Sunday, 20 November 2011

Innocent Smoothies & The Big Knit

Hello lovelies, 

I was recently sent 6 (Please note the picture shows 5 as the Mister got to them before i did!!) Innocent Smoothies as they have launched the Big Knit which makes winter warmer for older people. 
Each of the Innocent Smoothies have cute little knitted hats and this year they have launched the 'Hat Tag game' where you purchase one of the smoothies with the hats, take a photo of people or things wearing the woolly hat and upload your pictures to the Innocent Facebook page under the Hat Tag Gallery. Whats more is that for every picture that gets uploaded, Innocent will donate 10p to Age UK.

Also, they are running a competition of the best photos of the week voted by you and every vote they get they will give another 5p straight to Age UK. 

So for buying a Innocent smoothie complete with cute woolly hat, you can also help raise money for Age UK and make winter warmer for older people this year!

Here is my first attempt (Please see the emphasis on first!) 
My sisters Justin Bieber poster complete with pink stripey knitted hat!
I am looking forward to having a play around with the hats, uploading some pictures to the Facebook page and raising money for charity in the long run! 


  1. love this haha, especially the pink and green one! i ended up getting 6 too...woops! ah well, it was for a good cause, and got me 12 of my 5 a day :P

  2. I love it when Innocent do this promo. I have some hats saved up. They are so cute- some of the creations are amazing.

    I have just spend my afternoon making cups of tea for a old people's club run by volunteers. They pick them up and get them out the house for a couple of hours. Most rewarding way to spend a sunday afternoon xx

  3. your first attempt! :D Doesn't Justin look great?! :D ♥

  4. I got a couple of these last year :P They do a strawberry hat which is gorgeous! xx

  5. these are so cute, i want to buy one but never see them in stores!

  6. I remember buying SO many smoothies about two or three years ago for the hats! I popped them on my phone asap haha (:

  7. i love innocent smoothies and had seen these last year i think?! they all look soo cute!

  8. Ooh so cute, I really want to try these x


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