Thursday, 20 October 2011

Review: Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit

Hello lovelies!

I hope you are all well! Feels like i havent been around in a while!

A few days ago this little beauty dropped through my letter box! It is the Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit in Dark. 
The brow kit is housed in packaging much similar to the Molten metals, in sturdy black casing with a mirror on the inside. It is available in 2 shades, light and dark and includes shaping wax, setting powder, mini tweezers and small angle and blending brushes. Literally eyebrow shaping essentials! 

The wax is to be used to define and shape your brows shape and the powder is to fill in any gaps and create a fuller brow. The Brow Kit will retail for £7.99.

Admittedly, I have only just started to get into my brows and pretty much most days i will leave them and not do a thing to them! So i lack slightly in brow products but i am sure this will come in very handy and looking forward to having a proper play with it! The powder is nicely pigmented without been too dark or overpowering which is great for dark brows. The mini tweezers are fab too! Im always on the look out for good quality tweezers as mean seem to blunt so quickly! 
L: Powder, R: Wax
The Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit launches in 5 days, on the 21st October and is available from Superdrug stores nationwide and online at

Is this something you're interested in or will be picking up?


  1. this looks like a handy little kit!xx

  2. Really want to try this. I found the Elf kit's brow wax was useless and the shades not quite right. LOVE Sleek for bringing this out.

  3. Looks similar to the hd brow kit but thats £19.99 so it seems a very good cheaper alternative. Thanks for sharing i will def buy this xx

  4. looks great i have one brow kit and thats is frm ardell..brow kits are great addition in beauty stash

  5. It looks really good :) i think i may have a look when it comes out. Thanks for sharing hun x

  6. This totally reminds me of the Benefit Brow-zings. I actually really like it...maybe I'll check out the Sleek one as well.

    Nice review ;)


  7. Eek they've completely copied Benefit's browzings! Products like this make such a difference so hope you get on well with it!

  8. Ooh it looks good, will keep an eye out for it, I need a new brow kit x

  9. I feel like my prayers have been answered! LMAO I am allll over this. Although as I've never used a brow shadow/kit I hope the colour doesn't look ridiculous

  10. I've been looking for this now I know why I couldn't find it great post x

  11. now i really need to learn how to use brow kits....=) that looks great!

  12. i have to say im guilty of not doing much with my brows, they are pretty big, i just comb them through...

  13. Love this product!!

    nats. xx

  14. I'm pretty happy with the HD Brows kit from the recent Glossybox so I doubt it'd purchase this although I've read good things about it and the tweezers are absolutely adorable! xx

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  15. i cant wait to get my hands on this xx

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  16. wow looks like really good product!
    defo wanna try them

  17. I'm really pleased this is coming out - I used to use Benefit browzings which is now out of my budget, then ELF brought out a version (that I currently use) but I'm not too big a fan of much else of their range and don;t really want to pay the p&p on one product (ah i'm such a cheapskate - but the p&p's almost as much as the product!) so I'm really pleased a high street brand is bringing out their version - can't wait to try it!

  18. I've still got my ELF brow kit on the go but once it's run out I think I'll try this Sleek one :) x


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