Sunday, 4 September 2011

Week In Photos No3 - London Style

♥ Temperature in London ♥
♥ View of Big Ben ♥
♥ The London Eye ♥
♥ Madonna's Jacket in Hard Rock Cafe ♥
♥ The Lion King Programme ♥
♥ Cheeky Cocktail ♥
♥ Sneaky Harrods Purchase ♥
♥ Me in the Ice Bar ♥
♥ JB Someday Perfume ♥

The past week i have been in London twice! Which for a northern lady like myself thats quite a lot! Once was a overnight trip for my Sisters 21st Birthday and another for the Illamasqua event!

We traveled down on the Sunday, checked in to our hotel and made a dash for the Lyceum Theatre to see the Lion King matinee, it was absolutely amazing if not tear jerking at times, i would highly recommend if you are thinking about going to see it! We then headed over to the London Eye (My first flight and i am scared of heights but it was absolutely fine!) for a champagne flight to celebrate my Sisters Birthday! Loved looking at the sights of London from above! 

Dinner was at Hard Rock Cafe, the food was amazing and the cocktails were even better! We sat in front of Madonnas jacket which of course i needed to take a cheeky snap of! The next day we did a bit of retail therapy and headed to Harrods where i wanted a souvenir (typical tourist!) so i bought this super cute make up bag, i thought it was extremely practical being the beauty lover that i am and also classed as a souvenir! Win! I also got to see (& sniff!) the Justin Bieber Someday perfume which is a Harrods exclusive in the UK, everyone that knows me how much of a fangirl i am when it comes to JB!
We also headed to the Ice Bar which was such an amazing experience, for 40 minutes you don a massive cape and gloves and receive a cocktail of your choice in a glass made of ice! Lots of photo taking opportunities were to be had! 

Overall, had a amazing couple of days in London with equally amazing people! 

What have you all been up to this week?


  1. I saw the Lion King and LOVED it. I want to go to Harrods but that whole Atlantic ocean is separating me from serious shopping. ;-) your week sounds lovely.


  2. Looks like you had an amazing time :)

    I've been to London a couple of times but haven't been to Harrods yet! (Something I need to do and the Ice Bar is also on my list now!)


  3. Lion King is so good, saw it the first time I ever went to London

  4. love your blog soooo cute

  5. I love seeing what you've been up to :) The JB perfume looks cute, I want to try it! xxx

  6. i really want to go to the ice bar lol. im so jealous of how exciting your weeks are lol :D

  7. I went to see Lion King last year, and it truly is fantastic. I wanna go again (that is how much I enjoyed it).

    Fabulous week in photos post :)

  8. your pictures are adorable and your writing style is entertaining! :)

  9. Looks like such a lovely few days! I'm always jelous of your little adventures reading these posts :) love finding out what you've been up too I actually want Madonnas jacket so bad ha-ha and that cute makeup bag - perfect!


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  11. omg I wanna see the lion king too!
    I'm starting a hardcore healthy diet this week to lose 35kg in 152 days!
    wish me luck :D
    LOVE your blog!

  12. I love everything about this post. Me and the mister are planning on seeing The Lion King, so glad you give it the thumbs up!
    The Ice Bar is an awesome evening too, just don't drop your glass, pricey to replace!x

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