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New Britney Spears Perfume: Cosmic Radiance

Hello cupcakes!

You may remember way back last year ( a year bang on to be exact!) i reviewed the Britney Spears Radiance Perfume (Link!) today i have Britneys newest addition to share with you which is out today! 

As i have said many times before i am a massive fan of Britney Spears perfumes (celebrity perfumes in general really!) and i usually have at least one in my perfume collection. I am a HUGE Britney fan (Would love to go see her in concert later this year!) and my favourite Britney music video has to be 'Hit me baby one more time!' this song is such a classic! I also loved her in the film 'Crossroads' as i love the song 'im not a girl, not yet a woman'. Anyway reminiscing over...onto the fragrance!
“I believe that all women can create their own world where they shine the brightest.  It’s all about having the power and confidence to be yourself.  When I wear my new scent, COSMIC radiance, I feel beautiful, empowered and sexy,” 
Britney Spears
Britney Spears is the Number 1 celebrity fragrance brand in the whole entire world! COSMIC Radiance is also a Eau De Parfum so lasts much longer on the skin & the smell lingers more than a EDT. 

The scent behind COSMIC Radiance was inspired by Britneys Album 'Femme Fatale' the fragrance is a tribute to bold, empowered, strong and confident women. It is an extremely feminine and floral scent which i absolutely love and find it not as strong or sweet smelling as Radiance is so if you werent too keen on that then im sure you will love this. 

It is infused with citrus, succulent fruits such as pear and lychee and white flowers with notes of amber, sandalwood and vanilla to make a perfect, floral scented perfume. 

First impressions are that I love the box, it is pink and shiny which is always a plus point for me, with a large picture of Britney looking stunning on the other side! The bottle is hefty and made out of glass like the Radiance perfume, however the difference this time is that it has a black and white designed bottle. The lid is plastic and it has 'COSMIC Radiance Britney Spears' emblazoned down on side of the bottle. 

Prices will be: 
30ml - £23
50ml - £29
100ml - £38
So they are exactly the same as last year and haven't increased at all which is always a bonus!
To celebrate the launch of COSMIC radiance BRITNEY SPEARS™ we are giving away the chance to win an out of
this world experience with… the Femme Fatale herself!  From 21st September – 18th October, we will be
giving away
TWO tickets every HOUR to the much anticipated Femme Fatale tour, plus one bright star will win
two VIP passes to
MEET BRITNEY at the Wembley London show including flights, accommodation, VIP tickets and backstage passes.

For more information on how to enter go to

Britney Spears Cosmic Radiance is due out TODAY (21st September 2011) & will be available in Boots and from

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  1. Im a big fan of Britney and her fragrances and can easily see this one jumping into my collection.
    They are without doubt my favourite perfumes because of their sweet, sexy and fun fragrance.
    To make it even better the prices for them are brilliant and it's great they haven't increased over the past year.

  2. I love Britney too. Always have been since her first single when I was 7! You've now made me want to go watch Crossroads haha! Blast from the past! This fragrance looks great. I love the bottle and to see that the price hasnt gone up at all is brill news. Great review! xxx

  3. the bottle looks a bit strange to me, i dont know if it is just me hehe :D

  4. Oooh I LOVE Britney perfumes, Ive got a few myself and I always adore the bottles too. I think I need this one in my life too x x

  5. Might need to try this one out :D I loved the Fantasy scent!


  6. Yummy! Have owned all of Britney's perfumes in the past so can't wait to smell this one!

  7. I'm not the biggest fan of the celebrities that make these perfumes (although I do have Britney's greatest hits album) but alot of them are really nice and resonably priced. I might have to try this one as I've loved the other Britney one's xxx

  8. Must admit the only celeb fragrances i like are Katy Perry and Beyonce Heat, they're amazing! Glow by JLo is nice too but all the Britney ones leave me cold :( and Kate Moss fragrances, well they smell like ammonia in my opinion! haha

  9. Normally hate celeb fragrance but im always impressed with brits. Curious is one of my fav scents ever so will deffo give this a sniff when i see it! Xx

  10. love the packaging and the bottle!! i hope it smells good!!!

  11. Another perfume I need to add on my Britney Spears perfume collections! Thanks for your post! :)

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  12. You might have seen advertisements for perfumes and colognes where the women get attracted to men like metals get attracted to magnets. NuttyScents


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