Saturday, 22 October 2011

New Jewellery For Sale: Scrabble & Cross

Hello lovelies!

I have a couple of new handmade jewellery products for sale.

I have a wooden scrabble tile on a gold plated chain. These will cost £3 mounted on a 18'' chain and £3.50 on a 24'' chain. I currently have all letters available.
My next item is a antique gold cross mounted on a long length chain, that hangs below the bust. This will be £5 and i only have one available. 
As always postage to the UK is free and £3 for anywhere else in the world. My Bigcartel website with my other jewellery for sale is here (Link!).

If you are interested please comment below or you can always email me at 

Thank you! xxx 


  1. I'd love to have one of the scrabble necklaces - Although i havent been paid yet, so do i need to reserve it?

  2. @Holly: Hi lovely! Of course you can reserve one sweetheart, that is no problem at all :) Thank you! xxx

  3. Hi Sinead
    Can I have an L on an 18 inch chain please x

  4. Hello, i'd like the cross necklace if it's still available please.

  5. Hiya, can I order a scrabble a please on a 24 inch chain and a gold cross ring please?

  6. Hiyaaa, fabbb design!! Can I have a T letter scrabble necklace 24 inchh please???

    tiff =)

  7. Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your comments! I have sent invoices to you all! Thanks again xxx

  8. Hey hun,

    I was gonna order one of the necklaces from your site with 'hope, love, believe' on it.

    But I also would like a necklace 18inch with C

    Can you just invoice me for both if thats ok?


  9. @Rachel: Hello honey, thats absolutely fine sweets. Have just invoiced you, thanks again xxx

  10. i really want a scrabble ring but i need one with a L on it xx

    my blog :


  11. Soorrry sinead, I got your email via paypal. But I duno how to use paypal. Could you possbily email me so I can email you how we can get this money to you? x

  12. @Tiffany: Hi hun, i have emailed you :) xxx

  13. Im very interested in buying some of your jewellery but I need to wait to payday!! Ill msg you closer to the time :)

  14. Hi, what are the dimensions of the wooden scrabble tile? I want to buy a letter "Y", but I just want to make sure it's not too big! Do you take paypal? xx

  15. Can I have a K on an "18 chain please? (:
    Kayla xoxo

  16. @Le Beauty Group: The measurements of the wooden scrabble tile are 1.7cm by 1.9cm . Yes! paypal is all i take :) Please let me know if you are interested, thanks! xxx

    @Kayla: I have sent you a invoice, thank you so much! :) xxx

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  18. Can I have an L on an 18 inch chain!? Love them!!


Thank you for all your lovely comments, If you have any questions I will try and answer them for you. You can also email me at or find me on twitter @daintydollymix :)

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