should let you know haha!

  7. Thanks for letting me know about the website for electronics, DVDs and CDs. As well as all of the clothes which we have but will never use for whatever reason. It does cost a lot of money to post items for sure as well as using a courier service, it can be really expensive.

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