Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Inglot Freedom Eyeshadow Palette

Hi everyone!

As you may or may not be aware, Inglot have now opened a online strore! I purchased a 3 pan freedom palette when i visited the Inglot store in Westfield when i went to London for Imats. As you can now buy online i thought i would show you the eyeshadows i have along with some swatches! 

They dont seem to have the round pans like i have  on the website just the square ones but they have the colours that i have. 
Pearl 397 - Comparable to MAC All That Glitters
Pearl 402 - Comparable to MAC Satin Taupe
Shine 31 - Comparable to MAC Patina
I must admit, the shades on the website are nothing like the colours i own, especially pearl 397 so i would advise you to look online to find shades before taking a gamble. The shadows retail for £4.50 each which is half the price of a MAC eyeshadow pan and you get 2.7g of product in the square pans which is a massive amount. Empty palettes start at £3 and go up to £12 which again is such good value.  

The pigmentation is amazing and they are incredibly smooth and so long lasting. I reach for these most often and each colour is good either on its own or used all together, they are extremely versatile. As i stated above, they are so similar to the three MAC shades that i posted about here and here thats why i think i love them so much. 
I highly recommend and will possibly be making a cheeky order soon!


  1. They look so nice, great for everyday. xx

  2. I have two 10 pan Inglot palettes and I love them more than my MAC palettes :) Think ill purchase a those colours soon xx

  3. what i netural colors, love their pigmentaion... likes pearl 402

  4. as soon as i saw the colours i knew that you must use them alot, they are just like your mac favourites, right up my street :D might have to make a sneaky purchase :D


  5. Beautiful shades, I never knew that Inglot was so affordable either, something tells me I'll be heading over to their website in a mo :)


  6. Ooh very pretty. I love my Inglot palette however some shadows that I bought were different in real life to how I imagined from the website, they're still gorgeous though! xxx

  7. These colours are all so pretty and I can't believe how affordable they are! xx

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  8. Didnt know you could get inglot in the uk! great post!


  9. those colours are so pretty, i want those eyeshadows xx

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  10. Oh definitely going to Westfield now :P

  11. nice shades!! great for fall look!!!


  12. such beautiful colours!


  13. Lovely shades and perfect shadows. I may have to have a look at these :)

  14. Been really loving inglot.. And these make me wanna go grab more stuff from there.. love the sheen of these shadows.. absolutely stunning

  15. I've never tried Inglot products but I always hear good things about them! These swatches look good too.


  16. ive never tried any inglot products, but these colours look gorgeous!


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