Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Review: ClaireaBella Candles

Hello lovelies, 

Today i have a post on a ClaireaBella candle*. Im sure you have all heard of ClaireaBella before but if not i will go into a little background information. The product that made ClaireaBella huge are their personalised Jute bags that im sure you have seen many celebrities carrying! They have also recently branched out into other products such as mugs, lunch boxes and phone cases.
The idea behind it is that you supply them with the name that you would like on the product and also your hair and eye colour. These are the only details i provided and in return i received this lovely candle that arrived in a pink, organza bag.

Mine is the small candle that retails for £12.99 but isnt actually on the website at the minute only the large candle for £15.99 is. 

The candle itself is a small, cream coloured unscented candle. I would absolutely love if they gave an option where you could choose to have the candle scented or not, as i personally find the scent of a burning candle so soothing! 

The design itself is on a transfer that has been stuck on the candle. On one side is my name inbetween two hearts and the actual picture is of a girl with brown hair & blue eyes (my preference!) wearing a dress and holding a glass of champagne, perfect! 

I personally love my candles and this sits so prettily on my dressing table. What i think is the stand out for me is that it is personal, noone else i doubt owns a candle exactly like this and i think they would make a wonderful and well thought out gift! 

You can buy your ClaireaBella candle from Toxicfox here.

Have you heard of ClaireaBella before?


  1. This candle is so cute! Such a good present idea and for yourself! I'm going to check their iphone cases out :) xo

  2. Those candles look adorable. I really need to start collecting candles again, my collection is looking so small.


  3. I love claireabella but am yet to buy from there I was so excited when I heard about their candles and I will definitely get one for sitting pretty on my dressing table! xx

  4. Very nice!!
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  5. so cute!!

    sophie xx

  6. How cute! I wouldn't want to burn it though!
    I love how you can chose which hair/eyes to have on etc :)

  7. These candles look so cute! I've never heard of the brand before so thanks for posting about it! I'm going to check out the phone cases.

    xx :)

  8. So unbelievably cute! Definitely will check out their website!

  9. Very nice!
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  10. i bet it looks so cute on your dressing table xx

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