Saturday, 16 June 2012

Week In Photos No4

Hello my lovelies, 

You may remember me saying i was going to do a week in photos every week? Well i epically failed on that front! In all honesty my life is just not that amazing to document it week by week but i love doing these kind of posts so i will definitely do them every now and again...if you want me too! 
♥ Jay Z & Kanye/Watch The Throne at the MEN Arena ♥ OPI Panda-Monium Pink & Mad As A Hatter ♥Watch The Throne ♥ 
♥ Barry M Berry Ice Cream &  OPI Sparklicious ♥ Champagne Cocktails at TGI's with Carla ♥ My ticket for Westlife in Birmingham ♥ 
♥ My view of Wembley Stadium from my hotel room in London ♥ OPI Mod About You & Sparklicious ♥ Justin Bieber at the Summertime Ball ♥ 
♥ Blink 182 at the MEN ♥ A Aussome package from Aussie! ♥ Mulberry Purse I have just purchased ♥ 

This week has been such a whirlwind! In the past 7 days I have been to see Westlife, Jay Z & Kanye at Watch The Throne, Blink 182 and have been to London for the Summertime ball! It has been amazing and i have thoroughly enjoyed each moment and spending time with my favourite people! 
Onto more beauty things..'another day and another nail combo' should be the motto of this past week! I have really been enjoying pairing pink and lilac pastels with glitter polishes on my Nailene 200 nails this week especially! 

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What have you been getting up to this week?


  1. wow !! thats a lot of concerts in one week!!

    love the purse!!

  2. Your nails on second and eighth photo look fab! The Mulberry purse looks lovely! x

  3. wow. so jealous of all the concerts you've been to! I really wanted to go to the watch the throne tour, sounds amazing! The cocktail looks yummy! xo

  4. i love these type of posts, for some reason i always find them super interesting xx

  5. Loving the nails and the purse is gorgeous!!! Xx

  6. the nails are amazing! those opi ones look lovely. love the glitter accent!

  7. I'm going to see Blink 182 on Tuesday, your photos just got me even more hyped for it haha! <3


  8. The nails are so pretty - what a lovely look.

    Beautiful purse as well.



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