Sunday, 30 September 2012

Glossybox September 2012 - Rising Star Beauty Products

Hello lovelies, 

So im finally up to date with monthly beauty boxes and received this months Glossybox a couple of days ago! Its a special edition box exclusively designed by illustrator Maggie Li. I think it looks stunning! This months box has seriously won me over and i am happy with everything i received! I know i mention a lot of beauty boxes on my blog but Glossybox really does have my heart and its one of my favourites. 
♥ Lady Gaga - Fame Perfume Sample ♥
Perfume samples, love them or hate them they do come in handy and let us smell new fragrances that we may not have looked twice at in store! I have actually whiffed Fame in the US and really did love it although not enough to purchase at the time, so i am glad to have a little 1.2ml sample size that i can cart around with me in my handbag! 
 ♥ Rodial - Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 Minute Facial ♥
Rodial is a brand i have heard so much about but never actually tried. I received 2 samples of the Glamoxy snake serum which claims to help reduce the appearance of frown lines and winkles whereas the 5 minute facial, which i also received 2 samples of is a triple action resurfacing gommage clay mask. I do love a good clay mask! The snake serum is £29 for 10x1ml samples and the 5 minute facial is £10.95 for 10x1ml samples.
♥ Balance Me - Wonder Eye Cream ♥
I actually received this eye cream free with glamour magazine a couple of months ago however i lost it pretty much immediately so i am glad to have another one in this months box as its full size and retails for £20! This has rave reviews from other beauty blogger and claims to soothe tired eye, smooth away dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines. 
♥ Olay - Wrinkle Relaxing Complex
This is a diddy sample size of the Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex that claims to instantly help smooth the look of fine lines and over time to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I am getting to the age where i am worrying about fine lines so looking forward to trying this sample although a little pricey at £29.99 for 50ml but if it works miracles i wouldnt mind the splurge! I have enough for a handful of applications with this sample. 
♥ Loreal Professionnel - Mythic Oil ♥
I really have saved the best until last! I know that mythic oil has been in previous Glossyboxes but i have never actually received it so i squelled when i saw it hiding under the tissue as i have wanted to try this for so long and have been close to purchasing it many times! It now comes in four different oils and i received the original one. Its a full size 125ml product that retails for £15.95.
I do feel like this box is slightly skincare orientated as 3 our of the 5 products are to fight fine lines and wrinkles however there is also a good hair and fragrance mix too. This is one of my favourite glossyboxes for a few months and the standout product for me is without a doubt the mythic oil! I do love a good hair product!

Did you receive this months Glossybox? What products did you receive?

You can join up here.
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Saturday, 29 September 2012

NOTD: Paint Your Pinkie Pink With Nails Inc

Hello lovelies, 

Sorry i have been MIA recently, ive had lots going on in my personal life at the minute. 

In the UK one in eight women will be affected by breast cancer in her lifetime and every year around 48,000 and 340 men are diagnosed with the disease. Every month 1000 women die of breast cancer.
Fronted by Sugababe Heidi Range, nails inc. and Breast Cancer Campaign have joined forces to encourage both women and men to ‘paint your pinkie pink’ to raise awareness and vital funds to support the work of Breast Cancer Campaign’s Tissue Bank.Celebrities, customers and staff will all be encouraged to Paint your Pinkie Pink. Jessie J, Russell Brand and Matthew Williamsonwill all be painting their pinkies this October.
Nails Inc have started the 'Paint your pinkie pink' for Breast Cancer Awareness in October. They have released a limited edition pink nail glitter 'pinkie pink' that is available to buy now for £11. £1 from all sales will be donated to the breast cancer campaign. Nails Inc have a fundraising target of £50,000 to donate to the charity. 

The nail polish is absolutely gorgeous and right up my street! It is a gorgeous pink glitter that is opaque within 2 coats although here i have layered it over Essies Off The Shoulder from the 2012 Summer Collection. 

How you can get involved:
Paint your Pinkie Pink - we would be delighted if you would consider ‘painting your pinkie pink’ for Breast Cancer Campaign.
Tweet @nailsinc and tag your picture with #Pinkiepink
-          Email your photos to  - we are creating a giant Pinterest board featuring all of your images. They will also be added to our Facebook site and twitter. Whether it is a hand shot or one of you in Poppy’s pose, we want to see your pink pinkies!
For more information visit the Nails Inc website.
What do you think? Are you going to get on board with paint your pinkie pink?
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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Hairdressers: Love Them Or Hate Them?

Hi lovelies, 

A bit of a hair topic today! I must admit, I have a bit of a hairdresser phobia as i have always pined for luscious long locks and really don't want my hair chopping at all no matter how much it is in need of a good cut! My hair seems to get to a certain length, just above my bust and then stops! I always fear that going for your hair cut is make or break and that they may take a little off and you will love it or they may take too much off and you will instantly hate it! 
Current length of my hair
I know they say that you should have your haircut every 6 weeks but shamefully (and please dont judge, although i wouldnt blame you if you did!) I actually haven't had my hair cut for well over a year now (Maybe even verging on to a year and a half!) and even then it was just a teensy ends trim that i did myself, purely because i am yet to find a hairdresser that i trust 100%! The ends of my hair and dry and damaged and no matter how many hair masks or oils i use, i know that the split ends are hiding underneath. Also, because i have a accidental ombre going on at the minute as im trying to grow my previous colour out, the ends are obviously lighter which instantly highlights just how in need of a cut i am!
I did have an amazing hairdresser that i had from around 16 to 21 but she left to teach students at college, yes she was that good! Since then i have been in a bit of a rut and yet to find, or really even give another hair salon a go.

I have been toying with the idea of finding a hairdressers in London maybe one that is owned by a professional hairdresser? I do love fancy and dont mind paying a bit extra for a good service! But i am yet to decide on a place! Does anyone have any recommendations? I would be highly grateful! One that uses salon software and doesn't jot down your appointment on a bit of paper! 

So, are you a salon lover or hater? I think for me i just havent found the perfect one! I love been pampered but still want long, hair while im at it! How often do you visit the hair salon?
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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

JolieBox August 2012

Hey guys,

I know that im a teensy little bit late on this one! My sincere apologies! My reasons are was that i was away until the first week of September so i have only just got around to it!

This months box was a special edition box by Timai Hua and if im correct there was 5 different colours that you could have received. This months box contained 4 products plus a extra Joliebox product.
I must admit i was quite confused when i first saw these (it doesnt take much!) As i thought they were little actual soaps inside each tube but infact it is a liquid soap. I received three small samples in this months box: unscented baby-mild, citrus orange and 18-in-1 peppermint. I have read some reviews saying that these beauties have taken over their current shower gel and face wash so i am so intrigued to give them a try! Prices for full size are also pretty reasonable too! 
♥ Phil Smith Be Gorgeous - Dry Shampoo ♥
I love hair care products in beauty boxes and i seriously do use dry shampoo on uite a regular basis so was happy to see this little travel size of Phil Smith be gorgeous revitalising dry shampoo in this months box. Its for all hair types and promises to give 'instantly clean, fresh hair'. Sold! This is a 75ml spray can and retails for £2.99.
♥ So Susan Cosmetics - Wide Awake Face Palette ♥
For the second time in one day, i was confused again and had to take to twitter! I have used this product before but it wasnt by So Susan it was by Jelly Pong Pong! I then found out that Susan is the lady that owns Jelly Pong Pong so that kind of explains it but im still unsure of why? Anyway this is the wide awake face palette that i actually reviewed here hence why i havent gone into picture overload! The packaging and everything is identical the only difference is the name. It contains a highlighting and illuminating cream as well as a eyebrow sculptor. This palette retails for £15.00.
♥ So Susan Cosmetics - Lip Cushion ♥
Another product by So Susan and this time in the form of a Lip Cushion. I must admit i really do like the outer packaging from this range! I should also add that the box is absolutely massive to say how teensy the product is. I received the shade crush and although it smells incredible it reminds me of something that i would wear when i was in primary school as it is a sheer glittery pink in a little plastic compact. You can buy the lip cushion for £6.
♥ Joliebox - Leather Hair Styling Lace ♥
It may just be me but i dont really get this product. Its a leather hair lace in a burgandy colour to create different updo's but unfortunately this isnt for me.
Overall, I think the August Joliebox was a good box, although quite average. The stand out product for me was probably the dry shampoo as i know this is something i will actually use and enjoy (as much as you can enjoy a dry shampoo!) However i am really excited to try the Dr Bronner Pure-Castile soap - i really hope i get on with them! The products in the box retail for around £25 so even after paying £10 per month you have still got your moneys worth.

What did you think to this months box? What was the stand out product for you?
You can sign up to Joliebox here.
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Sunday, 16 September 2012

OPI Pink Of Hearts 2012

Hello lovelies, 

I picked this OPI duo up from a salon in the US. Its the OPI Pink Of Hearts 2012 which is this years breast cancer awareness offering by OPI. A quick google search has shown that i dont think it should actually have been released yet and is due to come out in October as thats when it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is the sixth year of OPI's Pink Of Hearts and OPI will donate $25,000 to Breast Cancer charities. Aswell, Im not sure if we can actually get our hands on this in the UK or if its just available in the US, however there is Ebay if you really want to get your hands on it!  
Left - Right
I Think In Pink (3 Coats), You Glitter Be Good To Me (2 Coats), I Think In Pink topped with You Glitter Be Good To Me
Pink of Hearts 2012 contains two shades, including a glitter which i was drawn to like a magpie it is so sparkly! The first shade is I Think In Pink a pale pink which is a sheer shade although i wish this was a creme! The second shade is You Glitter Be Good To Me a pink glitter with larger magenta glitter running through it. 

The pale shade, I Think In Pink becomes opaque like the shade in the bottle with 3 generous coats or can either be worn as a sheer french manicure pink. 

The glitter, You Glitter Be Good To Me, is really something else and is just stunning! It transfers onto your nails exactly as it comes across in the bottle and is opaque within 2 coats although i like to do 3 coats. One thing i would say is that it pretty much chip right away! I have loved wearing this both on its own or over I Think In Pink as a accent nail. 

I love pink shades and glitters so this duo was really a winning combination for me! The fact that proceeds are also going to breast cancer is such a bonus! I would highly suggest if you can get your hands on this then do! 

I managaed to snaffle this for $8.50, the same price as one single OPI polish in the US although i do believe that the suggested retail is $14.95 (I love it that much that i actually picked up two sets!)

The cheapest i can find is from Beautyzone2007 on Ebay for £7.37 with £4.31 postage which i think i pretty reasonable! You can buy them here (Link!)

What do you think of this set?
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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

New: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser - Rose and Lavender

Hello lovelies,

Even though i have dabbled and strayed away from this cleanser a couple of times it has been my firm favourite for nearly 3 years and after countless bottles i always, always go back to it! The cleanser in question? Liz Earles Cleanse and Polish of course! It was seriously love after one use! It makes cleansing so easy and therapeutic leaving your skin feeling amazing in the process! 
Liz says: 
“Our Special Edition Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser includes the same award-winning concentrated cream formula to remove daily grime and make up to leave skin clear, smooth and exceptionally clean, but with a special twist - a unique blend of rose and lavender essential oils to calm and relax your senses, ideal for use to ensure a good night’s sleep. Perfect partners; use our original Cleanse & Polish in the morning and our Special Edition in the evenings.”

I was more than ecstatic when i got the email to say that for a limited time only Liz Earle would be releasing a Rose & Lavender version of their award winning cleanser with special edition packaging with proceeds going to the Princes Trust. 
I love the special edition tube, they have replaced the pale green tube with a white and pink/purple patterned number - love! 
Another thing i that this tube is a whooooping 150ml - which is 50ml larger than the standard 100ml tubes so you get more for your money.

I personally love the Rose & Lavender scent and dont find it overpowering and works exactly the same as the original.

Liz Earle only have a limited number of this special edition cleanser available to buy online, through their stores, QVC and counters of John Lewis but only whilst stocks last, so be quick! 

The Rose and Lavender Special Edition Cleanse & Polish retails for £19.75 for a huge 150ml bottle with 2 of the proceeds going to the Princes Trust.

Will you be purchasing?
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Monday, 10 September 2012

Japonesque Safari Chic Kabuki and Brush Set

Hey guys,

I am a massive fan of the Japonesque brushes and have already done a couple of reviews on the blog before (part one part two) however when i received the Japonesque Safari Chic collection i simply couldnt resist sharing! What i love more than anything about Japonesque is that even though a lot of their brushes have shorter handles and are travel friendly they never scrimp in quality or size and the brush heads are the same as the pro range. 
Leopard and animal print lovers are sure to love the Japonesque Safari Chic (very fitting name!) collection! It comes in two parts: the Brush set that contains a powder brush and two eye brushes (shadow and crease) that comes in a pouch, and also a Kabuki brush. I'm hoping that at some point in the not too distant future they will extend the collection as i just love it! I know that some may find the leopard print a little tacky but for me i personally love it, they are not cheap brushes and the quality is amazing leopard print or not. 
The shadow brush from the set is quite large and extremely dense so perfect for packing on colour all over the lid, i find that the handles are also a great size to get a good grip on and dont feel too fiddly or small. Out of the set the powder brush is the definite winner, it has a good sized brush head, is super soft and has a chunky handle.
The Kabuki brush is my favourite out of them all, it is just so soft, has a dome shaped round brush head and feels amazing, i literally cant stop stroking my face with it!.  I should also add that these brushes are synthetic so also animal friendly which is most definitely a bonus! 

In the UK the Japonesque Safari Chic Brush Set is available to buy from HQ Hair here for £28 and the Kabuki brush available to buy here for £19.50.
If you are in the US Japonesque is available to buy from Ulta for $22 and $29.95 respectfully.

What do you think of the Safari Chic Range? Or Japonesque brushes in general?
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Sunday, 9 September 2012

August Advertisers

Hello everyone,

Im sure by now you will have noticed the advertising of some lovely blogs in the sidebar of my blog as this is something new i introduced starting in August. I am offering advertising each month for £5 for the duration of each month which also includes a blog post introducing your blog/business. 

I know i am super duper late with this post but i have been away! 

Amy - Posey Rosey Beauty

Amy is the writer of the wonderfully laid out beauty blog Posey Rosey Beauty. I especially love reading her every day make up posts and her hauls! She also writes very informative and thorough review posts along with amazing dupe posts. 

Callooh and Callay

Im sure a lot of you have heard of Lillian from Funny Faces Place? Well Callooh and Callay is her jewellery website that specialises in fine, acrylic jewellery based around their own obsessions of circuses, animals and pop culture. I love the circus themed layout and all products are easy to find and view with crisp clear pictures of both the product and what it looks like when its worn. Prices are extremely reasonable too starting from $11 and going up to $40. You can also request custom pieces and they ship anywhere in the world!  

Lori - Lola Loves

Lori is a lipstick lover and makeup artist from Lola Loves has an absolutely stunning Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blog that has a beautiful layout that i am highly envious of! Not to mention is she simply stunning! She has also just recently dabbled into the world of youtube with her first video being Whats In My Bag (one of my favourites!) 

Emma - Flossies Beauty Love

Emma is the gorgeous writer of the beauty blog Flossies Beauty Love as well as her youtube channel with the same name. She has such informative posts and reviews as well a stunning FOTD's, I especially love her most recent Marilyn Monroe inspired post that includes her hair, make up and outfit! 

Thalia - Fashion Galaxies

Thalias blog was a new find for me but nevertheless a good find! She is the writer of  the fashion and beauty blog Fashion Galaxies and her  galaxy themed header and background fit in perfectly with the name of her blog. She posts a lot of outift posts (some of my absolute favourites to read!) especially her blog post full of Majorca holiday outfits as well as nail and haul posts. 

Summer - Nothin Fancy Really

Summer is the absolutely stunning writer of Nothin Fancy really, one of my new favourite blogs that focusses on fashion, beauty, books and perfume. Her outfit posts are simply beautiful taken in such picturesque settings and she has hair to die for and not to mention perfect nails! 

Rachel - A Pretty Obsession

Rachel is the writer of the beauty blog A Pretty Obsession who actually advertised her online jewellery beauty Obsessed Jewellery which you can find here although it is closed currently for maintenance but hopefully it will be back up again soon! She sells costume jewellery including rings and necklaces for such reasonable prices! Definitely worth checking out! 

I am a little late with September advertising but i will be back with October advertising so if any of you are interested you can email me at or tweet me here.
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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Illamasqua Generation Q Collection Products and Swatches

Hello lovelies, 

Long time no post! :) I have just got back from a wonderful 2 weeks in the US and slowly adjusting back to reality! 

Before i left i received a couple of products from the new Illamasqua Generation Q Collection. I love the message behind this collection that 'beauty is not young, old, black, white, male or female, but anything, everything and everyone'.  

Its quite a small collection with 12 products in total including 2 eyeshadow palettes in Empower and Complement, 2 blushes in Sophie and Allure, 1 Gleam highlight in Aurora, 2 nail varnishes in Creator and Charisma, 2 lipglosses in Boost and Opulent, 2 lipsticks in Magnetism and Underworld and 1 precision ink eyeliner in Wisdom. 

Gleam is back by popular demand and is a solid, cream compact highlight in the shade Aurora which is described as champagne. It has a iridescent finish and can be used on the face and body. It comes in the same compact as the cream and powder brushes and i have been using this above my cheekbones and on my brow bone. 
The Nail Varnish in Creator is described as Magical Black and it is packed with silver glitter. It reminds me of one of the OPI polishes that came out with the Nicki Minaj collection that i didnt actually pick up so im glad to have this. 
I am a massive fan of the Illamasqua Precision Ink Eye Liners especially  the black one as it just doesnt budge at all and is seriously black and this shade in wisdom that is described as antiqued gold is no exception. It is simply beautiful and long lasting. Again it can be used anywhere on the face and body, not just for eyes and would make a fab nail art pen! 
Overall i am in absolute in love with the collection, Illamasqua seriously never ever fails to impress me with their collections. I need to get my hands on the Sophie powder blush which is a shimmer (love!) and is a gorgeous coral shade! For me from the products i have received i cant get enough of the Gleam highlight compact. 

The Generation Q Collection is available to buy now from Illamasqua Counters and online at

Have you bought any products from this collection? Whats your favourite?
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