Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween At Lush!

Hi honeys!

On Monday, I visited one of my favourite Cities in the whole of the UK, Manchester! I went with my wonderful friend Carla and had a lovely day of drinking, eating and shopping it was bliss! 

Unbelievably for me, the only shop i made a purchase was Lush!

Christmas at Lush is one of my favourite times of the year! They have some lovely products in at the minute, but as its October and nearly Halloween i decided to go for a couple of their Halloween goodies this time and will pick up the Christmas treats on my next trip!
I was going to pick up a couple of Halloween products regardless of how the smelt so because they do smell  gorgeous its a bonus! 

The products are:
'Lady Catrina is a masterpiece. Shaped like a fruity hat and decorated with flowers, there’s a hauntingly beautiful quality to our purple soap. But the zesty fragrance of fruit pastilles and freshly cut limes will revive even Kirkman’s walking dead, and Mexican agave nectar will soften your body to bring it back to life'.
'Skullduggery is an eerie but magical celebration for your bathtub. We used brightening and refreshing lime and neroli for the fragrance and olibanum (also known as frankincense resinoid) to help that citrusy smell stay on your skin until the witching hour and beyond'.

I am useless at decribing scents, but all i can say is both products smell absolutely amazing! A little bit like palmaviolets if anyone remembers them? Gorgeous! I would definitely recommend having a look in Lush! 

The soap retails for £2.95 for 100g and the bath ballistic retails for £2.75 each.

Do you love Lush during the festive season?

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Have You Heard Of 'Wahanda'?

Hello lovelies!
Wahanda is a website i have known about for a while and have used myself in the past before so the only reason i am writing about them is because i know they are reputable and i think the spa breaks they offer are extremely good value and perfect for beauty lovers like ourselves!

Im sure you will of all heard about Wahanda but if not it is a website that offers Spa deals and a groupon-style daily local Mobdeal for various spas and treatments for different cities in the UK. For instance, todays Leeds Mobdeal is a £40 Spa day with the choice of a 30 minute treatment and full use of all spa facilities, saving 51% on the retail price of £82. 
Mobdeals usually last for around 5 days and you will be sent a voucher for your Mobdeal once the time has run out. Vouchers then usually last for 6 or 9months, you will make an appointment with the spa and take your voucher along with you on the day. There is also usually a National Mobdeal that can be purchased by all! Which currently is 7 nights in Portugal for £59! With a retail price of £289!
Alongside the mobdeals are usually other offers available for each particular city, which could be a hair cut or facial. 
Whats more is that when you get a friend to sign up to the Wahanda newsletter they get £5 off their first purchase, and once they have made their first purchase you will receive a £5 discount code too!
I always find that i use Wahanda more on the run up to Christmas! As a 'family tradition' of sorts, me and my Mum usually visit a spa for some chill and relaxation time in the busy run up towards Christmas. As we all know Spa days and treatments can be expensive and with tightened purse strings around the festive season, Wahanda is always the first place to look for a great deal!
Have you used Wahanda before? Will you use it now? Any questions please let me know and i will try and get the answer for you! 

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I've Been Baking!

Hello cupcakes (quite appropriate to this post!)

On Saturday, with not much else to do and a craving of scones(!) i decided to get my bake on and whip up a few! I quickly googled a recipe and found this one on the BBC wesbite. Knowing how much of a baking lover my Mum is and the minimal ingredients needed i knew that we would have them all stashed in the kitchen, and we did! 

As a baking novice myself the recipe was so straight forward and easy to follow i whipped these up in 10 minutes, plus the 15 minutes they took to bake. 
  • 225g/8oz self raising flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 55g/2oz butter
  • 25g/1oz caster sugar
  • 150ml/5fl oz milk
  • 1 free-range egg, beaten

Heat the oven to 220C/425F/Gas 7. Lightly grease a baking sheet.

Mix together the flour and salt and rub in the butter

Stir in the sugar and then the milk to get a soft dough.

Turn on to a floured work surface and knead very lightly. Pat out to a round 2cm/¾in thick. Use a 5cm/2in cutter to stamp out rounds and place on a baking sheet. Lightly knead together the rest of the dough and stamp out more scones to use it all up

Brush the tops of the scones with the beaten egg. 

Bake for 12-15 minutes until well risen and golden. 
Enjoy with a nice cup of tea! Plus some clotted cream & jam! 

A little lopsidded but they tasted lovely nevertheless! Simple but effective! 

Have you been hit by the baking-bug?

Monday, 24 October 2011

GlossyBox Storage Tips

Afternoon loveys!

Just a quick one today!

After receiving a couple of Glossyboxes that are always packaged so beautifully in sturdy boxes perfect for storage i decided to use one of mine for nail polishes, and not just any nail polishes! My most favourite out of my quite small collection, my OPIs!
However! Upon writing this post i have noticed that i have misplaced one of my beloved OPIs, the gorgeous silver glittery one from the Miss Universe collection that i blogged about recently! 

My Boudoir Prive box now holds some of my rings & my other Glossyboxes have some of my jewellery making supplies in! 

How do you store your nail polishes or put your Glossyboxes to use? I would love to know your tips! 

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sheer Cover Eye/Face Products

Hello sweethearts!

I was recently sent some products from Sheer Cover who i am sure you have all probably heard of before. They specialise in Mineral Makeup but i was sent some of their extra products including some eye and lip products which i have split into two posts so i dont ramble on too much! 

Today i will look at the Face and Eyeshadow Palettes that i was sent.
This palette retails for £20.95 and includes 6 eyeshadows in Champagne, Khaki, Sable, Wine, Charcoal and Mauve. I found that the darker shades were much more pigmented and showed up more in swatches than the lighter shades in the palette. It comes with two small applicators which im sure would be okay for travelling and a large mirror. The casing itself is sleek, black and shiny with the Sheer Cover logo on the lid. On the back it details the shade names of the eyeshadows inside. The total weight of the eyeshadows is 5.8g which makes them just under 1g each. I very much like Mave which would make a lovely all over the lid colour/eyeshadow base and Sable seems a great eyeshadow filler. To me this palette screams extremely Autumnal! 

Secondly is the Sheer Cover Sophisticate Face Palette. 
This face palette retails for £25.95 and contains a blush in 'ginger' 2 duo eyeshadows in Sable/Pebble and Charcoal/Mauve and lipglosses in Caramel Ice/Ballerina. 3 of the eyeshadows in this palette are contained in the  'Modern Classics' eyeshadow palette so if only these shades take your fancy you might be best getting the face palette. I really love the colour of the blush 'ginger' as the name suggests it is a matte pale peach shade. The lipglosses arent really for me as i much prefer lipsticks but i will get full use of all the eyeshadow shades in this palette plus the blush.

Overall, I love the packaging of the products which would also be good for travel and the eyeshadows i will definitely make full use of! 

Sheer Cover currently have an offer where if you order the Sheer Cover Introductory kit which is £29.99 and includes foundation, concealer, mascara and a base perfector you receive a free foundation and concealer brush and the face palette i mentioned above! 

Up next is the Sheer Cover lip products!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

New Jewellery For Sale: Scrabble & Cross

Hello lovelies!

I have a couple of new handmade jewellery products for sale.

I have a wooden scrabble tile on a gold plated chain. These will cost £3 mounted on a 18'' chain and £3.50 on a 24'' chain. I currently have all letters available.
My next item is a antique gold cross mounted on a long length chain, that hangs below the bust. This will be £5 and i only have one available. 
As always postage to the UK is free and £3 for anywhere else in the world. My Bigcartel website with my other jewellery for sale is here (Link!).

If you are interested please comment below or you can always email me at 

Thank you! xxx 

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Review: Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit

Hello lovelies!

I hope you are all well! Feels like i havent been around in a while!

A few days ago this little beauty dropped through my letter box! It is the Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit in Dark. 
The brow kit is housed in packaging much similar to the Molten metals, in sturdy black casing with a mirror on the inside. It is available in 2 shades, light and dark and includes shaping wax, setting powder, mini tweezers and small angle and blending brushes. Literally eyebrow shaping essentials! 

The wax is to be used to define and shape your brows shape and the powder is to fill in any gaps and create a fuller brow. The Brow Kit will retail for £7.99.

Admittedly, I have only just started to get into my brows and pretty much most days i will leave them and not do a thing to them! So i lack slightly in brow products but i am sure this will come in very handy and looking forward to having a proper play with it! The powder is nicely pigmented without been too dark or overpowering which is great for dark brows. The mini tweezers are fab too! Im always on the look out for good quality tweezers as mean seem to blunt so quickly! 
L: Powder, R: Wax
The Sleek MakeUP Brow Kit launches in 5 days, on the 21st October and is available from Superdrug stores nationwide and online at

Is this something you're interested in or will be picking up?

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Review: Built Laptop & Camera Case

Hello lovelies!

I was recently contacted by BUILT who design fashionable and functional bag for all our gadgets including phones, cameras, laptops and ipads. 

As beauty bloggers or readers of beauty blogs, we are all bound to own a laptop & a camera! (blogging essentials in my household!) so i jumped at the chance when i was offered a couple of products to try.
I was sent the:
BUILT NY City Grid Camera Case ♥

I was also sent the BUILT camera case in the City Grid print which is black and white. Admittedly this isnt really my style and i would have much preferred a more girly style like the laptop case however aside from this and am still getting my use out of this and my camera is currently housed in this! Even though it is called a soft case, It is a very sturdy extra thick neoprene material again like the laptop case. It also has a pocket on the inside so you can store a memory card or extra battery. On the particular website i have linked to this retails for £30 however from other retails different styles retail for £15 which i think is pretty gold value for a sturdy camera case. 
♥ BUILT NY Laptop Sleeve Multi Dot ♥
This laptop case is one of the prettiest ive seen! It is for a 15-16'' laptop and fits my 15.4'' Sony Vaio in perfectly! It is white with multi coloured large polka dots on it, in a neoprene material. It has curved corners so fits the shape of a laptop wondefrully. It has a double zip at the top and a bright orange lining. It feels incredibly soft and quite thick so will protect your laptop.  This particular case retails for £34.99 however i really do think a good case is worth investing in especially as laptops cost so much! 

Overall, i am extremely happy with both BUILT products i was sent. Both products are extremely well made, durable, sturdy and protect my gadgets perfectly. They are pretty well priced for what they are and have some lovely designs which i urge you to have a look at!

Do you own or plan to purchase any BUILT products?

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

2 Year Blog-iversary!

Hello cupcakes!

Eeep it is 2 years to this very day that i posted my first ever blog post, which if your wondering was a CCO/MAC Haul, start as you mean to go on hey!
My blog has grown immensely since day 1, beyond what i ever imagined and i honestly didnt think i would have the number of readers that i do! I am eternally grateful and I appreciate every single one of you that reads, comments and is a part of 'Dainty Dollymix' in any way, shape or form!  You are all a part of what makes blogging so amazing for me, it honestly is such a huge part of my life and i wouldnt want it any other way!

Thank you, thank you to each and every one of you! From those that have followed from the very beginning to those that have come along for the ride since then! 

Heres to many more bloggy Birthdays!

Lots of love,

Sinead xxx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Inglot Freedom Eyeshadow Palette

Hi everyone!

As you may or may not be aware, Inglot have now opened a online strore! I purchased a 3 pan freedom palette when i visited the Inglot store in Westfield when i went to London for Imats. As you can now buy online i thought i would show you the eyeshadows i have along with some swatches! 

They dont seem to have the round pans like i have  on the website just the square ones but they have the colours that i have. 
Pearl 397 - Comparable to MAC All That Glitters
Pearl 402 - Comparable to MAC Satin Taupe
Shine 31 - Comparable to MAC Patina
I must admit, the shades on the website are nothing like the colours i own, especially pearl 397 so i would advise you to look online to find shades before taking a gamble. The shadows retail for £4.50 each which is half the price of a MAC eyeshadow pan and you get 2.7g of product in the square pans which is a massive amount. Empty palettes start at £3 and go up to £12 which again is such good value.  

The pigmentation is amazing and they are incredibly smooth and so long lasting. I reach for these most often and each colour is good either on its own or used all together, they are extremely versatile. As i stated above, they are so similar to the three MAC shades that i posted about here and here thats why i think i love them so much. 
I highly recommend and will possibly be making a cheeky order soon!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Wear It Pink Day

Hello lovelies!

This post is in support of the Breast Cancer campain and raising awareness of the campaign and Wear it Pink Day in particular. 

Wear it Pink Day is on the 28th October 2011 and simply wear an item of pink (or an entire outfit!) and donate £2 to the charity on the day. Stacey Soloman, Who is the Wear It Pink ambassador, will be joining thousands of people in the UK on the 28th who will all be taking part in Breast Cancer Campaigns biggest, pinkest fundraising event Wear It Pink

Last year, hundreds of thousands of people took part in Wear it Pink and raised a staggering £2.4million for breast cancer research to help improve survival rates for the many people who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. 

I personally think that this is an amazing idea for an even more amazing cause, i know that i am going to get involved as much as i can and spread the message around my workplace and wear something pink on the day! It is super easy to organise a Wear it Pink Day with colleagues, family or even friends and be a part of supporting thousands of people in the UK who are affected by breast cancer today. 

To keep it beauty orientated i have included fab pink make up and beauty products that would be perfect for 'Wear it Pink Day'.
♥ MAC 'I like it like that' Lipstick ♥
A gorgeous purple toned pink lipstick which is stunning and ever so slightly unique.
♥ Illamasqua 'Sob' Cream Blush ♥
One of my most favourite cream blushes ever ever and goes so perfectly with the MAC lipstick, they are practically the same shade!
♥ Sleek MakeUP Oh So Special Palette ♥
Although 'Organza' and 'Gataeu' look slightly scary and sparkly in the pan they are much more subtle swatched and look almost peachy on the eye lid. 

Remember, Get ready to wear it pink and be part of the cure! 
The link to the Wear it Pink Day website is which includes lots of ways that you can get involved and fundraise. 
Is this something that you will get involved in? 

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