Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Shop MAC, Cook MAC: Make Me Simmer Lipstick

Hello ladies, 

Last week, the Shop MAC, Cook MAC Collection arrived online and in stores. I spied a couple of lipsticks that i quite liked the look of from swatches and went ahead and ordered them without seeing them in real life! (When will i learn to stop doing this?)
One of the lipsticks i ordered was 'Watch me simmer' described as bright pink-orange which i wouldn't really agree with as on myself it is more of a reddened pink with a slight hint of orange. I believe that this is one of those shades that looks different on everyone.

It has a amplified creme finish, so it is in-your-face bright and opaque in one swipe. It is really creamy and It is an extremely bright shade and not for the faint hearted, i think this is even too bright for my taste and not sure i can see myself wearing this often.
It comes in the standard MAC black bullet and black box, but has a pink, yellow and blue patterned box cover that makes it that little bit different. 

The Shop MAC, Cook MAC has some gorgeous products and colours in the range but just a little bit too bright for my liking. 

Make Me Simmer is still available to buy now from the MAC Website for £13.50. 

I will show you the other lipstick i ordered in another post! 

Have you bought anything from this collection?


  1. This is the lippy I'm after from this collection. It looks like it's going to be a hit for the summer..such a gorgeous colour! xx


  2. veryy nice color!!


  3. Ooh, I love it. So vibrant and summery! It's crap that the swatches don't compare to the actual shade though. x

  4. I've seen lots of people wearing Make Me Simmer and I have to say it looks fab on you :)

  5. I love this lipstick!

  6. I want this lippy too - can't decide between this and the new Nicki Minaj, might get both he he!

  7. I love this shade and it looks lovely on you. I missed out on it, gutted.

  8. I bought this and its such a nice colour xx


  9. I have this, I LOVE it!

    Sarah xx

  10. thats a lovely summery colour xx



  11. Oh gosh, what a lovely colour!

  12. its a rly pretty colour, and i think it looks rly good on you!


  13. I got it and love it! It's amazing!

  14. I saw this lipstick. It's so bright! i'm not on that level of bravery yet haha
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  15. looks really pretty.i want it :)

  16. I have this one too and you're right, it's so bright! Like it though :)

  17. I really like this! Looks like it gives a great 'bitten' look.

  18. I went in there to get this but when I tried it on it completely washed me out! So glad ur enjoying it though :D its an awesome shade! xxx

  19. Wow, I love this colour! I love bright and bold shades of lippy! :)

    Great post!


  20. The shades lovely and bright, would be perfect for the summer and it looks lovely on your skin too. xxx

  21. I love the new collection, I intend to do a huge shop of it myself when I get paid (Friday seems like forever away!)
    New to your blog but long-time fashion/beauty blogger, I'll most definitely keep an eye on you, I love your style :D

    Devon xx

  22. It is nice though, can you not mute it down with a nude lipstick? I love Ever Hip (which I know is no where near as bright as this) but I can't wear it on its own because its the wrong shade of 'orange' for my skin so I wear it on top of the Gaga II lippie and it makes it way more wearable. it looks sooo like Toxic Tale here! And I wanna buy something from this range just for the packaging how sad is that, I just like the box! xxx

  23. I have seen this shade on a few blogs now and I am really loveing the colour!

    Think I am going to try and pick it up next week.

    Great Post! x


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