Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sheer Cover Eye/Face Products

Hello sweethearts!

I was recently sent some products from Sheer Cover who i am sure you have all probably heard of before. They specialise in Mineral Makeup but i was sent some of their extra products including some eye and lip products which i have split into two posts so i dont ramble on too much! 

Today i will look at the Face and Eyeshadow Palettes that i was sent.
This palette retails for £20.95 and includes 6 eyeshadows in Champagne, Khaki, Sable, Wine, Charcoal and Mauve. I found that the darker shades were much more pigmented and showed up more in swatches than the lighter shades in the palette. It comes with two small applicators which im sure would be okay for travelling and a large mirror. The casing itself is sleek, black and shiny with the Sheer Cover logo on the lid. On the back it details the shade names of the eyeshadows inside. The total weight of the eyeshadows is 5.8g which makes them just under 1g each. I very much like Mave which would make a lovely all over the lid colour/eyeshadow base and Sable seems a great eyeshadow filler. To me this palette screams extremely Autumnal! 

Secondly is the Sheer Cover Sophisticate Face Palette. 
This face palette retails for £25.95 and contains a blush in 'ginger' 2 duo eyeshadows in Sable/Pebble and Charcoal/Mauve and lipglosses in Caramel Ice/Ballerina. 3 of the eyeshadows in this palette are contained in the  'Modern Classics' eyeshadow palette so if only these shades take your fancy you might be best getting the face palette. I really love the colour of the blush 'ginger' as the name suggests it is a matte pale peach shade. The lipglosses arent really for me as i much prefer lipsticks but i will get full use of all the eyeshadow shades in this palette plus the blush.

Overall, I love the packaging of the products which would also be good for travel and the eyeshadows i will definitely make full use of! 

Sheer Cover currently have an offer where if you order the Sheer Cover Introductory kit which is £29.99 and includes foundation, concealer, mascara and a base perfector you receive a free foundation and concealer brush and the face palette i mentioned above! 

Up next is the Sheer Cover lip products!


  1. The eyeshadow palette is very pretty and I love that Ginger blush x

  2. those eyeshadows are really pretty colours xx

    my blog :


  3. I've watched Sheercover Infomercials so many times, one day I'll get some of their foundation powder for my rosacea, when I can budget for it, I want to see if I really can get the results they claim!

  4. Ohh never heard of this brand before, looks really good!

  5. I actually haven't heard of this brand before! The eyeshadows look lovely :) xx

  6. Hmm cute! I've only seen their infomercials on tv!

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  8. Do you think the shadows are chalky with too much blending? Otherwise I like them a lot especially the shimmers.


  9. wow these are all so pretty & pigmented.

    xo Jenn

  10. nice shades!!! that's great for everyday makeup look!

  11. Ooh these look lovely - Never heard of them before! x

  12. Pretty blog :D
    And cute post, i love the palette ^^

    I'm following you :)

  13. ive never heard of this brand before but it is interesting to see new things :D


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