Wednesday, 4 April 2012

GOSH Cosmetics Lipstick 153 Flirty Orange

Hello honeys, 

Carrying on with my GOSH Cosmetics post today i present to you their lipstick in shade 153 Flirty Orange*. I have used GOSH lipsticks before, usually in the form of shade 134 Darling back in my nude days and have always rated their price, formula and packaging. 
Flirty Orange is definitely not for the shy and as the name suggests and the pictures show it is a bright opaque in-your-face orange and something way way out of my comfort zone. The screams Summer to me! The formula is absolutely lovely, it feels glossy on the lips, gives a bit of a sheen and is fully opaque in one swipe. 

I love the packaging, it is sleek matte black with a shiny black band across the middle with the GOSH logo. The lipsticks are 4g in size so thats a whole 1g more than you get in a MAC lipstick and will set you back £6.49 so again in comparison to MAC they are less than half price and truely think that is an amazing price point.

I cant really fault this product at all. The packaging is sleek and classic, without being cheap looking at all, the price is in line with drugstore lipsticks if not slightly cheaper, the colour of the lipstick is intense and opaque without being too matte giving a glossy sheen. I for one cant wait to have a look at the other shades in the range.

GOSH is available to buy in Superdrug stores and online now and retails for £6.49. 

Do you like the look of flirty orange?


  1. It looks lovely, and I agree - definitely perfect for summer! xx

  2. This looks a lot like Topshop Infared lipstick! I have tried the GOSH Darling and loved it; it's been a while since I've bought anything from GOSH so I might have a look around next time I'm in superdrug. :)

  3. Gorgeous colour! I love Gosh lipsticks :) xxx

  4. This looks lovely! So good for summer!x

  5. Oof, this looks so me, I'm definitely going to be buying it! Great review thanks x

  6. I'd forgotten all about the 'Darling' hype! I love how pigmented these lipsticks are.

  7. Wowzer- such an amazing summer colour but as you say, definitely not for the faint hearted! The price is amazing for the quality :) xx

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  8. the colour is so pretty and pigmented xx

  9. Precious!!! I need to find one online and have em' shipped to me here in Singapore <33

    xx, Maria Veronica

  10. I do love GOSH! This colour looks amazing too. Just got a 17 lipstick in Hot Chilli which is an orange/red colour and it's my new favourite! Just need to be brave enough for full on orange now :) xxx

  11. Oh wowwww, looks so gorgeous on your lips!! Summer in a lipstick bullet!!

  12. Love the look and sound of this lipstick, I'll have to check out the other shades X


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