Sunday, 9 September 2012

August Advertisers

Hello everyone,

Im sure by now you will have noticed the advertising of some lovely blogs in the sidebar of my blog as this is something new i introduced starting in August. I am offering advertising each month for £5 for the duration of each month which also includes a blog post introducing your blog/business. 

I know i am super duper late with this post but i have been away! 

Amy - Posey Rosey Beauty

Amy is the writer of the wonderfully laid out beauty blog Posey Rosey Beauty. I especially love reading her every day make up posts and her hauls! She also writes very informative and thorough review posts along with amazing dupe posts. 

Callooh and Callay

Im sure a lot of you have heard of Lillian from Funny Faces Place? Well Callooh and Callay is her jewellery website that specialises in fine, acrylic jewellery based around their own obsessions of circuses, animals and pop culture. I love the circus themed layout and all products are easy to find and view with crisp clear pictures of both the product and what it looks like when its worn. Prices are extremely reasonable too starting from $11 and going up to $40. You can also request custom pieces and they ship anywhere in the world!  

Lori - Lola Loves

Lori is a lipstick lover and makeup artist from Lola Loves has an absolutely stunning Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blog that has a beautiful layout that i am highly envious of! Not to mention is she simply stunning! She has also just recently dabbled into the world of youtube with her first video being Whats In My Bag (one of my favourites!) 

Emma - Flossies Beauty Love

Emma is the gorgeous writer of the beauty blog Flossies Beauty Love as well as her youtube channel with the same name. She has such informative posts and reviews as well a stunning FOTD's, I especially love her most recent Marilyn Monroe inspired post that includes her hair, make up and outfit! 

Thalia - Fashion Galaxies

Thalias blog was a new find for me but nevertheless a good find! She is the writer of  the fashion and beauty blog Fashion Galaxies and her  galaxy themed header and background fit in perfectly with the name of her blog. She posts a lot of outift posts (some of my absolute favourites to read!) especially her blog post full of Majorca holiday outfits as well as nail and haul posts. 

Summer - Nothin Fancy Really

Summer is the absolutely stunning writer of Nothin Fancy really, one of my new favourite blogs that focusses on fashion, beauty, books and perfume. Her outfit posts are simply beautiful taken in such picturesque settings and she has hair to die for and not to mention perfect nails! 

Rachel - A Pretty Obsession

Rachel is the writer of the beauty blog A Pretty Obsession who actually advertised her online jewellery beauty Obsessed Jewellery which you can find here although it is closed currently for maintenance but hopefully it will be back up again soon! She sells costume jewellery including rings and necklaces for such reasonable prices! Definitely worth checking out! 

I am a little late with September advertising but i will be back with October advertising so if any of you are interested you can email me at or tweet me here.
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  1. Thank you so much Sinead, this post is lovely!!! xxxxx

  2. thank you, i love these posts because i always find lots of new blogs


  3. Such a lovely post! Thank you for saying such nice things! X

  4. Thanks for sharing lovely bloggers, because of you I found some more favourite bloggers! I really enjoy reading blogs, and every day I find wonderful ones and it makes me happy!

    I've got a beauty blog too but don't have many followers yet as I just started a few months ago and had no idea how to gain followers...but I hope some people enjoy my posts too just like I enjoy the others'!

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

  5. just saw this, thank you so much for saying such lovely things, and for having my ad up for a month :) really appreciate it xxxx


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