Monday, 10 September 2012

Japonesque Safari Chic Kabuki and Brush Set

Hey guys,

I am a massive fan of the Japonesque brushes and have already done a couple of reviews on the blog before (part one part two) however when i received the Japonesque Safari Chic collection i simply couldnt resist sharing! What i love more than anything about Japonesque is that even though a lot of their brushes have shorter handles and are travel friendly they never scrimp in quality or size and the brush heads are the same as the pro range. 
Leopard and animal print lovers are sure to love the Japonesque Safari Chic (very fitting name!) collection! It comes in two parts: the Brush set that contains a powder brush and two eye brushes (shadow and crease) that comes in a pouch, and also a Kabuki brush. I'm hoping that at some point in the not too distant future they will extend the collection as i just love it! I know that some may find the leopard print a little tacky but for me i personally love it, they are not cheap brushes and the quality is amazing leopard print or not. 
The shadow brush from the set is quite large and extremely dense so perfect for packing on colour all over the lid, i find that the handles are also a great size to get a good grip on and dont feel too fiddly or small. Out of the set the powder brush is the definite winner, it has a good sized brush head, is super soft and has a chunky handle.
The Kabuki brush is my favourite out of them all, it is just so soft, has a dome shaped round brush head and feels amazing, i literally cant stop stroking my face with it!.  I should also add that these brushes are synthetic so also animal friendly which is most definitely a bonus! 

In the UK the Japonesque Safari Chic Brush Set is available to buy from HQ Hair here for £28 and the Kabuki brush available to buy here for £19.50.
If you are in the US Japonesque is available to buy from Ulta for $22 and $29.95 respectfully.

What do you think of the Safari Chic Range? Or Japonesque brushes in general?
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  1. I have never tried Japanesque, but those brushes do look pretty darn cool! xxx

  2. I have the Japonesque Eyebrow brush (think its no 840) and it is amazing, transforms my brows instantly. The Safari set is gorgeous, I will be adding it to my wishlist! Or even christmas list :S!!

    Rachel from x

  3. not tried the set but the little bronzer brush is lovely!

    Beauty Butterfly Blog

  4. lovely ur brush so cute ,want it but at my country not fund :(

    btw this is my blog,check dear -->

  5. These look so amazing and I love the design on them. I need them in my life... added to my wishlist xx

  6. The kabuki brush is so cute I really want it! such a different brush set :)


  7. Ooooh, I love them!

  8. there so cool xx

  9. These are absolutely gorgeous, I love the kabuki brush! I'm a sucker for animal prints so I was always going to love these haha!

    Jesss xo

  10. They are so cute, I would be worried about ruining the lovely print though :-)


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