Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Play It Straight - Straightening Blow Dry Kit From Got2B

Hello lovelies, 

Schwarzkopf Got2b have released a straightening blow dry kit called 'got2b play it straight'. got2b play it straight is a semi-permanent solution to rebellious, unmanageable hair. 
Play it straight contains a special protein that helps loosen the bonds that make hair frizzy and also contains keratin, silk and wheat proteins in order to keep hair cared for and conditioned, seal in lasting smoothness and create a weightless, humidity-resistant barrier to frizz. 

'Banish out-of-control curls and flyaway frizz by following the two simple Smoothing & Sealing steps to create perfectly sleek, straight styles that will last up to 10 washes. Think of it as a professional blow-dry at home – every day!' 

To watch the Play It Straight 'How to' video visit here.

Got2b play it straight is priced at £6.99 RRP and available now from Boots, Superdrug, Asda, Savers and Amazon.

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Have you tried this or seen it in the shops yet? I would love to know your thoughts! 
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  1. oooh gonna look out for this because i'd love to try a straightening kit! x

  2. this looks great! i dont think ive seen it in the shops. i dont really need it my hair is quite straight already :)

  3. I actually just tried it last night. I missed out the final 'blow dry' step because I didn't want my hair to lose its curl completely. Its certainly straightened my hair a little, and smoothed it the tiniest bit, but it hasn't dont too much other than highlight how split my split ends are!

    I'll definitely try it again for the price, got it for £2 in ASDA, and do the blow drying step at the end. It would probably work better for wavy hair rather than full on curls.

  4. I really want to try one of these, but I'm unsure of whether I'd remember and actually do the process properly haha. xx

  5. What do you think of it? Sounds good!

  6. this sounds so useful! xx

  7. What did yo think of it? did it work properly? xx

  8. got so many splitends after using it....its a no no......i done damage to my hair


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