Wednesday, 19 September 2012

JolieBox August 2012

Hey guys,

I know that im a teensy little bit late on this one! My sincere apologies! My reasons are was that i was away until the first week of September so i have only just got around to it!

This months box was a special edition box by Timai Hua and if im correct there was 5 different colours that you could have received. This months box contained 4 products plus a extra Joliebox product.
I must admit i was quite confused when i first saw these (it doesnt take much!) As i thought they were little actual soaps inside each tube but infact it is a liquid soap. I received three small samples in this months box: unscented baby-mild, citrus orange and 18-in-1 peppermint. I have read some reviews saying that these beauties have taken over their current shower gel and face wash so i am so intrigued to give them a try! Prices for full size are also pretty reasonable too! 
♥ Phil Smith Be Gorgeous - Dry Shampoo ♥
I love hair care products in beauty boxes and i seriously do use dry shampoo on uite a regular basis so was happy to see this little travel size of Phil Smith be gorgeous revitalising dry shampoo in this months box. Its for all hair types and promises to give 'instantly clean, fresh hair'. Sold! This is a 75ml spray can and retails for £2.99.
♥ So Susan Cosmetics - Wide Awake Face Palette ♥
For the second time in one day, i was confused again and had to take to twitter! I have used this product before but it wasnt by So Susan it was by Jelly Pong Pong! I then found out that Susan is the lady that owns Jelly Pong Pong so that kind of explains it but im still unsure of why? Anyway this is the wide awake face palette that i actually reviewed here hence why i havent gone into picture overload! The packaging and everything is identical the only difference is the name. It contains a highlighting and illuminating cream as well as a eyebrow sculptor. This palette retails for £15.00.
♥ So Susan Cosmetics - Lip Cushion ♥
Another product by So Susan and this time in the form of a Lip Cushion. I must admit i really do like the outer packaging from this range! I should also add that the box is absolutely massive to say how teensy the product is. I received the shade crush and although it smells incredible it reminds me of something that i would wear when i was in primary school as it is a sheer glittery pink in a little plastic compact. You can buy the lip cushion for £6.
♥ Joliebox - Leather Hair Styling Lace ♥
It may just be me but i dont really get this product. Its a leather hair lace in a burgandy colour to create different updo's but unfortunately this isnt for me.
Overall, I think the August Joliebox was a good box, although quite average. The stand out product for me was probably the dry shampoo as i know this is something i will actually use and enjoy (as much as you can enjoy a dry shampoo!) However i am really excited to try the Dr Bronner Pure-Castile soap - i really hope i get on with them! The products in the box retail for around £25 so even after paying £10 per month you have still got your moneys worth.

What did you think to this months box? What was the stand out product for you?
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  1. love the look of this box!! its odd how the lip cushion and palette were branded as so susan, even though its still jelly pong pong online :S xx

  2. I love the little bags you get with this box. So many uses!

    Emma x.x.x

  3. What exactly is the Joliebox thing?? I've seen many posts about it, but I don't know what it is! It looks really cool.

  4. Looks like a good box, the cut by fred thing is super weird, a friend bought me one and I still haven't got the hang of it x

  5. Never heard of Joliebox,but it looks like a good box of goodies. =}

    BTW~ I've nominated you for the blog award. (>‿♥)

  6. Absolutely love your blog!

    This box is amazing - what a great review of all the products!

    Now a follower, please check out The Fashion Armoire and return the follow :)


  7. Just found your blog and love it! :)


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