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Amitee Make-Me-Up Themed Box

Hello ladies,

Amitee is another beauty box brand on the block with a little twist. They offer a 'Pamper Secrets' box each month for £10 plus P&P containing 5 samples. Each box is customised to suit your needs so when you sign up you fill in a quiz and from there you are placed in 1 of 6 categories based on your hair and skin type so they know to send you things that are suitable. 

What is different is that they also offer themed boxes for £10 plus P&P. The different theme boxes include the 'Make-Me-Up' box, the 'Curl Again' box and also the 'Frill Me' box. With each of these boxes it lists on the website the exact products that you will get in each box so its not a surprise and you know exactly what you will be receiving. However, I didnt actually read the contents of the box until i received it so for me it was a surprise! 
I received the Make-Me-Up themed box*. The first thing that struck me was how tiny the box is! It easily fits inside one of my empty glossyboxes and i was surprised how much it held inside! The box is gorgeous, It is cream with a purple Pamper Secrets logo on the top. Inside there is tissue paper and a gorgeous purple ribbon. 

Whats inside:
♥ Eldora Eyelashes ♥
I have received a couple of pairs of Eldora eyelashes in beauty boxes before and i absolutely love them so was extremely happy to see a pair of these in the box! This is a lovely full size product that fits well into a make up themed box and perfect for make up junkies. These are the H106 eyelashes that are human hair and retail for £4.25.
♥ Murad Blemish Control Primer ♥
Again, I have received a Murad primer sample in one of my beauty boxes before but these travel sizes always come in handy and this is a different type that is for acne and shine control - perfect as i am always looking for primers that battle shine. This is a 5ml sample with 30ml retailing at £29 making this sample worth around £4.80. 
♥ NYX Colour Lip Balm ♥
NYX is a brand i have tried for their nail polishes but not for any other products in their range. This is the colour lip balm is shade Grazie that is a gorgeous pink that gives a sheer wash of colour. It also smells amazing, a little bit like strawberries! This retails for £3.99.
♥ NYX Loose Pearls ♥
Another NYX product this time the Loose Pearl eyeshadow in shade Orange Pearl. Colour wise it reminds me ever so slightly of MAC Amber Lights eyeshadow but in pigment form. It is a full size 5ml product and retails for £2.50.
♥ Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel ♥
I have heard so much about Elemis but have never actually used any of the products before. I am seriously looking forward to trying the cleansing gel and this is a reasonable sized 20ml sample so i will get a good few tries with this. The full size 125ml tube retails for just under £20 making this sample worth just over £3. 
Overall, I really do love all of the products in this months box and will genuinely make use out of every single on of them. I love that it is mainly make up focused as i definitely prefer it to skin or haircare. The whole box is worth around £18 so you dont save massively when splurging £10 plus P&P but the bonus is that you do know what you are letting yourself in for and what products are in the box before you purchase. 

You can see more information on the Amitee website and you can view all the themed boxes here.

Have you tried the Amitee boxes before? What do you think of the themed box ideas?
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  1. I have never heard of this box but it looks great.

    The products look really usable and came in shades that you can actually wear rather than bright pink/green. Ha x

  2. never heard of this box either but I like the fact that you know what you're getting!

    the elemis cleansing gel sounds great!!

  3. I think beauty boxes are getting over done now but this is different! Might sign up! Thanx

  4. this looks so interesting but IM not sure if I want to gamble £18 for a themed box that really really wouldnt suit me!

  5. sounds like another beauty box! can't get enuff of these types of beauty boxes!

  6. This looks like such a good selection for a beauty box, I would use all of these products.

  7. I think this is a great box i've been looking for one for some time and only knew of Glossy Box. Thanks


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