Sunday, 22 January 2012

MeMeMe Coral Best Seller Collection

Happy weekend lovelies!

I hope you are all okay!

I love Corals, i think they are absolutely perfect for Spring/Summer so this was right up my street! The Coral best seller collection contains a blush box, nail polish and lipgloss from the coral family. 
MeMeMe Blush Me 'Coral'
Similar in packaging and size to the Benefit Blush Boxes the MeMeMe Blush Me box in Coral is a gorgeously pigmented coral toned blush with slight shimmer. This is lovely and im surprised that i havent come across this before! The MeMeMe blush boxes are £8.50. 
MeMeMe Long Lasting Nail Polish 'Spirited' 
In the bottle the MeMeMe polish in spirited looks like a bright orange but once applied it is a nice, creamy pastel peach which is super lovely and a polish i know i will use a lot in the summer months. On its own these polishes retail for £4.50. 
MeMeMe Light Me Up Lipgloss 'Lustre' 
As you all probably know i am not the biggest lipgloss wearer in the world but i have been wearing this over MAC Flamingo Lipstick and i really like it! It is a pale peach which shimmer and not sticky in the slightest which is always a bonus. It comes with a built in mirror and light also! Individually this would retail for £6.99. 
The absolute best part of the MeMeMe best seller collection? You can buy this for £9.99 From Find Me A Gift. Individually all of these products would cost £19.99 so you save yourself £10 with postage starting from £1.25. 

Have you tried MeMeMe products? 


  1. This looks lovely! Especially loving the boxed blusher :) xx

  2. I LOVE the nail polish!!

  3. I am coral obsessed... Can't wait for spring!

  4. I love the look of them all, so pretty! x

  5. love the look of this collection the colours look so pretty and go well together xx

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  6. what a lucky girl!
    this all looks lovely.

  7. I love coral, my fave spring/summer colour :) xx

  8. Looks like lovely products! I especially like that nail polish. It looks perfect for spring and summer just like you said :)

  9. Love all of these products. Perfect for spring!! :) x

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  10. Such lovely summer colours!

  11. I love this nail polish in the bottle it looks more orange, but the nail has a beautiful peach color

  12. It looks like a really large packaging for 3 items lol

  13. really want to try the blush :D

  14. I love mememe products

  15. it looks great and gorgeous especially the blush.It really does look like the Benefit boxes.


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