Monday, 2 April 2012

Sleek MakeUP GLO Face And Body Highlighter

Hello honeys, 

Sleek MakeUP's GLO Face & Body highlighter has had a makeover. 

It is now available in 3 shades, Peach Shimmer, Bronze Baby and Gold Digga with each containing 5 shimmering  colour bars which can be used individually or all swirled together. I received the shade in Peach Shimmer which is the palest out of the three shades. The colours range from a shimmery golden champagne,  peach, bronze, coral and a rose gold shade that when blended together make a gorgeous deep peach verging on slightly tan that would look lovely on most skin tones and could double as a bronzer for those with pale skin. 
I was photographing this at the same time as my Dior Amber Diamond powder and couldnt believe how similar they both look, but for a fraction of the price as the Sleek MakeUP one is £6.49 compared to £31 for the Dior. The packaging is similar to the Molten Metal and Brow Kit, with a sleek black casing and a mirror. They have got rid of the small brush that came in the old packaging which i dont think was needed so a good move. 
I use this after i have applied foundation and powder across my cheekbones and on my brow bone and it gives a gorgeous sheen that is in no way glittery. The powder feels extremely soft and buttery to touch and is highly pigmented in one swipe. 

GLO is an online exclusive only so you wont find it in stores but it is available to buy on the website now. 

What do you think of Sleek MakeUP Products? Do you use a highlighter daily?


  1. really pretty colours!!

    and the price is amazing!!

  2. So pretty. Think I'd rather use them as eyeshadows though! xx

  3. I really like the sound of this, shame I am broke at the moment xx

  4. this product looks so pretty and versatile! x

  5. Love this.. looks so much like the Dior one!
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  6. I really like these, I wonder if I'd be able to use them as an eyeshadow? I think with a good primer and application while wet I could get away with it. Hmm.

    Devon xx

  7. i really want this xD cause it reminds me of the bobbi brown shimmer bricks it looks so gorgeous! <3

  8. omg i didnt know they had this! so wana check it out!

  9. I really like the colours and for that price I am definitely going to go looking for it, what a bargain! xxx

  10. I am definitely going to have to buy this, great to see a good quality powder highlight for cheap-love the comparison against Amber Diamond x

  11. Ooo this looks lovely! I'm always after a bargain :) x

  12. that looks so pretty! great for the price too!


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