Saturday, 7 July 2012

My Summer Scent


I always opt for light and floral scents for the Summer (and pretty much all year round) and this time i have opted for the L'Occitane Eau Ravissante Cologne*. It is a cologne over a EDP or EDT as it has 3-5% essential oils so therefore it doesnt last as long on the skin as the others. 
These are a brand new product to the L'Occitane range that launched recently and they come in whopping 300(!!)ml bottles for only £37! The Eau Ravissante scent has a bouquet of floral aromas with fruity citrus notes so it is light and summery. 

They are definitely not travel friendly as they are absolutely huge and are in a glass bottle but perfect to keep at home and splash on whenever! I am absolutely in love with it, from the mammoth amount of fragrance you get, the light, floral scent everything! If you are looking for a scent for summer i really do recommend that you go take a sniff of this! 

They come in 3 scents, one for females, one for males and another that is Unisex and they cost £37 for 300ml. They are also available to buy in smaller, 50ml bottles with a spray pump for £21. You can pick yours up now from here.

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  1. Wow, great value! I love the design of the bottle. x

  2. Ooo I may have to have a smell of this when I'm next in town. I do really like the design of the bottle too :)
    What great value too and it should last a good while


  3. Will definitely be checking these their Cherry Blossom frangrance. Seems great value too
    Rachel from x

  4. this looks lovely!

  5. i wanna try it xx


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