Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Review: Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

Hi ladies, 

NARS Sheer Glow is a foundation that i have been using for well over a year, gone through so many bottles of, put it in countless favourites posts but never actually done a full review of! 

To put it simply, I have never used a foundation that i love more than this one. Fact. I am in love with it! 
Dont let the name fool you, this is in no way a sheer or low coverage foundation. That is the one thing that gets to me when i read reviews of this that states that it is. This is a medium coverage foundation that is build able if you want even more coverage. It definitely doesnt look too heavy or cakey to say it is quite good coverage which is always a plus point.

I have been using this foundation pretty much daily for well over a year now. Just for reference i wear shade Light 2 Mont Blanc which has a neutral undertone that sways more pink than yellow and i am a NW15 in MAC foundations usually, so the palest foundation in any range really. Another thing is that it doesnt oxidise or turn orange like some foundations can do, this stays the same colour as when you first put it on your face!
This foundation comes in 30ml glass bottles, without a pump, it would be a great addition but it doesn't bother me too much, i just usually pour a small amount onto my Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush and add more if required. I pop a little bit on my chin, cheeks, nose and forhead, stipple it in at first and then really buff it in. It retails for £29.50 which i do realise is a at the higher end of the price scale but then again NARS is a high end cosmetics company and nothing in the range really does come cheaply.

A bottle of this stuff does last me a good while, and i apply Bobbi Brown concealer over the top with a dusting of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural to finish it off. I can really tell the difference with my skin when i do not use this foundation and i am rarely happy with how my make up ends up looking when i dont use this, so im not too sure why i do stray from it! 

As the name does suggest it really does give a gorgeous glow and dewiness to the skin and even though i have quite normal to combination skin with a powder i dont find that this goes too oily at all. It does dry to quite a matte finish but i think as it wears over time it gives a really nice sheen. Over the course of the day it does fade slightly around my nose and requires a little powdering but nothing that is to worry about. It really does look flawless on the skin and a little goes a long way.
The only time when i dont use this foundation is a) when i am on a night out because i usually want really full coverage and use MAC Studio Fix Fluid AND MAC Studio Sculpt foundation to give a really full coverage, or b) when i am fake tanned as i have this in such a pale shade i think i need to invest in a darker shade to suit when i have been at the fake tan. 

As i said, i havent yet found a foundation that i love more than this one, however that doesnt mean that i havent stopped looking. I will always love this foundation but im still on the look out for more to see if there is anything better...although im not sure there is!

Have you tried Sheer Glow? I couldnt recommend it enough...I must have gone through at least 5 bottle of the stuff by now! I usually stock up when ASOS are having their 25% off student discount days to make it a little more purse friendly! 


  1. great review. I will definitely check it out.
    Have you tried the Chanel foundations ? They are such little treasures.
    MAC foundations are very good for full coverage but they seem to break me out. I will definitely take a little peak at this NARS foundation the next time I am anywhere near their counter :)

  2. I was thinking about purchasing this foundation as I like the thought of it being dewy and maybe not so drying. So glad when I saw your review pop up on bloglovin!! Definately want it now.


  3. I love this too- know what you mean about the reviews touting it's sheerness though! It's like what are you comparing it to, pan stick?! X

  4. aww~ i really hope that I can try this out one day~~


  5. good review xx

  6. this sounds like a really nice foundation X

  7. This looks amazing, great review! :)

    I really want to try this foundation, I wish there were a NARS counter available near me so I could get matched up. I'm thinking of changing over from Chanel to Estee Lauder to try and save some pennies! x

  8. I've always wanted to try this. Great review!

    Sarah xx

  9. I am a HUGE fan of this foundation. I have the same shade as you and I just love it and I think the coverage is fantastic without looking cakey :-) xxx

  10. ive been wanting to try this for ages, think i may consider investing in it x

  11. I really want to try this, great review :) x

  12. I'm really temped to try it, but we nearly got summer so I need to get myslef tinted moisturiser. I have around 6 foundations which I finally need to use up, and cut down. Might buy it when I will manage to finish one foundation :) x

  13. You have been nominated for the Versatile blogger award! X

  14. I really want to try a NARS foundation! great review :)
    Feel free to check my blog out im new to the scene :)


  15. I've stayed away from this foundation because I guessed by the name it wouldn't give the coverage or finish that I like in a foundation, but I might have to invest after your review :) xx


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