Friday, 27 July 2012

New Purchase: Topshop Feisty Sandals

Hello ladies,

I dont know if its just me but i have been loving so so much from the Topshop website at the minute. So much so i have made a couple of cheeky orders this week along! As the sun shone this week i decided to purchase some sandals that i have been eyeing up in store and online for a few weeks without knowing if i would love or loathe them when i tried them on.
Now i know these are a shoe that you are going to either love or hate, but for me i am in absolute love with them! I purchase quite a few pairs of sandals each year, it is one of my favourite things to do in Summer and i am so so happy with these! The style of the sandal is amazing and i really do love the leopard print! I am planning on wearing them with a plain black chiffon dip hem dress that i have again bought from Topshop and a waist belt, perfect for the Florida heat! 

They are the Topshop Feisty Leopard Sandals that are available to buy from here for £45 (although i did get student discount!) 

What sandals will you be rocking this Summer?


  1. nice shoes!

  2. These are beautiful! Very Jealous! Topshop's website has been so great recently! I've been restraining myself so much, haha! Have fun in Florida!x

  3. Love these shoes! I agree Topshop is really sucking me in at the moment with all their gorgeous pieces :) xo

  4. Love these :) Been eyeing them up in store but I'm not going away and a Scottish summer requires wellies haha! Enjoy Florida :) xx

  5. gorgeous shoes! I love anything leopard print so these are right up my alley! xo

  6. I love these!! I've been eyeing them up online for a while now too. xo

  7. Love these!x

  8. I do love Topshop shoes but they're not exactly Primark cheap.


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