Sunday, 8 July 2012


Hi ladies,

I feel like i haven't done a wishlist post in a while but i really do like doing these as i for one love seeing things others are lusting after and i always always have something in my sights that im wanting to buy! 
♥ Marc By Marc Jacobs Purse ♥
I already have a Marc by Marc Jacobs purse and it is also black so most of you are probably thinking why on earth do i need this? But i have been after a new purse for quite a while (I did purchase the Mulberry plaster pink one but actually sent it back because i didn't find it to be half as beautiful in real life) so i think this fits the bill perfectly and i reckon it will be mine pretty soon! 
♥ Vivienne Westwood Solid Orb Earrings ♥
Most of you probably know that i am a Vivienne Westwood obsessive! I may actually do a updated Vivienne Westwood Jewellery collection post! I already own these earrings but because i have worn them to death they are tarnishing a little and now look two-tone silver and gold so the hoarder in me wants a shiny new pair! They're £45 from Selfridges which i don't think is a bad deal!
♥ Benefit Theyre Real Mascara ♥
I'm not sure why i don't own this yet! Maybe because i have around one hundred and one mascaras currently on the go! To me personally (cheap skate alert) spending £18.50 on a mascara is quite a splurge but im sure with discount codes and what not i will end up purchasing this at some point as i have read such rave reviews! 
♥ Stila In The Light Palette  ♥
I love the look of this! Such a gorgeous little palette that i think is amazing value at £25! Not too sure why i haven't already taken the plunge and purchased this yet? I think it is to do with  the fact that i have both Urban Decay naked palettes and very rarely use them so i feel this wouldn't get as much love as it deserves! 
♥ Tiffany Key Necklace ♥
This is the one thing that is on my holiday wishlist! I have wanted the gold Tiffany key necklace forever i just think it is a really simple but stunning piece that i will love forever. I am in two minds whether or not to buy it with the chain because its like $200?! So i was thinking just to buy the pendant and get another chain for it, do you own any Tiffany jewellery? What do you think i should do?
♥ Alexander Wang Rocco Bag ♥
This is one of the things that is pretty much out of my reach at the minute and something that i don't think i will own for a long time but a girl can always dream cant they?! I'm going to the US next month and this is slightly cheaper over there so i may have a look around for one and see how my funds are looking! Because i have the Ebay fake version of this i feel that it would kind of takeaway the fact i had spend hundreds on one and that i wouldn't love it the same? I'm not sure this even makes sense ha but i hope you get what i mean! 

Phew, this is quite the wishlist and when i say that it really is a wish as it tots up to quite a few hundred pounds if not into the thousands?! Insania! But i am in love with everything and i wish they could all be mine!

What are you lusting after? Inspire me! 


  1. Got some lovely things on your wishlist Sinead! I spotted in my local Boots that you can get a trial size of the BeneFit mascara, though, it's £9.50 :/ The Stila palette is going to my next purchase :) x

  2. good items xx

  3. Love the look of the Stila palette, looks so pretty xx

  4. I love a good wish list! To be honest I wasn't overly fussed by the Benefit mascara when I tried it, but I am obsessed with Benefit high beam right now xxx

  5. I think I'm going to buy the stila palette to take on my holiday, I'm such a massive stila fan I don't know why I havn't bought it already! xxx

  6. I love my tiffany key necklace! I have the silver one and i wear it every day! Although, my parents did buy me a separate chain as the one it comes with is quite thin and delicate. x

  7. My engagement and wedding ring are both Tiffany's and their quality is just brilliant, well worth the money in my opinion.

  8. lurrrrrrrrve those earings. *sigh*

  9. lusting after that bag also, going to have to get the fake! it's amazing.

  10. Im lusting over a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac clutch and some Ray Bans :)

    Lovely wishlist hun, I do love that necklace xxx

  11. I was given a Tiffany key necklace for my 21st birthday from my boyfriend and I love it. The stila in the light palette, alexander wang rocco bag and the benefit they're real mascara are all currently on my wish list too.


  12. The stila in the light pallete is now on buyapowa currently @ £18.50 xx

  13. I would love to get my hands on the Benefit mascara and the Stila palette!!!
    xo Kelly.


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