Monday, 21 May 2012

Top 5 Spring/Summer Nail Polishes

Hello my lovelies,

If you may remember i started doing a little Top 5 series of my favourite products before and have actually done something similar to my favourite Spring polishes but that was around a year ago so i thought i would do an updated version!

As ive mentioned many a times Spring/Summer to me, screams coral and orange! I think its the perfect colour for when the sun is shining and makes me happy! If i ever dont know what to pop on my nails i can almost guarantee that i will plump for a peach! 

So without further ado, heres my current top 5 Spring/Summer polishes that i will be sporting in the coming no particular order may i add! Im not THAT good! 
♥ Look Beauty 'Flamingo' Nail Pop* ♥
I blogged about Look Beauty in this blog post and since then have reached for it quite frewuently! This is the most perfect creamy peach shade that goes on opaque within one coat and is just a stunning colour, especially paired with a gold glittery nail.
Mod about you is a milky pink shade that verges slightly on the lilac side. It is quite pale but looks absolutely stunning with a tan! OPI are probably my absolute favourite when it comes to Nail Polish brands and even though i have quite a small collection of their polishes theyre all beauts.
I have 3 Essie polishes and admittedly they are all in the coral/peach family. Out of the ones i own, Haute As Hello is definitely one of my faves and my most used. As you can tell from the swatch this actually dries matte which i personally dont like and either add a glitter or top coat to give it some shine. I do love Essie polishes, both for price, colour range and consistency and cant wait to purchase some more (Although i cant find them in any Boots or Superdrug near me!)
Illamasqua Nomad is the newest polish to my collection and actually came out with the Human Fundamentalism collection. It is a beautiful mint green that again is creamy and completely opaque within 2 coats. This is the only shade of green that i actually own as i never thought they suited me but i really am in love with this.
♥ Barry M 'Peach Sorbet' ♥
I love Barry M polishes, I have a select few that i go back to religiously, especially this one and also Pink Flamingo that very nearly made it into the top 5 also! For £2.99 they really are wonderful polishes! This is very similar to the Look Beauty Flamingo, maybe a little too similar but what can i say im a sucker for the peaches! 
I think ive got the right balance between peach, green and pink for perfect summer nails although maybe a little too much peaches? I could have happily continued and chosen more (maybe i should have done a top10?!) as i found this to be quite a challenge!

What colours will you be sporting on your nails this Summer? Any polishes that i need in my collection?


  1. The OPI polish is such a nice shade xx

  2. Love the colour choices! I'm like you. Summer screams coral and peach to me! Xx

  3. I love that barry m shade, they are so affordable, I have a good sized collection myself! And the OPI one is gorgeous too! Great post! xoxo

  4. Love the Look nail polish, it looks like such a fab colour x

  5. Mod About You is one of my all time favourites. The Look one looks lovely too, but my local superdrug still hasn't got them in yet! Sadface.
    S xx

  6. Great colour choice. I might have to get Peach Sorbet! That's the nicest swatch I've seen of it xx

  7. I love any coral shade for summer, Barry M's Coral on my toes and Rimmel's Coralicious on my fingers. I can't get enough! x

  8. Nomad is stunning, I love green nail polish!!


  9. I'm in love with mod about you :-)

  10. All these colours are gorgeous! I especially love the OPI Mod About You! xx

  11. love the essie shade! :) xx

  12. Beautiful shades, I really love each one!! Lovely blog u have hun!:)
    Happy Saturday!! xoxo

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