Sunday, 29 January 2012

Save, Spend, Splurge: Love Rings

Evening lovelies!

I am thinking of starting a new blog post series in the name of 'save, spend, splurge' giving different price options of products, clothing and accessories! 

This particular post stemmed from me searching for a gold look/plate simple love ring as i think they look so elegant and classic and found a few alternatives for no matter your budget!  
♥ Accessorize Love Ring ♥
I already own the Gold coloured love ring from accessorize that costs a purse friendly £4 but it has heavily tarnished and now looks silver thats why i was looking for a more expensive alternative that was gold plated as i know i would get a lot of wear out of it.  This particular style isnt available on the website currently although there is over variations of it however it is available to buy in store.
I love both the Zoe and Morgan ring and the Laura Gravestock one. The Morgan and Zoe is a 22ct gold plated rope style ring which makes it a little more unusual than the simple band of the Laura Gravestock one that is 18ct gold plated. The Zoe & Morgan ring will set you back £85 and £49 for the Laura Gravestock one which is also available in Rose Gold Plated which i am as equally tempted to buy!
I have lusted after the Sydney Evan love ring ever since i first saw it on Lorraine Stanick and more recently on Laura of Lollipop26 fame. It is simply stunning, so elegant and classic and a ring that could be worn daily. The only downside to this beautiful ring? The $975 (£620) price tag! Ouch! 

So ladies, what are your thoughts on gold love rings? and do you like my idea of a 'save, spend, splurge' series?

All i need to do now is decide on which one i want to purchase, from the spend category of course (although i know which one i REALLY do want!)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette

Hello cupcakes!

After all the hype of the first Urban Decay Naked palette i knew that i had to get in on the Naked 2 palette hype also! As similar as this palette is to the first and as little as i use that one, I am quite happy that i still went ahead and bought this as you can never have too many neutrals in your eyeshadow collection especially when you use them everyday like me! 
The packaging differs quite a bit to the first palette. This time the eyeshadows are encased in a metal tin instead of a velvet casing that gets grubby easily. I much prefer the packaging of the Naked 2 palette. It also comes with a double ended brush too! I know that the later versions of the first naked palette came with a brush but i bought mine as soon as it came out and received a double ended eyeliner but i would have much preferred a brush so it is definitely a bonus that this one has a brush! They have also got rid of the mini primer potion too (I must admit im not a massive fan of it, i loved it at first but i much prefer MAC Paint pots now!) and added a mini lipgloss instead, which i probably wont use!

The Naked 2 palette retails for £36 and you get 12 eyeshadows, a double ended crease and shadow brush and also a mini lip junkie lipgloss in naked. All in all i dont think its a bad deal at all!

Lets talk eyeshadows, you receive 12 eyeshadows which range in finishes from matte, shimmer and glitter and 5 of the shades are new. There are only 2 completely matte shades which is an absolute winner with me because i very rarely use them! As with the first naked palette they go from light to dark, left to right. 

Overall, i think its a great palette and perfect for neutral lovers. The eyeshadows are excellent quality and highly pigmented and the addition of a double ended brush is brilliant and makes the palette perfect for travel! I know that this will be coming with me on my holidays and im sure it will be all i need! 

My favourites so far have to be half baked, verve and YDK. I couldnt recommend this palette enough i really couldnt! 

Have you got Naked yet?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Glossybox For Men

Hello everyone, 

Recently i was sent the Glossybox for Men, obviously not for myself but for the man in my life and my lovely other half. It is a similar concept to the ladies Glossybox however you receive 7 luxury sized samples and instead of being monthly you receive it quarterly (3 times a year!) for £15 plus postage. 

My boyfriend was already pretty familiar with the whole beauty box thing as i have received various different ones in the past few months, so it didnt take much explaining and he accepted to receiving one pretty much straight away!

The packaging is just as luxe in the Glossybox for Men just as it is for women. It comes in the same box however it is a pale grey instead of pink and still has all the ribbon an tissue and a card detailing all the products in the box. 
1. Shaveworks: The Cool Fix
A soothing blue gel that alleviates shaving and waxing woes. 
Full size 156ml for £31.00
2. Goldwell: Dualsenses For Men Hair and Body Shampoo
Cleanses, revitalizes and cares for your hair, skin and scalp.
Full size 300ml for £7.60.
3. Goldwell: Stylesign Roughman - Matte Cream Paste
A Matte cream paste that styles hair.
Full size 100ml for £9.00
James really liked this and said that it doesn't make your hair look too dry even though it is matte effect and a little goes a long way. 
4. Monu: Vitru Conditioning Body Wash
This body wash is formulated with mild foaming agents to gently cleanse the skin and leave it feeling fresh and supple.
Full size 200ml for £12.25
5. Monu: Vitru Energy Rub
Vitrus energy rub muscle gel is designed to energise a tired mind and body.
Full size 150ml for £15.00.
6. Murad: Claryfying Mask
This natural clay based formula draws out impurities and absorbs excess oil to control and prevent breakouts 
Full size 75g for £35.00
James is a regular when it comes to using masks and different lotions and potions on his face, especially those that are designed for acne prone skin (not that he has acne) like this one as he thinks that they prevent breakouts and are better for the skin. He was shocked at the price of the full size so i doubt he will spend that much on a face mask! 
7. YSL Aftershave Samples
La Nuit de L'Homme and L'Homme YSL aftershave samples.
Full size 60ml for £43.
The YSL aftershave samples were actually James favourite products out of the whole box and he has used the L'Homme aftershave before so he was happy to have another little tester! 

James was only familiar with one product out of the seven in the box and he loved that there was a good variety of different products in the box that he had never seen before and that he could try before committing to buy full size. He loved the whole concept of Glossybox for men and would happily sign up!

I really do believe that this would make such a super gift for your other half! At £15, four times a year it would make a great Christmas/Birthday gift that would last throughout the year! 

This is the Winter box with the Spring box coming out in March i do believe.
Is this something the men in your life may be interested in?

Monday, 23 January 2012

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Emerveille

Hello lovely's, 

I finally went ahead and bought this after what seems like absolutely months of lusting after it! A lot of the beauty blogging community are to blame with this as it seems to be popular with lots of you! 

It is the Chanel Illusion D'ombre eyeshadow in Emerveille which is a gorgeous shimmery light peach. The reason i haven't bought it before now is because of the hefty £22.50 price tag which i thought was a little excessive but after all it is Chanel and we all like a little bit of luxury every now and then! 
I used it for the first time today and i must admit it really is love. It has a mouse texture to it that feels really spongy and makes a great eyeshadow base when teamed with some of my other eye favourites like MAC all that glitters and naked lunch. 

It comes in a glass pot with the Chanel logo on the top which i think is really simple and classic yet feels luxe. You also get a small brush that i havent used yet as i tend to use products like this with my fingers. Lasting power is also good, I have had it on my eyes for 8 hours and there is minimal creasing. I bought mine from Debenhams online using the code SHBC for free delivery! 

I love this and really happy to have it in my collection, its nice to have a change from MAC every once in a while! 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

MeMeMe Coral Best Seller Collection

Happy weekend lovelies!

I hope you are all okay!

I love Corals, i think they are absolutely perfect for Spring/Summer so this was right up my street! The Coral best seller collection contains a blush box, nail polish and lipgloss from the coral family. 
MeMeMe Blush Me 'Coral'
Similar in packaging and size to the Benefit Blush Boxes the MeMeMe Blush Me box in Coral is a gorgeously pigmented coral toned blush with slight shimmer. This is lovely and im surprised that i havent come across this before! The MeMeMe blush boxes are £8.50. 
MeMeMe Long Lasting Nail Polish 'Spirited' 
In the bottle the MeMeMe polish in spirited looks like a bright orange but once applied it is a nice, creamy pastel peach which is super lovely and a polish i know i will use a lot in the summer months. On its own these polishes retail for £4.50. 
MeMeMe Light Me Up Lipgloss 'Lustre' 
As you all probably know i am not the biggest lipgloss wearer in the world but i have been wearing this over MAC Flamingo Lipstick and i really like it! It is a pale peach which shimmer and not sticky in the slightest which is always a bonus. It comes with a built in mirror and light also! Individually this would retail for £6.99. 
The absolute best part of the MeMeMe best seller collection? You can buy this for £9.99 From Find Me A Gift. Individually all of these products would cost £19.99 so you save yourself £10 with postage starting from £1.25. 

Have you tried MeMeMe products? 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Review: Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion & Cleanser

Hello lovelies, 

I have always seen such rave reviews of the Cetaphil moisturising lotion and cleanser and when i was asked if i wanted to try i happily accepted. 
The Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser is suitable for all skin types including those who have sensitive skin. It isnt a cream but a gel like consistency that is cloudy in colour. It foams up ever so slightly when it is rubbed into your face and mixes with make up. I then use a muslin cloth dipped in hot water to wipe away the cleanser as it find it removes all of my make up this way. You can also use this cleanser with just cotton buds if you prefer. It comes in a huge 250ml bottle and the product squeezes out of the top. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth without drying it out and removes make up easily. It is also fragrance and soap free and can be used daily. It is available to buy from Boots for £9.18.
The Cetaphil moisturising lotion again is suitable for all skin types including those with dry or sensitive skin. It is probably in between being too thick and too thin so it is most definitely a happy medium and is white in colour. It definitely isnt a greasy moisturiser and sinks into the skin well and feels really light. It is fragrance free although i think it has a nice scent to it. It is in exactly the same bottle as the cleanser with a flip cap. It can also be used on the face and body if you are running low on your usual lotion. The moisturiser is a little cheaper and can be purchased from Boots for £8.49.

I do really like both products but out of the two i would happily repurchase the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser as i loved how smooth and cleansed it left my skin feeling and it is a cheaper alternative to the Liz Earle cleanse and polish and i was really impressed with it. Although i probably wouldnt repurchase the moisturising lotion as i prefer moisturisers that are just suited to the face. 

I think a way in which they can be improved is if they came in a bottle with a pump instead of a flip cap where you have to pour the product out as it can get a little messy if your not too careful.

Have you used Cetaphil products before?

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Review: Japonesque Travel Brushes Part 1

Happy Saturday lovelies!

I was recently sent a few of the Japonesque Travel Brushes to try out.

Japonesque have been making brushes and make up tools for over 20 years, with a whooping 200 brushes in their range they are favoured by make up artists and beauty professionals worldwide. 
Japonesque have recently come to the UK and can be found in both Boots and John Lewis. They have an amazing travel brush range aswell as long handled brushes. The amazing thing about these travel brushes is that even though the handle is shorter, the brush head is the exact same quality as you would find on the pro brushes so they still have the amazing quality just in a more travel friendly version. Also, the pro brushes have a black handle and  the travel brushes have a shiny silver handle which i really do love. You can view the full range here.
I was sent 6 of the short handled, travel brushes to try out, the angled foundation brush, the large powder brush, the brow/lash comb, the angled brow definer brush, the retractable lip brush and also the eyeshadow fluff brush which i have been using daily for the past few weeks. 
Possibly my favourite brush out of the few i was sent. This feels like an absolute dream! It is such a great size for applying powder, feels really soft and still does after continuous use as i find that some of my other powder brushes go a little scratchy after applying powder daily. Absolutely not the case with this brush! It is gorgeous and now a firm favourite in my make up routine. This is available now on the Boots website for £29.25. 
Another wonderful brush! I havent used a 'proper' traditional foundation brush like this in a while as i have been using my flat top kabuki in what seems like forever so i was really excited to give this a try! The bristles on this brush are sturdy and extremely soft even though they are synthetic. As the brush is angled the top part of the angle is able to reach places such as around your nose and in the corner of your eye. It applies foundation wonderfully,really evenly and doesnt soak in a lot of the product which is always a bonus. Again it is available from Boots for £19.95. 
I have recently got into doing my brows and quite partial to a 'scouse brow' as of late. Which is so unlike me as up until a few months ago i didnt touch my brows! I have now realised that they really do frame your face and i take much more care with them now! The bristles are angled and extremely firm and make applying powder onto your brows a doddle. It is quite small so you can be really precise when creating your brow shape and i have paired it with the powder out of the Sleek Brow Kit. This brush retails for £10.50 which i think is a really good price!
Now, some may see this as a pointless brush but hand on heart this is probably my most reached for brush. I use the plastic bristle side to come through my lashes and use the other side to comb through my brows either before i apply powder to them or when i am about to tweeze them. It has become an essential for me and it really is fit for purpose! Available from Boots for £9.75.
♥ Japonesque Retractable Lip Brush♥
As i have quite a few depotted MAC lipsticks in plastic pots a lip brush is pretty essential for me (unless i want to go dipping my fingers in lipstick!) The Japonesque retractable lip brush easily pops in and out of the handle. It is pretty sturdy even though it is soft and applies lipstick precisely.A brush i find that will always come in handy. It is available to buy at John Lewis for £9.50.  
I found the handle of the travel eyeshadow fluff brush a little thinner than what i used to so found it a little fiddly to hold at first however that said, as the name suggests the head is fluffy and the bristles are natural. I found that this is best for applying a wash of colour over the lid and it picks up a good amount of product. This is available from Boots  for £14.75. 

I have experienced Absolutely no fault out with any of these brushes and i have been using them all pretty much on a daily basis (Especially the powder and brow/lash comb these are firm favourites forever!) 

They are available to buy now from the Boots website and are currently buy one get the second half price which i think is absolutely amazing value! 

Brushes do all the work for you when applying make up, so i do believe that good quality brushes are such an investment! I would highly recommend Japonesque to anyone! 

They are available in the UK to buy online and instore at both Boots and John Lewis.

Have you ever tried Japonesque before?
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